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Just foir the record: even if Emily is trying to establish herself as the "pack"'s leader, and, until now, has won agaisnt ALMOST all the other cats of the house, Mina, without having to use violence (AKA, making a wise use of MEOW! and hissing) has given the newer cat a lesson. AND decretated herslef the mighty one at home.
Just sayin'. 
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I'm pretty sure I'd be supposed to be ehre writing intelliegent and smart stuff (yep, that's me, so, so sure...) but I'm still a bit sleepy here. yesterday I closed shop (litteraly, it's my job) at 3pm and with Andrew, baby brother (well, younger brother, he is almost 19) we took the car and drove. destination? well, we didn't really knew. it was a "do I turn left or right here?" "what about here?" "Do we go towards Sanremo or Genova?" and so on. 
at six o'clock (no motorway, just small mountain roads between the green), we found ourselves in this small town, Cogoleto, and we spend good few hours onthe seaside, panrs rolled at the knees, sitting on the beach at the sunset with the breeze whipsering on our skin. 
It's been a while since I've been that relaxed and free, I have to say, It's probably what I needed.  I didn't evene mind too much that the damn GPS sistem sent me in teh opposite direction a couple of times.... at teh end, we did menage to arrive home!

(Of course, I spent the entire night having nioghtmares of small mountain roads without any kind of illumination, and weird dreams, not unplesant but just plain weird dreams, where, in said mountains, I was taken by aliens who looked like David Tennant, Eddie Cahill, Simon Baker,and Keanue Reeves)...

OUTSIDE NOTE OF THE LAST MINUTE: just talked with Sissi's doctor (Sissi being one of my dogs, a joyfull little thing sick with cancer). exams come back,a nd they are good, better than one month ago, last time she took them.  Now, the only thing to do is make her forget to be so sassy about food...
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Arriva l'estate.

tempo di mettere via giacche e pantaloni pesanti, scarponi e via di scorrrendo.
Si tirano fuori i sandali, le magliette delle maniche corte, i top, gonne da portare senza calze, costumi (se si può andare in vacanza o in piscina) e pantaloncini corti, siano essi a tre quarti, pescatora, sotto o sopra il ginocchio o short.
Insime a loro, arriva anche un'altra cosa. c0è un'altra cosa da tirare fuori. l'incubo di tante, tropppe donne.
Dopo mesi passati a radersi solo per le occasioni, veloci veloci con rasoi usa e getta, a volte eprfino con quelli del prorpio compagno quando si è di fretta e nonci si ricorda dove si è messo il proprio, arriva il momento di essere liscie sempre, o quasi.
e con esso, arriva la pelle arrossata e che brucia, della prima epilazione dopo mesi e mesi.
Provare per credere.
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Somehow, the hystory of Ester in the Bible has always... stuck me. Don't ask me why, I'm not even such a religious person, but, still, more than once I found myself reading the book of Ester (you can read soemthing about it here on http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ester_(Bibbia)......
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Extremely random, I know, and nobody will care about this, but, still, after months and months (and I mean, almsot an year!) of procrastination, I finally managed to clear a bit my laptop. The result? Between recorded tv shows and comics, I have now SIX MORE DVD COMPLETELY FULL and a lot more of space on the memory now free- could you beleive that it was almost at full capacity, and now is close to empty? And I didn't even masterized everything, because there are a lot of things that were double, or, worse, I downloaded and found out I didn't liked them at all....
(and let's not forget the copies of my CDs...)


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