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Anya (in Ghost-form as she appears in the comic book, while possessing Xnader and Spike's apartment): Oh, kittens. they are so adorable. I can't see how people could compare them to rabbits.... cats have a sadistic, predatory streak you can't help but love.
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 Yesterday I've seena  person I'm not on good terms with any longer; she is a member of my family, but her recent behavior got me to put some distance between us. As many of you may know, I love animals -there's a good chance I love them more than a good number of people I had the (mis)fortune of meeting - and another one of my interests, hobbies, if you like, is photography.
Recently, I was selected to be the tester for anew company that prints pictures  and related products on-line, and I decided to take advantage of this by printing a photo-book with few selected subjects I took in the last few years.
My mother had the brillant idea of showing it to this member of the family and her partner; they tossed it aside, grunting soemthing that sounded like "Oh, yeah, the band" and tsking. 
At the same time, they took their phone and showed us, all proud and giggling,  pictures and recording from the people this relative works and used to work for; children, their children and their children and so on, and she started to talk about them like they were the greatest and most incredible person on the planet- all doctors and the sort, rich people who own houses all around the world, whose children went to study abroad and a couple of them even own their own plane.
And guess what?
None of them regularised her in all the years she had worked for them (and in some cases, it's been over 12 years).
So, really, what's so great about them and thier children? As I see it, there's a clear lack of respect for her, denying her a retirment plan by not regularizing her position, and there's nothing to be so proud and giggling about.
Uhm. At least my cats show me love by purring. and they mean it.  
Jun. 21st, 2014 08:19 am


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Just foir the record: even if Emily is trying to establish herself as the "pack"'s leader, and, until now, has won agaisnt ALMOST all the other cats of the house, Mina, without having to use violence (AKA, making a wise use of MEOW! and hissing) has given the newer cat a lesson. AND decretated herslef the mighty one at home.
Just sayin'. 
May. 28th, 2014 12:31 pm


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say hello to Emily! (From St. Emilio, today's saint). This morning the sick, hungry and lovely kitty entered in my shop, and decided that I'm to take care of her for now!
Aug. 4th, 2013 04:36 pm


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yep. I am nresting, cleaning up. Starting with my room, my dogs, my kitty Miciolino and now the computer too...
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Just returned from the vet. When I came back home, I felt that Minnie-kitty number one- was warmer than usual. She also didn't look too good in general. The vet-blessed the visiting hours during lunch break- says that she is, one, running a cold, and second...
Second is the bad news.
Minnie lives also outside-we live in a private area, so minor local access-and it seems that she hurt herself. There is an injury in her tail, either it was stuck somewhere (a closed door) or something fell on her. The bad news is that the issue is at risk of necrosis, so the vet could have eventually cut her tail.
Next appointment to decide the best cuorse of action is middle of next week.

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propted by [ profile] tromana here it is my answer to the seven things meme; like she told:

"Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself."

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Backache is getting worse, Cino the cat has taken one of leave of absence and this afternoon neigbour's unleashed dog attacked Minni the cat while she was walking at our side and, in the commotion, both me and mum fell while rying to avoid Sissi and Chicca (totally under our control, and restrained) to add injury to the injured....
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sleep and me, in the last few years, haven't been exactly best friends.
I tend suffering of insomnia, and even when I do get to sleep, I can't do that if not for so many yours. and waking up everyt two hours or so.
Having a few days old cat to look after and bottle-feed (thank you very much to whoever decided to practically threw him away in my garden. really, I'm flattered.) made me enter into "mummy mode", making things even worst. waking up every two hours or so turned into waking up every hour so, when I got to sleep. because, what if he wasn't breathing? what if he woke up, needing food, and I was asleep?
Thankfully to one of my other cats, Nerone, who shares with Mino my room (the cat is addicted to me, really. soemtiems, it scares me),  now, Mino, now a month or so old, has learned to eat on his own his food (milk, just twice a day, and he drinks it from his dish) and even learnt to go the litter-and how to properly sue it! 8even if it's still a msytery to me how he manages to actuallly acess it).
Anyway, all of this, just to say that, between cats (washing me out, one, and finally being a littel able to look after himself, the other) work and life, I was so tired that  last night....

I slept for 8 hours. straight. and, beelive me, last time it happened, I guess I was a teen. which was a loong time ago. well, not so long, just 10 yeasr or so, but still, you get it.
Just hope it emnas my insomnia is finally ending. if not once and for all,l at least for a while.
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In response to Bas -math-girl, whom, on her livejournal, posted the origimal meme, giving me those 5 words that should, in theory 8and, yes, not only theroy, I shall admit) describe me....

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