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 1. What is the most recent show/scene that made you laugh out loud? 
It was a guest from Fabio Fazio's late show "Che fuori tempo che fa", Abbatantuono, about the brand new tendency of Italian elders of buying particular kinds of showers and tubes.....

2. What is the most recent show/scene to made you tear up/cry/get leaky eyes?
Teresa Lisbon telling Jane she loved him. After seeing him with her newborn nepew. (The Mentalist)

3. What show/scene boiled your blood (pissed you off)?
Ah. Well, in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Ward being revealed as Hydra. Also, in Broadchurch, season 2, the Latimers attacking DS Miller- like it was her faut the whole thing and she wasn't a victim too.

4. What show/scene made you feel all mushy (aka feel good/happy)?
Patrick Jane confessing his love to Teresa Lisbon as she was flying off to get married to another man- and her reciprocating. AND THE KISS.

5. What TV scene from what show will you never forget?
Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon kissing. for the first time.

6. What show(s) are or were popular but you never got around to watching it?
Scandal and The Fall.

7. If you would bring back one show and one character what/who would it be?
X-Files for the shows- and Howard Stark as a character 8adult version. Even if I really don't mind Domenic Cooper playing him..)

8. If you could rewrite one scene/death/plot twist what would it be and how would you change it?
I wouldn't have Jane telling Teresa he loved her on a plane. such a clichè, seriously. At the door?  Yeah. 

9. What movie would be a good TV show?
Jurassic Park? The Gladiator? Star Trek?

10. What character do you think best represents the real you?
Rodney MCKay from Stargate Atlantis-'cause it aired for free just now in Italy, so yes, I'm using him :)

11. What characters from what show(s) you would like to kill, marry or fuck?
Kill Ward from Agents of Shiled, fuck either John Constantine from the namesake show or Hunter from Shiled (or Hook from Once Upon a Time) and marry special agent Mick Rawson from criminal minds suspect behavior, or Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis.

12. What time period or historical event/person "deserves" a show----like Attila the Hun, Pol Pot, Elvis, Marie Curie, Rasputin, etc...?
There should be more Victoria/steampunk era shows.

13. What book/comic would make a good TV show?
something minor players x-men book- such as Mutant X. The real one, thought.

14. What genre would you like to see more of on TV?
medical drama!

15. What show would you do a spin off and with whom?
I'd want a spin-off for kristina yang's life in Europe after she left Grey's Anatomy.

16. What character is misused?
Sadly, I think the Winchester brothers.

17. Which older actor/actress would you like to see on TV?
I would have said Bakula-but now he does have a show.  So...  Sybill Sheperd.

18. If you could be any character in a TV show who would you be?
Neela from ER....oh, it's too old? Well...  Dr. Jennifer Keller from Stargate Atlantis.

19. What stand up comedian should get his/her own show?
In Italy, we should have more Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo.

20. Are american TV shows to "puritan" about showing the human body? 
Oh dear, yes! I mean, censorship on tattoes???

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Borrowed from [personal profile] ruuger 

 Which TV shows did you start watching in 2014?
Uhm... New shows, The Flash and Constantine, 'cause I'm a sci-fi/comic book freak (Constantine mostly because I've had a thing for Matt Ryan since Criminal Minds Suspect behavior), and also, considering shows that were already airing abroad/were edned abroad but just aired in Italy so I just had occasion to catch up with them: Stargate  Atlantis and Broadchurch. Which I adored. (And btw, I also catched up with USA's own version of the show, GRACEPOINT, also featuring Tennant as the lead detective). 
Which TV shows did you let go of in 2014?
Oh. Gracepoint, after a couple of episodes. And Homeland- I've heard that the last season has been quite good, but the show wqsn't too astonishing back when I stopped watching it...
Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2014? Why?
The Fall
Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2015?
The Fall. I'm pretty sure that I will look at it. 
Which TV show impressed you least in 2014?
I'm pretty sure that it's The vampire Diarires. Even nowadays, especially when Elena and Jeremy are on screen, I fast-forward, because the show is transforming them into trope. or mary-sues- Or whatever. Also Doctor Who, but I think it was because I saw too much in the... doing? I'm not even sure if I can expalin myself: I was looking too much forward Cpaldi as The Doctor, and also, I was wondering - actually, I was sure- that there wouyld have been a deeper connection between him being the doctor and the role Capaldi played in the Pompeii episode back when Tennat was the doctor and his companion was Donna Noble... (yes, I did hope Donna would be back for at least one epsiode)
Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2015 unless things significantly improve?
Vampire Diaries. Defnitely. 
Which TV shows do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
I don't think I'll ever stop getting back with Doctor Who- I abandon it, and then I watch it again and catch up with lost episodes. Also, probably because I'm a masochist, Once upon a time, despite my deepest hate for Charming and Snow White. And well, the mentalist.  
Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2014?
Besides the last scene of the Mentalist season 6? Major Crimes. I'm pretty sure it's one of the best procedurals on tv right now.
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DC Comics John Constantine )

and out of curiosity, this is how Matt Ryan normally looks like (her on the shortly lived CBS' serie criminal minds: Suspect behavior
matt ryan in criminal minds:suspect behavior )

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 Welsh actor Matt Ryan (Tudors, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: suspect behavior) should have been casted (like in my imagination- that's the "for the record, I saw it coming) by NBC to cast in the incoming pilot of "Constantine", based on the DC Comics (blonde) character, spotlighted in titles such as Hellblazer, (that run for over 300 issues), and recently relaunched "Constantine" and Justice League Dark. Daniel Cerone (The Mentalist) will write, alongside  David Goyer (Nolan's Batman titles) who's attached  to the project as producer too; Neill Marshall, who workes on several Game of Thrones episodes, is sheduled to direct. 
Constantine was the main protagonist of 2005 box office success namesake movie, "Constantine", featuring once again a dark-haired actor, Keanu Reeves, and director Guillermo DelToro (HellBoy I and II, Rise of the Guardians, Mama, Blade II) is rumored to have been working on an incoming Justice League Dark motion picture.

" Constantine" in one of the many pilots sheduled for production for DC Comics for the next season; "Arrow"'s spin-off "The Flash", centered around young forensic expert Barry Allen started production this month for the CW, who's rumored to be working on another possible Arrow spin-off, "Hour man". 
"Gotham", instead, by Fox and Bruno Heller (again, "The Mentalist", centered around the rookie years of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne prior to his Batman days, with former "The OC" Ben McKenzie, has already been given a full-series order before the production of the lipot could even begin.


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