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One of my entries for the Captain America: civil war contest on polyvore.
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(AKA I've read so many graphic Novels I'm almost ashamed of myself...)

Wallace, Barbara- A millionaire for Cinderella
Wilson, Scarlett- A bride for the runaway groom
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor- Kubla Khan
Wallace, Barbara - Beuty & her billionair boss
Gilmore, Jessica- Expecting the Earl's baby
Pembroke, Sophie- Falling for the Bridesmaid
Cornweel, Patricia- The front

Hiromu Arakawa- Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 0-27
Jeph Loeb/ Liefield - Onslaught Reborn
Wells, Zebb/Caselli, Stefano- Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways
Bendis, Brian Michael/Coipel, Oliver- House of M
Lemire, Jeff/McDonald, Andy- Teen Titans Erath One Vol. II
Byrne, John with Claremont, Chris/Ordway, Jerry- JLA: The Tenth Circle
Johns, Jeoff/Smith, Matt_ Day of Judgment: The Fall and Redemption of Hal Jordan
Dazego, Todd/Ramos, Humberto & McKone, Mike & Nauck, Todd- JLA: World Without Grown-Ups
Meltzer, Brad/Molrales, Rags& Bair, Michael- Identity Crisis
Johns, Geoff/Van Sciver, Ethan- Green Lantern: Rebirth
Meltzer, Brad/Benes, Ed- Justice League of America VOL. 1: The Tornado's Path
Loeb, Jeph/ Turner, Michael- Superman/Batman vol.2: Supergirl
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Dear Miss X,
I get it that you are not a mother-language. I do. I'm not either. But when you publish something- and all you have to write is a title because it's a banner - the least you could do is checking that you are writing those 3 WORDS (YES, 3!) right. And when I kindly point out that you wrote it wrong- because it links to my story, something I put a lot of effort into- and you tell me you corrected it... how, how can you write it wrong AGAIN?! What, you don't like the word "pregnancy"?
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Title: The Detective’s Unexpected Pregnancy

Author: Little_Firestar
Beta-Reader: Karlamartinova
Fandom: NCIS: New Orleans
Word Count: ~ 32.260
Rating: T (to be on the safe side)
Characters & Ships: Christopher LaSalle/Original Female Character; NCIS: New Orleans team.
Genre: Romance; hurt and comfort.
Summary: NCIS Agent Christopher LaSalle had been daddy material ever since he could remember- and yet, he had always known that fathering a child would have meant playing genetic Russian roulette; Police Detective Georgina Newman, instead, had stopped believing men’s promises a long time ago- they were all the same in her eyes, always breaking her heart. She had no reason to believe that Christopher was any different- even if he kept swearing that he would be always there for her, no matter what….
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: written for the [ profile] het_bigbang on Archive Of Our Own and on Livejournal. Thanks to [ profile] karlamartinova for beta-reading and to [ profile] sandrasfisher for the art.
Link to story on AO3
Link to sandrasfisher accompanying art

(Click on the image the download the PDF file in Novel Format) {C}{C}{C}

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Rai (Short for Radio e televisione Italian- aka Italain radio and television), the State broadcast company, apprently loves her pets.
On Friday, during the talk-show (you know, the serious ones? Where they talk with politicians and experts?) "Estate In Diretta", journalist (and former crime reporter) Salvo Sottile, while talking about the recent Earthquacke, stated the following:
"Yes, yes, fo course it's right talking about animals and pets. But it's time to stop and think about people. People are important."
The next day, on the Saturday edition of the program, for over an hour, they showed images and interviews and the likes about pets and animals saved from the Eartquacke.
Now... is it just a coincidence, I wonder?
(A/N: RAI is called "Mamma Rai" often in Italy for, after WWII, when the majority of the population lived in the countryside and had stopped going to school at the age of 7, 8, television- and back then there was just one channel, simply called RAI, thought the Italian language to the people, who, until then, knew only the various dialects.) 
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Just wanted to thanks the people who have checked on me through mail and pm in the last day, knowing that I do live in Italy, thank you very much for your concern, but even if in the North we haven't been touched, the whole Nation today cries, and prays, hoping that lives could still be saved.
My tahnks go to the Firefighters, paramedics and the Department of Civil Protection, the last one consolided and made centralized after the 1994 flood  hit my Town, Alba, and the nearbys cities.
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Last week, my next door neighbour ranted about how "my cats" ruin everything- I told her that she could frighten them, just in case, and they would learn their lesson- Her answer? She can't be there at five AM to do so (I would have liked to ask her how she knows that they are my cats, then, as almost everyone next to us do have cats, but I kept it quiet...)
Minnie- kitty number one- didn't return home saturday evening; I went to bed calm, knowing that she was probably hunting and she woudl return the next day.
She didn't. And neitheir I foudn her this morning when I woke up.
My fear? that the woamn who was joyful when our neigbour's dog went missing few years ago did soemthing bad. She does look evil, people...
But, anyway. I shouldn't have thought bad thoughts about her.
Minnie came back. Couple of minutes after another neigbours came back from their long weend and opened their garage up.
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I've been going through some old works of mine on mostly,DC and Marvel Fanfiction; one of them, in particular, was a cross-over between the X-Men Fandom and the Green Lantern one- to be more accurate, a Phoenix Force/Green Lantern thing.
The whole "Rise of the Phoenix" thing is over six years old, and do you want to know what I thought as I was re-reading it? (Because lately I've been into old things, movies, fanfictions, comic books- especially comic books, the DC from the 90s was great - and books, it doesn't matter, they just have to be a few years old and I'm game)
My grammar was awful, and I wasn't doing any better with the lexicon.
My characterization was terrible. And let's not talk about dialogues or plot.
How, how can I not recognize my own work oafter just a few years? I wasn't a baby back then: for God's sake, six years ago I was already 26- 26 years old. And, Ok, I've drammattically increased the hours of television watched in English in the last few years, but could I have been so different? My style, my structure, just... everything?
How comes that I read it- things that I was oh, so proud of when I put them down on the screen - and I wonder: How did I like it? How could I love so much this piece? Did I really write this myself?
Please- pretty please with cherry  on top- tell me that I'm not the only one feeling like this- and that it's not just because I'm not a mother-language...
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Hapy birthday to my little Mina, who's turning five today!
(Yes, I know she is a kitty, but c'mon- I did raise her on my own, so cut me some slack! :P). The first picture is of her when she was a week old, with dad feeding her with a bottle- she stood in half of his hands, and was CRAZY about him. The other is of t he last Christmas :)
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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: General
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Next Avengers Team; Avengers, Hawkeye, Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character).
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Status: 7/7 - complete (20.714 words)
Summary:They had been in the world- in the past- for over a year, and that world was so different from the future they had left and the past Stark had spoken of, that they were starting to ask themselves if it made any sense at all, if maybe, just maybe, they were in the wrong place. But maybe there was still time to fix the world and get what they wanted- a future where they would exist, filled with peace instead of blood, war and destruction. An Avengers Wolrd. But to do so, they needed their parents to aknowledge them - and their existence-first thing first. Starting with Francis. Who still needed to discover who his mother could be....
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, following up the events of Civil War II. Sequel to Marvel's Avengers World title, and my own "Snapshots thorugh time".
Link: AO3

Little Francis Barton )
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Few days ago, I saw an advertisment (in English) for the upcoming Disny Animation Movie "Moana".
Since when it was wirst announced a few years back (two, maybe? Or ir it less?) I told myself this:
"They are not going to call it like that here in Italy. No way. not with Moana Pozzi"
Moana Pozzi was (as she's been dead for a coupple of decades, even if, according to Conspiracy Theories, she is still alive somewhere) probably the most famous Italian Porn Actress (together with Cicciolina), who even tried her hand at Politics (yes, there's been something worse than Berlusconi Or Renzi) with the "Partito dell'Amore" (Love Party). I still remember her and Cicciolina on the news, walking and presenting at assemblies their party, often more naked than not... I'm no prude, but seriously, there' a place for everything, and in the streets of Rome at midday there are CHILDREN, so, yeah...
Anyway, out of curiosity, I went to see if there was already a Wikipedia page in Italian about the movie (despite the Christmas release), and yes, it was.
And yes, it was.
The movie has been renamed "Oceania", and the main character, Moana in English, has been named Vaiana instead, "not cause confusuion with Italian Porn Actress Moana Pozzi".
But then, what did I expect?
This is the same country where gay scenes were cut from How to get away from  murder, AND the same country where, "THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN" was translated "LA LEGGENDA DEGLI UOMINI STRAORDINARI" ("the legend of the extraordianry men"), because the Italian for League "LEGA", is part of the name of a party, LEGA NORD ("Northern League")...
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Almost two years ago, as Avengers Wold was being pubblished and the Next Avengers from the cartoon movie- the children of the Avengers raised by Tony Stark in a world where Ultron won after having killed ALL THE HEROES MINUS STARK AND THE MASTER, when we discovered that Hawkeye jr, aka Francis Barton, wasn't Mockingbird's son, I wrote, on Archieve of Our Own, a little piece, set in my fictional Blackdragon Universe.
Last week, after the last issues of Civil War II came out, I wrote another piece- always set in the same fictional universe- and a reader asked me if I ever thought continuing that story, where I made Chris Blackdragon Francis' mother, maybe making it a little bigger. Incorporating the whole cast from the cartoon that had moved to the paper.
Well, guess what? A piece that I would have never thought I would have taken in consideration again, well, I started working on it, and it became- it's becoming, actually- a bigger story (with also anoster story as "collateral", with hidden scenes, like extras or Easter Eggs in a DVD) called "Legacy" (And "Legacy: Vignettes").
Now, in the title, I mentioned "directions".
What I meant? Easy.
In the movie it was hinted that Torunn, Thor's daughter, was attracted to both Francis- Clint's son- and James- Cap and Black Widow's Love-Child. I was asked, in at least five different instancies since I started wiritng the story, whom I saw Torunn with, who I shipped her the most, if Francis or James.
Well, you see, we WERE talking differetn directions.
Because those people out there are gonna end up very disappointed. Because if I look at the chemistry on screen and on the pages, see how they acted towards each other, if I were to put someoen in a relationship (and Frankly, there's a good chance this topic could be touched) would be... FRANCIS AND JAMES.
Sorry people. Thye are just bloody perfect...
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I don't know if any of you know this, but on the internet there's this amazing thing called the hawkeye Initiative.
What it is? Basically, it's fan artist redrawing/remaking superhero female poses (especially the more innaturall and scatly-clad ones) featuring male superheroes- mostly, Hawkeye.
If I have to say how I came across this, well, frankly, I don't remember, but I strated to (re)think about it this morning, as I was reading the last issues of Uncanny X-men. Drwn by the worst of the worst, the guy who uses porn moves as inspoiration and models to draw women, the ebing who photo-copies his own work, making 90% of his female characters twin sister, whose female figures are in poses that CAN'T JUST HAPPEN IN NATURE, the man whose pictures seem things attacked to a panel, so static and... plate they are.
Yeah. Ig yoiu guessed Greg Land... you guessed Right.
And, by the way. I want this in comics. I so need this, lol!

(All the above pictures are re-draws of Starfire from Red Hood & The Outlaws)
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DC's legend of Tomorrow
(I'm having the) Times of my life; Sara/Leonard, post season fiale (and post Flashpoint), 1616 word.
Scorpion (TV 2014)
Piece of paper; Happy/Toby, 1417 words, post season 2 finale.
At your best; Happy/Toby, 1143 words, post season 2 finale (lighter)
The Big Bang Theory/Powers
I know what you did the other day; 466 words; actors palying themselves.
Hawkeye/Marvel Comic Universe
Lingering Memory; 719 words, post Secret Wars
Ugly Betty
Not so good; 4637 words, Danny/Betty, smut, rated M, post series finale.
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She is going- its' sad to say, but my car won't last long. It's been an adventure long ten years, one where, despite my mature age, I took my driving license, and pretty much almost destroyed her at least once (never with other cars, thought).
So, I'll say goodbye to my beloved "ADVENTURE BLUE" Panda 4X4.
And we will all say welcome to a Panda 4x4 cross.
Yes. I'm being faithful- even if we are still thinking about the color...

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There's been a lot of talk about dreams lately at my place. As in, nightly dreams- not the desires kind.  I blame it on my mum, listebing to a radio shows that was talking about it, and how we are the only ones who can truly translates their hidden meanings, and how you remember them when you dream close to weaking up and nightmares and vivid dreams are more common in children while adults often have bad dreams due to bad digestion.
I remembered two dreams I had, one as a child, the other as a teen: both where featuring a serpent: one was a vivid dreams, that for a long time I believed real, about a serpent crawling into my room (on the sisth floor) and daddy ahving to fight it- Daddu DID  foght it, only he was faking it because I couldn't believe it wasn't real. I swear I can still hear it hissing...
The other was due to a pin I had in my right arm: I was dreaming I was walking with mum and my dog to my grandparents' home and a serpent bit me in my right arm; strangely I wasn't scared, I was very, "Oh, Look, a vyper just bite me!"
And then there was the one I had this morning. Not creepy or anything, just weird. The one that when my mum asked what it was all about, I told her half a lie.
...Because, seriously, how could I tell her that I was dreaming that SHEILD had infiltrated me in HYDRA so that I could get out a branwashed Captain America?
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-Voltron:Legendary Defender has been renowed for a late 2016 second season! Hurrah! I may be 32, but I gotta love some Voltron! The more Voltron, the merrier!
-Daredevil season 3 is happening. Still don't know whn- if BEFORE or AFTER The Defenders are gonna happen.
-Teen Wolf is going to end with its 100th episode, in season 6.

AND in (un)related news:
-I'm finishing catching up with CSS' "SCORPION". I just have a binch of episodes from season 2 to catch up with. AND the most amazing thing of them all. Which AMAZED ME like nothing else before.
SCORPION is set in the same continuity as all the NCIS shows. Because, Hettie.
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covers to all the 27 volumes. Because I do love these guys. And Riza Hawkeye. And Mustang. And Winry. And, and... and... well, pretty much everything.
covers volumes 1-27 )
Jul. 19th, 2016 08:15 am


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After 20 or so days, I'm back at work- I think I needed some time off, and besides, it's low season here.
What I did in 3 weeks? Not so much- It's not like I slept more, my sleeping patterns are what they are, but I think that, mostly, I indulged in... being slow? Taking big breaths and sighing in relief as life passed me by. I spent time with my family- mum mostly- took some decisions and enjoyed the time and what "little" I did with it.
I did came to work a few times, as we got some major orders from a few resturants, and I I spent yesterday cleaning the shop from head to tow, but besides from that:
- I read a few books. Mostly roamnce novels, but I did read them, and I think that's what matters.
-I re-read the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST manga. all 27 volumes. in a few days. Because I used to read them as they were being published but soemtimes there were 6 months between volumes, and now I read all of them. Together. At the sime time. AND I STILL FREAKING LOVE IT!
-I've discovered "Scorpion" (The US tv show) thanks to some season 1 re-runs on RAI4, on Wednesday evening. I'm already addicted to it. Why didn't I look at it sooner? (And, speaking of tv screens, I've seen Batman V Superman, and re-watched some of NCIS NEW ORLEANS episodes.)
-My room. I finally assembled my new iron bed. And got a new mattress. And two new pillows. I'm very happy. And I sleep like a baby on it. Like, I didn't think it was possible to sleep so well on a brand new mattress. AND  a new bed frame meant changing a bit the room- mostly the layout of my pictures and my paintings. AND, as my old bed (1 and an half places) bed went to Drew, we also did soem changes to his room as well.
-I've got some new lythographies to frame and put in my "nerd corner", close to the X-FILES one. One it's a Star Wars imagine featuring troopers, in black, white and red, the others are a orangy Voltron piece ("join the force") and a small piece with the space mices- also from Voltron. Yep. I do love Voltron.
-I've ordered a new couch, and I've looked at new pieces for our living room, as soem pieces are 32 years old and can't even stand together any longer. And one has been burned down as well. Thank you very much, Christmas candles. AND, speaking of living room: I did some adjustments to out good parlor. Whcih is also our ONLY parlor. Fact is, it was still quite good, despite its 15 years, but the two lateral shutters(the only ones that werten't either open or made of glass) were, well, the same color as my grandfather's coffin. So mum was haitng it. But she didn't have the heart to change it. Meaning? While she took the day off, I went to work on it, and the shutters are now panel with a barroque black and white fantasy. it took me a whole day, but the result is do damn good, even my grandmother, that always hate everything,m loves it. I'll post pictures. eventually.
-It was decided that we do need a new car, after all. As my 10 years old panda is starting to, well, making noises she shouldn't. And unfortunately dad knows all about cars. And he knows when it's time to say goodbye. I'm gonna look around a bit, see what I cna find that it's decent and not too pricy...
. I'm making a thing at half-cross stitchking!


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