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                                                  The fake psych and the billionaire

Title: Crossing paths II- the  fake psych and the billionaire
Author: Little Firestar 84
Fandoms: The Avengers (2012 movie); The Mentalist
Word Count: ~2130
Rating: T
Language: English
Genres: Humor, Parody
Characters: Hawkeye (Clint Barton); Iron Man (Tony Stark); Teresa Lisbon; Patrick Jane.
Summary: The objective of Clint Barton's life is ruining Patrick Jane's happiness- a sweet revenge, considering that he is doing it by dating Teresa Lisbon. But having Tony Stark tagging along, and discovering that the world is smaller than what they thought? Even better. Even if Tony too has the hots for sweet Teresa...
Disclaimers: Disney owns Marvels Studios AND Marvel Comics, ergo, it owns the Avengers (all of them) and the quickly mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon. CBS and Bruno Heller own the Mentalist. Me? I'm no Disney, Heller or CBS, so...
Notes: sequel to Crossing Paths- the story the cover was made for.
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First thing published over at pervylit. And the reason this journal is rated for mature readers.....

Author: Little Firestar
Pairing:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
Warnings: Oral sex and self-pleasuring
Disclaimer: I don’t own the aforementioned characters, nor I get money for their use.
Summary: He wanted her, but he couldn’t have her. And she wanted him, but she feared that he wasn’t available. But sometimes, lowering your inhibitions is all you need to get things straight. And even a shower could help.
Link: Pervelylit/

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Title: The Tiger

Word count: 463

Summary: A tiger was not going to change its stripes, and the scorpion was not going to help the frog out, no matter what. She simply had  allowed herself to blieve his empty promise.

Dedicated to: Tromana, with the prompt: "..."


For Tromana )

Title: My way back to you

Word count:~1360

genre: hurt, romance

characters: Duplicate Doctor/Donna, mentions of Rose Tyler and 10th Doctor.

Summary:  he was supposed to be happy, but it wasn't like he could actually feel that way. Not when they were an universe apart. But it wasn't like he had any right on her...

For bas math girl )

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Aka: give a fandom, give me a prompt (and a pairing if you want), and on Christmas day (Italy zone) you'll get either a drabble or a flashfic...
Fandoms I'm adjusted to:

*The Mentalist (Jane/Lisbon, manly. Also Red John, but never as a love interest.)
*Haven (Audrey(Nathan)
*Smallville (Oliver/Chloe)
*E.R. (mostly, Ray/Neela)

*Stargate(movieverse)/Stargate SG1
*Marvel movieverse/comic universe
*Dc universe (pre 52- green arrow or Green lantern family. post 52: JL dark)
*Fullmetal Alchemist
*Mission Impossible:ghost protocol
*Doctor Who (10)
*Inspector Linley's mysteries
....and I think I said them all. 

(ps. I write basically everything, from the harmelessy fluffy K rating fairytale to the M rated PWP smut. let me know if you want soemthing in particular.)
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The Mentalist

Story: Another World

Chapter 5 Title: Soothing and Inspiring Presence

Character(s): Teresa  L. & Patrick  J.

Genre(s): Romance/Humor

Rating: Rated: T

Summary: They call it the butterfly effect. Just one small, random adjustment, and all changes. And here there is, another world. A world where his daughter has never been, his late wife is an ex and he is still a psych. And yet, few things just can't change. Some things are written in the stars, just like love at first sight.



Title: Night of the Hunter

Character(s): Audrey P. & Nathan W.

Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Rating: Rated: K

Summary: He wasn't going to wait for her for 27 years, just to have her back  with a new name, a new life and no memory of what they had been for each other. Nathan/Audrey, post season 3 speculations.

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So.... I'm writing a new fanfiction for the mentalist. It shouldn't be too long (I think around 16k in 8 chapters). II've decided that I'll end it, and then I'll start posting it; if my math is correct. a couple of chapters and it would be complete. I'm not even sure about the title yet, but it will be the expanded universe of Ia stpory I wrote last septe,ber, called "In this life", an alternative universe where Jane and Lisbon meet despite Red John (and Charlotte) not being in the picture. Oh well, we'll see.
I'm also working on the follow-up to "burning jealousy", titled, "of Awkward dates, friendhsip  and love" then, there will be a very K rated story, where I'll analize the similarities between The Beast and Jane (well...more or less) even if I don't know exatly how (but I know I want tpo write it) and the M rated stories- one I should give as a Chrstimas gift, another...well, just for the st. Claus theme.
I'm thnaking the gods that the bangs are over, for now (in my case, at least). there are also another couple of things I should work on, but I'm not sure. There was this story I wnated to write for the mentalist fandom in italian, but i had a disagreement with few meembers of the community pf fanfiction where the stories get published, so...we'll see also for this one.
Christmas cards are out. let me know when you get them, just to put me at ease, it would mean the world to me. and if instead of a letter-send card you prefer cyber, tell me too. I'll sedn them around Christmas eve.  
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All the mini and bigbang stuff for next year's Mentalist Big Bang is done!
I've done two mini (an Avenger X-Over featuring SHIELD agent/former carnie guy Clint Barton, plus a fluffy romance) and a bigbang of, around, 37k, with drama, fluff, romance, angst, hurt and comfort, crime.... well, everything. 
I'm also qorking on a couple of stories, they'll probably be oneshots. One should be inspired by "Beauty and the best", the other, well, I'm thinking of expanding a flash-fic I wrote for the halloween trick or treat. we'll see. 
and, who knows. maybe soemthing episode tag related too, in the future. I really wnated to wrtie soemthing about the last episode (I mean, red dawn) but I didn't want to have it turned into a AU, so...
well, we'll see. 
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Author: Little Firestar
Categories; Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters/Pairings: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon
Status: Complete
Spoilers: season four finale small hint
Disclaimers: I don't own the charaters, although there's still place for dreaming..
Summary: “My life is void with him. I’m void with him. I’m void without you, because, the first time I saw you with a child, I thought that I wanted someone just like that, to look after me and maybe a child of mine. And you are extraordinary, and I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone like you, beautiful, smart, caring, brilliant, good with the cooking and the sex ,and single”
Links: of our own
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Title: Focus

Author: [ profile] little_firestar and Artist: [ profile] justlook3

Link to art: here

Word Count: 7596

Rating: T

Summary: As much as she had always complained about Jane, asking for help wasn’t her best trait as well, but right now, she didn’t have any other choice. Because she had to save him, save him from the nothing he had become. Too bad she couldn’t, not alone, at least. She just hated asking for help…

Disclaimers: No, nor the characters or the show belong to me. And this time around, there is not even an original character to claim as mine…

Notes: small spoilers for end of season 3 and for few fragments of season 4.

Part 1 )
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Freaks, geeks, and lovers [2/?]
Rating:T (may go up to M)
Satus: ongoing
Paring: Jane/Lisbon
Spoiler: none/set in the future
Summary: a new murder catches our favorite consultant's interest- which is good, because there are either too many or too little leads to actually allow the CBI to solve the case in record time. Meanwhile, Lisbon finds harder and harder keeping her hands to herself. Especially if all the females they meet up actually try to seduce Jane..
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Title: The Witer and the muse
paring: Castle/Beckett, pre-romance
spoiler alert: yes, for episode 4.2
Summary: he gulped and the breath died in his throat as he saw the elevator doors closing, and Beckett, she could only laugh....
Story here, on my account....
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Title: When Ny meets LA
Fandom: The Closer/CSI:NY
Rating: T (just to be sure)
Characters: a good part of the cast of both shows. pairing, canon for Brenda, ft. Flynn/OC
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary:  Brenda doesn't like the way the NY crime lab handles the investigations. apparently, just one of their detectives thinks a bit like her about how cases should be closed...
Note: sequel to the CSI:NY fics A cadaver in the park, lost and found and Double jurisdiction.

found here on FF.NET

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Since i get to request Levy, I have to do it as

The first ten people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative?) - marvel, dc, top cow, diabolik, Julia, martyn Mystere, tv shows the mentalist and  the 3 Csis...


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fan-dom: dc comics, titans
personaggi:  Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)
rating: G
allusioni aFinal Crysis

Sa che il principe lo odia, Wilson non è uno stupido. Sa che il principino non gli perdonerà mai di aver corrotto l’animo della sua “innocente sorellina”, poco importa che di innocente quell’animo non avesse mai avuto nulla.

Wilson ha sempre pensato di essere il migliore, ha sempre pensato di conoscere bene gli altri, e di capirli, per questo ha preso in simpatia il principino, per questo ha giocato con lui. Cose c’era di meglio che un patetico esempio di umano, che vive ancora nell’ombra del padre, incapace di prendere una qualsiasi decisione senza sentirsi in colpa?

Era convinto che giocare con Markow sarebbe stato facile e divertente, che lo avrebbe potuto manipolare come aveva manipolato la sua sorellina, per poi procedere alla fase successiva, ucciderlo; dopotutto, chi avrebbe preso in considerazione l’idea che il ragazzo sarebbe arrivato a farsi ferire di proposito per poter arrivare al suo avversario? Nessuno, e nemmeno il grande Deathstroke.

Trafitto dalla sua stessa spada, Wilson sente il freddo avventarsi sulle sue povere membra, dove ormai il sangue sta smettendo di scorrere, e anche se davvero, per una volta, vorrebbe chiudere gli occhi e lasciarsi abbracciare da quel dolce oblio, non lo fa. Una parte di lui, la parte forte di lui, lo tiene sveglio e all’erta, rammentandogli tutte le questioni irrisolte per cui deve rimarne in vita.

Slade tenta di convincerlo che quelle questioni irrisolte hanno il suo stesso sangue nelle loro vene, ma, forse, ad avere ragione è Il Terminator… Wilson non ha questioni irrisolte, ma UNA questione irrisolta, una questione irrisolta che risponde al nome di Brion Markow, alis Geo-Force, l’unico che sia mai arrivato così vicino a lui da ferirlo, l’unico che sia riuscito a giungere ad un passo dall’ucciderlo.

La questione irrisolta di Slade Wilson si chiama vendetta, ed è un piatto che l’assassino intende consumare freddo, molto freddo…

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Wake up call - fic ispirata dal mondo di Iron Man,  hints a Il demone nella bottiglia e dark reign (sì, due saghe più lontane nel tempo non le potevo proprio trovare...)(scritta per il comics day party)
Smettere di negare il problema è la prima cosa da fare se vuoi superarlo....

Il primo passo verso la “remissione” è ammettere il problema, questo, Tony, lo sa bene. Glielo hanno ripetuto tante, tantissime volte, e in tanti: Jarvis, Pepper, Rhodey, Bethani, Happy, Nathasha… e i tantissimi volti senza nome della clinica in cui si era ricoverato per metter da parte l’alcool.

Prima di Bethani, aveva negato l’esistenza stessa del problema, anzi, aveva abbracciato l’alcool come una benedizione, un qualcosa che offuscava la sua mente quel tanto che bastava da fargli dimenticare i suoi fallimenti, fossero essi quelli di Iron Man, o di Tony Stark.

Adesso, seduto su un letto di fortuna, madido di sudore, con le lacrime agli occhi, Tony osserva una vecchia foto ormai ingiallita, rovinata dal tempo, una foto di tempi migliori, una foto di quando aveva degli amici, una famiglia...

Ha fatto molte cose stupide, ha fatto molti errori, errori che ricadono sulla sua coscienza, sporca di sangue, e il mondo interno ne sta pagando le conseguenze…  prendendo un profondo sospiro, Tony capisce che è ora di smettere di negare la verità. Ha sbagliato, non è il super-uomo che ha sempre creduto di essere. Non è infallibile. E se vuole riprendersi la sua vita, se vuole riprendersi il suo mondo, dovrà ammetterlo, prima ancora che con sé, con i suoi amici.


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