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 ... because frankly, what to do when you can't sleep at night? You think crazy thoughts and wonder. 
... and you think about THAT because the second season of Broadchurch started to air in Italy just yesterday and I saw it so, yeah.
What I thought?
"I wonder if [ profile] bas_math_girl  will see David Tennat in Marvel's "AKA Jessica Johns" playing the (super powered?)villain and if and how she'll come up with a x-over...."
Yep. I really should seek help.  of the medical kind.  
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Borrowed from [personal profile] ruuger 

 Which TV shows did you start watching in 2014?
Uhm... New shows, The Flash and Constantine, 'cause I'm a sci-fi/comic book freak (Constantine mostly because I've had a thing for Matt Ryan since Criminal Minds Suspect behavior), and also, considering shows that were already airing abroad/were edned abroad but just aired in Italy so I just had occasion to catch up with them: Stargate  Atlantis and Broadchurch. Which I adored. (And btw, I also catched up with USA's own version of the show, GRACEPOINT, also featuring Tennant as the lead detective). 
Which TV shows did you let go of in 2014?
Oh. Gracepoint, after a couple of episodes. And Homeland- I've heard that the last season has been quite good, but the show wqsn't too astonishing back when I stopped watching it...
Which TV shows did you mean to get into but didn't in 2014? Why?
The Fall
Which TV shows do you intend on checking out in 2015?
The Fall. I'm pretty sure that I will look at it. 
Which TV show impressed you least in 2014?
I'm pretty sure that it's The vampire Diarires. Even nowadays, especially when Elena and Jeremy are on screen, I fast-forward, because the show is transforming them into trope. or mary-sues- Or whatever. Also Doctor Who, but I think it was because I saw too much in the... doing? I'm not even sure if I can expalin myself: I was looking too much forward Cpaldi as The Doctor, and also, I was wondering - actually, I was sure- that there wouyld have been a deeper connection between him being the doctor and the role Capaldi played in the Pompeii episode back when Tennat was the doctor and his companion was Donna Noble... (yes, I did hope Donna would be back for at least one epsiode)
Which TV show do you think you might let go of in 2015 unless things significantly improve?
Vampire Diaries. Defnitely. 
Which TV shows do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
I don't think I'll ever stop getting back with Doctor Who- I abandon it, and then I watch it again and catch up with lost episodes. Also, probably because I'm a masochist, Once upon a time, despite my deepest hate for Charming and Snow White. And well, the mentalist.  
Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2014?
Besides the last scene of the Mentalist season 6? Major Crimes. I'm pretty sure it's one of the best procedurals on tv right now.
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 Just wanted to drop by and whish an Happy birthday to [personal profile] bas_math_girl ... and I couldn't resist.  Because this thing came to mind, and gotta be honest: I needed an excuse to post it somewhere!
So... enjoy this littlle gift!

Under the cut... )
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borrowed from[ profile] tromana and [ profile] justlook3 ...

(note: the meme follows mostly Italian airings/releases, so forgive any inaccurancy)

1. Your main fandom of the year:  It's kinf of hard to say. it's a battle between TNC's Major Crimes and CBS' The Mentalist. And even if I think that in season 4 and 5 TM was a bit frail in few spots, well, I still love with a passion. And I would never let it go. So, yeah- The Mentalist.
2. Your favorite film this year: I'll say The Silver Lining playbook- I know it's a 2012 movie, but in Italy in was relreased in March, 2013, so let's pretend it's a 2013 movie, shall we?
3. Your favorite book this year: Strangely enough, it's an Italian book. it's a short novel, by actor/director/screenwriter/novelist Rocco Papaleo: Una piccola Inpresa meridionale. Papaleo also wrote, starred and directed the movie based on his novel, and I'm planning on catching up with it as soon as it hit the stores. As for English books... "ARGO" ny Matt baglio and Frank Mendez, about the CIA operation narrated in the namesake movie.
4. Your favorite album or song this year: Bonfire heart by James Blunt
5. Your favorite TV show this year: Uhm. Mentalist or Major Crimes? Favorite.. Major Crimes. The charactes developed quite nicely in the second season. I came to apprecoiate characters that in The Closer I hated, and discovered they are just human beings.
6. Your favorite LJ community this year: The Mentalist Big Bang. Because through the Mentalist I got an hold of many new friends :)
7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: Arrow or Elementary? Between the two...  Arrow.
8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year: NCIS: RED the third NCIS spin-off that, in fact, didn't go in production. It was awaited for months and months, and then... ugh. With the exception of Scott Grimes' character, it was a terrible pilot with terrible acting.
9. Your TV boyfriend of the year: Tommy Merlyn from Arrow. Unfortunately, he is currently dead, but at June he was still alive :)
10. Your TV girlfriend of the year: Teresa Lisbon . againa nd again and again. I'd marry her.
11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: Jane and Lisbon seeing each other again for the first time after tow years. oh, and the first scene of Capaldi as the new doctor.
12.  Your most missed old fandom: The X-files. the fact it was 20 years since the pilot this september made me miss it more and more.
13. Your fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? Scandal? The Newroom? I've just saw glimpses of Scandal, and I haven't been able to get a real feel out of thiese few minutes....
14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: Peter Capaldi as 12. :) can't wait to see him. I was already  taken in the first scene :)
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I finally loked at the Doctor Who Christmss special, and didn't anyone notice that spoilers )... guess it was because she was wearing a wig as she had shaved completely her head to play in Guardians of the galaxy.....
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Nope, not too serious, and I think that people who isn't comic-book addicted will not understand it... but amazing artist Stjepan sejic did this for his deviantart account, and I just had to show it around for the epopel who is crazy for our beloved Doctor...
the other doctor. or: bigger on the inside )
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So....last night I saw on Rai4 The Day of the Doctor. Part of me was pleases, as it was already in Italian and I didn't feel like listening to Britain English for more or less two hours,  but another part of me was all "YOU IDIOT!S!! as at the end, when there were the names of the characters and the name of the Italian actors voicing them, it went like taht:


Yeah. I know. That's why I hope I'll be able to get and handle of an orignal copy one day. But anyway. Unde the cut, just in case, all the elements from the mitology/things already mentioned I spotted:

-The young girl who plays Miss Stuart's assistant: she has the same scarf as the 4 doctor. In fact, 11 even compliments it- and tells her it's nice.
-Miss Stuart, none other than Brigadaire Alistaire Stuart's daughter.
-Miss stuart works for UNIT-heavily present in the episode- and it's emntioned the fact that the doctor works for them.
-All the episode is about the Time War between the Daleks (yes, we can see them saying exterminate a bit) and the timelords, their death and Gallifrai's fall.
-Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.. no, wait. as she admits herself, it's "Bad Wolf"
-Elizabeth 1, the Virgin Queen and her relationship and marriage with the doctor; in Tennant's last episode, The Doctor told that he had just escaped from his wife, a vergin queen that wasn't virgin any longer. Now we know for sure he was talking about Elizabeth, and we know how to chronogically the series fit together.
-I may have gotten it wrong-the enemy were the zaigons, if I am not wrong, and they used to be classic Doctor who foes back in the day.
-3 doctors together in the same era at the same time. Wasn't it supposed to never, ever happen again, otherwise goodbye universe because of a time-space paradox?
-A lot of sonic scredrivers. and 10 asking 11 if his is bigger to conpensate.
Jack harkness is mentioned, and the time vortex manipulator is shown, and used.By the way"he gave it to us after his death...well, one of it, at least."
There are cybermen's heads!
And ALL the doctor together. All 13 of them.
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seriouly people, go over there. is filled with dr.Who goodies today...
and see you soon for talking about the upcoming episode. Can't wait for this evening...David Tennant is back as the tenth doctor, as well there is mentions of Alistaire Stuart.
By the way, does any of you know if the Brigadaire Alistaire Stuart from The Doctor Who has anything to do with the brigadaire Alistaire Stuart who was a main character in the excalibur comic book by Marvel- who published doctor who comic books back in the day?
(sorry for the randomness)
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Tomorrow evening, Rai4 is gonna air 8at ten past nine pm) the fifty anniversary special (still unsure if it will be in Italian, in English with subtitles, or no subtitles at all).
What will you do?
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Does anyone out there knows where I could find free cross-stitching patterns concerning the doctor who universe, as I wnated to make something for a doctor who addicted friend of mine for her birthday, later this year?
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Title: Touching time and space with wings of fire
Author: Little Firestar 84
Fandom: Doctor Who & Uncanny X-Men (Comics)
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna (Doctor Who), Phoenix Force (Uncanny X-Men)
Rating: K
Word Count: 1260 circa
Notes: Au. Set before Journey's end (DW) and Phoenix: Endsong (UXM). Sort of sequel to "weight of history", featuring the whole cast from UXM and the Ninth Doctor, but doesn't require knowledge of previous events nor of the story.
Summary: when they offered the creature their hands, it took them, deciding then and there to never leave them, so that it could help them out and repay the universe of its wrongs. Touching time and space with wings of fire. Sort of 10th/Donna. No knowledge of the X-Men franchise to read this one.
Link: here

Title: And Their Blood Will Be On His Hands (1/?)
Author: Little Firestar 84
Fandom: The Mentalist
Characters: Jane/Lisbon
Rating: T
Word Count: ?
Notes: For Tromana. A multichapter of flash-fics expanding the universe of my previous story "Two sides of the same coin"
Summary: The web was almost complete, and then he would have been free. But now everything had to be postponed, untill he would have his rightful revenge on the ones who dared to disobey the master. A different take on Red John, for Tromana
link: here
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This November, the BBC will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the (very) long-running serie Doctor Who. Given the show's past history at celebrating special occasions, this should be momentous.

Scheduled to air sometime in November, the 50th Anniversary events fo Doctor Who ave been rumored to include deaths, old villains returning and even former doctors like David Tennant.

"[Plans fo Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary] are immense, they are considerable," showrunner Steven Moffat said at a preview screening of the 2012 Christmas special. "They will be full of tremendous surprises. But they wouldn't be surprises if I accidentally said them now, would they? But I promise you, we're going to take over television. Trust me."

Whatever it is, it's set to begin filming in April -- so look for more news then.

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Title: The Tiger

Word count: 463

Summary: A tiger was not going to change its stripes, and the scorpion was not going to help the frog out, no matter what. She simply had  allowed herself to blieve his empty promise.

Dedicated to: Tromana, with the prompt: "..."


For Tromana )

Title: My way back to you

Word count:~1360

genre: hurt, romance

characters: Duplicate Doctor/Donna, mentions of Rose Tyler and 10th Doctor.

Summary:  he was supposed to be happy, but it wasn't like he could actually feel that way. Not when they were an universe apart. But it wasn't like he had any right on her...

For bas math girl )

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Title: Weight of history
Rating:T to be on the safe side of things. Mostly, a K+ things, though.
Fandoms: Doctor Who (10)/Uncanny X-men (Claremont's generation)
Summary:" He should, but he knows he actually can’t, and it breaks his heart, but still, there’s nothing he can do about it"
Notes: set during the Rise of the Dark Phoenix back in 1980, and sometimes after Donna's departure for Doctor Who. could be considered an AU. Also, show mercy. It's my first Doctor Who work...

He should, but he can't.  )
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According to, yesterday, the Doctor celebrated his 48Th anniversary on our screens... So, Happy Birthday, and thank you very much to BBC  (and yes, even rai here in Italy) that decided to bring him back to live, allow a new generation of fan, who had never seen him, to emerge from the primordial mud!

(and if you are interested, check this out, an article about few indimenticable moments...)
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never felt before the need to comment an episode, but there were just a couple of things that needed to be said. such as:

Miracle Day last episode )
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Ok, I know, quite stuid think I'm going to say ehre, I blame the imsomnia for that. anyway....
Kitty number five, aka Nero aka Blackie  makes a verse, a "err"  that sounds like the verb to err sayid by teh Daleks...


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