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You've got m@il
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] browneyesparker
Link to art:coming soon
Word Count:
Summary: Season 6 AU:  After Red John's deminse, Jane and Lisbon are both struggling with finding someone to share their life with, and to help them out, Grace signs them up with an internet dating service. The objective? Forcing them to fall in love in the net, so that they could finally admit feelings long buried in reality too. But what will happen when they will finally understand that May Flower and Danielson are, in reality,  Teresa and Patrick?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production; “You’ve got mail” by Nora and Delia Ephron, produced by Ephron and Donner, distributed by Warner Bros. By writing this piece, I don’t claim any money.
Notes: Inspired by the 1998 movie “You’ve got mail” directed by Nora Ephron and written by Nora and Delia Ephron- the story is actually  partly written following the first script for the movie. Set in a sort of AU-ish season 6, with the departure of Red John and the team being still the team.

Prologue )Prologue )
Grace had a plan in order to get Teresa to admit that she was in love with Jane- to Jane –but she was pretty sure that Lisbon didn’t need to know about it. After all, Teresa would have never admitted such a thing to Jane himself. Not when she was sure that the mentalist didn’t love her back and was on his way to leave once and for all. But, if she had to admit to herself, her plan was pretty great. And Teresa dearest wasn’t even seeing this coming.

Grace created the prefect profile for the internet dating site. She said all things that were true, but in a way that made Lisbon seem like a fascinating and interesting woman and not just a strict bad-ass cop. She also choose a picture that made more than justice to her friend.; it had been taken the previous year, at some fundraiser event, and Teresa just looked “wow”, for lack of a better word. Her hair had been made in shiny perfection, its natural waves elegant and not messy at all; the long, strap-less dress was becoming on her, the dark green the perfect  match to her eyes and it made her glow. It was also sexy, but not too much. It was the right measure, that showed her curves by just hinting at them. In short, it belonged to a real woman, and not some starlette or a… well, an easy girl.

Men kept writing and asking for her. All kinds of men. But Grace had a plan. And her plan didn’t include making Teresa fall in love with some idiot met on the internet. So, yes, Grace Van Pelt-Rigsby arranged dates for Teresa Lisbon. But it was only with idiots.

The plan was to make Teresa realize that Jane was the one and only for her, and that, as much as she was trying to look somewhere else for Mr. Right, he was right before her eyes. Teresa wasn’t admitting at loud (to anyone else, at least) her feelings for Jane because she didn’t want to admit that, as crazy as it could be, he was the one for her. That it could work. But forced with the hard, though reality, Grace was sure Lisbon would have fallen under the pressure.

Only, she didn’t.

And Grace’s plan backfired. It had been a brilliant plan, until it wasn’t any longer. Because Teresa wasn’t going to stop dating any other man who wasn’t Patrick Jane. Teresa wanted to swore off dating. As in, completely. And Grace couldn’t have any of that. Not when she was so close to taste her success. And proven right before her husband.

“Grace, I appreciate what you did, but it’s time to accept reality. My ship sealed a long time ago, and apparently I’m doomed to stay single for the rest of my life. But it’s not a problem if I’m not in a relationship. I have many things to live for.” Lisbon was smiling at Grace, but the redhead wasn’t an idiot.  Even an idiot – a blind one- would have seen it. Teresa wasn’t happy, despite whatever she was trying to sell. It was time to rectify it- subtly- and set back in motion her plan. Just a little improved. But her new idea was going to work… and she was sure it would.

She was going to be a bridesmaid-maybe even the maid of honor- at Jane and Lisbon’s wedding. And who knew. Maybe they could even ask her and Wayne to be the Godparents of their children (if Jane decided that Lisbon could rise them in the Church). In few years, they were going to have tea, all of them, together, and Teresa would tell their friends how the redhead had been their cupid, making their lives just picture perfect…

Or, well, maybe not. She was exaggerating a tiny bit, she knew it. But there was room for dreaming, right? And besides, this was “plan two.” Plan One was to get the two of them together. But first, she needed to have Lisbon un-swearing off dating. 

“I may have a proposition…” Grace made her best acting impression. She wasn’t as good as Jane at selling her acts, but she had improved over the years at his side. She had to look honest, and maybe even a bit sorry for what had happened to poor Teresa.

“I don’t know, Grace…” Teresa answered, making a slightly worried, and at the same time, disgusted, expression. “I think I hit rock bottom yesterday with that Maurice guy. If he was the best you could find, I think there is no chance for me.”

It had been a terrible date, and Teresa didn’t have any intention of remembering every detail, nor telling them out loud. Grace was sorry enough. She didn’t need to know that the French guy had the worst fake French accent she had ever heard in her whole life, nor that he was a creep with maniac tendencies. The guy had been obsessed with her socks the whole evening, he had kept asking her to show them and to do indecent things with them. While they were at the restaurant. She had been tempted to arrest him, for she was sure he had gotten exited – in public!- just asking her to perform such acts.

“I have a plan…” She said, but then she corrected herself. She didn’t want for Teresa to discover the truth. Not yet, at least. Or maybe, never, ever. She was a vengeful person, when she wanted to. “I have an idea. Next time, I will be careful. I will get to know the guy myself, I will, quiz him, or something, to see he isn’t a pervert or a fake. Then, you and the guy I will choose for you will start exchanging… well, what you want. Texts. Calls. Emails. Whatever you feel comfortable with. And only when you’ll feel ready, and you’ll think he could be at least a decent friend, you’ll meet him.”

Grace put her right hand on her boss’ left, and looked at Teresa with puppy dog eyes. People barely resisted pregnant ladies, but when she was the pregnant lady in question, there was just no room to escape. Whatever she liked it or not, Teresa was going to accept. It was just how she was.
“Promise me no perverts, please.” She had had her good share of those. People interested in her because she was a cop and got horny on her handcuffs and her gun. People who liked their women on the short side. Men obsessed with the fairytale-like princess/elf/whatever they wanted her to be and dress like.

“You have my word that this time it will work.” Grace smiled, but up her sleeve she was giggling. She was going to get her boss and Jane together, and they weren’t going to see this coming. They were going to have their happily ever after, just like she had always hoped for them. Yes, her new improved plan was going to work. She had all the means to set it all in motion. Of course, there was still one little tiny detail she still had to take in consideration.

Because she didn’t know how she could set Jane up with an internet dating profile-making it look like it was his idea- and set him up with Lisbon with a blind-date sort of thing, like in the Meg Ryan movie with Tom Hanks. But it didn’t matter, because she was going to find a way. She was going to set them up together. In time, she would be proven right, and they were going to thank her.

Really- she just had to set Jane up to on-line dating first. And how hard could it be?

Chapter 1 )

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Title:The Consultant
Fandoms: Psych + Mentalist
Words: 1,051
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Rated: K
Character: Shawn S., Juliet oH., Patrick  J., Teresa  L.
Summary: So, here they were, all together, ready to bear hug, and what did he have to hear? They already have a consultant. Who, during the case, was in the victim's kitchen. Really. Shawn could already feel a contract coming his way...
Notes: Spoilers for Psych season finale,  and for the Mentalist post 6.08-09 (more 09, though)
Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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So, this year I've signed for five Mentalist Big bang Projects- Two little, and three big bangs. And I'm proud to say...
Little bang #1: compelte with 5880 words, circa
Little bang #2: compelte with 8100 words circa
Big Bang #1: complete with 10650 words circa
Big bang #2: complete with 19500 words circa
Big bang #3: complete with 50345 words circa
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Status of my 5 stories for the Menatlist Big Bang as Today, 12:00 am:

Little bang #1: compelte with 5880 words, circa
Little bang #2: compelte with 8100 words circa
Big Bang #1: complete with 10650 words circa
Big bang #2: complete with 19500 words circa
Big bang #3: done for half, one third at maximum; 16000 words circa already written. 
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Great happiness of them all: I reached 10k in teh supposed fic for the Mentalist bb I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make into a big bang...
May. 28th, 2013 03:23 pm


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I've come to the conclusion that my New Girl fanfiction for het bigbang will be of 8-9 chapters (seven have been already written). I've been very lucky, I found an amazing beta that gives me advice both on my few grammar mistakes here and there (mostly, typos or me being nto fully there with my head).
I am also writing on few oneshots for The Mentalist, and adding each day to my personal collection of drabbles. And... I already said that, but I just signed (for the second year) to the mentalist reverse bigbang. So, coming soon, more stories. 
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Today or tomorrow, coming on your computers and livejournal, red shadows in the sunset, my contribution to 2012-13 Mentalist BigBang

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All the mini and bigbang stuff for next year's Mentalist Big Bang is done!
I've done two mini (an Avenger X-Over featuring SHIELD agent/former carnie guy Clint Barton, plus a fluffy romance) and a bigbang of, around, 37k, with drama, fluff, romance, angst, hurt and comfort, crime.... well, everything. 
I'm also qorking on a couple of stories, they'll probably be oneshots. One should be inspired by "Beauty and the best", the other, well, I'm thinking of expanding a flash-fic I wrote for the halloween trick or treat. we'll see. 
and, who knows. maybe soemthing episode tag related too, in the future. I really wnated to wrtie soemthing about the last episode (I mean, red dawn) but I didn't want to have it turned into a AU, so...
well, we'll see. 
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I've been a bit absent lately, so here it is a mirror with my last works...

Rating: T (on the safe side)
Characters: team
Summary: Collection of mini-tags, flash-fics and drabbles, little introspection and follow-up to the episodes of season 5- so beware of spoilers. Jane and Lisbon centric mostly, but will have the whole team.
Disclaimer: Uhm. well, my father is called Bruno, but since it's Negro and not Heller, I'd say that I don't own the rights to the Mentalist.
Notes: Spoilers for season 5!

Title:In this life
Rating: T (on the safe side)
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon. mention of the team. 
Summary: In this life, they had nothing to be scared of, no one that could get between them, endangering her life or the one of the ones close to him. But it was just in this one. And it was all so perfect, that sometimes, he wondered if it wasn't all just a dream. Jane/Lisbon, AUish
Notes: Inspired by a prompr by Tromana

Title: POssession
Rating: M
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon
Summary: Memories of just few days prior kept going on loop in his mind, Hardy pointing a gun at her. He imagined not making it, Teresa dead in his arms. And now, another man wanted her. He just couldn't hide the truth any longer. "You are mine" he whispered, and Teresa smiled against his skin. Au-ish season 2 premiere, M rated.
Notes: yes, it's been a loong time since the premiere of season two, but: last couple of years, I've always given
my M rated version of the season premiere, and there's no reason to believe that I'll not do soemthing about it
this years as well. ergo: considering that back then I wasn't wirting M rated stories, I've suddenly decided,
feeling particularly inspired, to give my version of the events... and there's no reason to believe I'll not be able to
do the same with the pilot!

Title:It takes more than an origami frog to be forgiven
Rating: M
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon; mention of Bosco and Minelli 
Summary: Pilot AU-ish, M rated. "She shook her head. It was time to stop behaving like a silly little girl with a crush on the quaterback. She had no business thinking about Jane that way, they were barely friends, definitely not lovers. They didn't live in a sort of twisted fairytale, after all."
Notes: yes, it's been even a loonger time since the premiere of season one than of season twp, but: last couple
of years, I've always given my M rated version of the season premiere, and there's no reason to believe that I'll
not do soemthing about it this years as well. ergo: considering that back then I wasn't wirting M rated stories,
I've suddenly decided, feeling particularly inspired, to give my version of the events of season one and two as
well. after yesterday's attempt with season two, here there is season one, deeper and wiht way more feelings
than I've first thought possible.

Title:The Aftermath
Rating: K
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon.
Summary: He had never thought that there actually was going to be an aftermath. She had never wanted to think about it. Jane and Lisbon, in a Red John free future...flashfic

Title:Picking up the pieces
Rating: T
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon.
Summary: "He knew she loved him and was ready to do everything, anything for him, and he wnated to do the same for her. But he couldn't, not when he wasn't whole again yet.
Notes: Written for Lothiriel84 in the Paint It Red 2012 Gift Exchange; betaed by Tromana- love you girl, you've
been my personal mean to cheering up altely, along with Rothelena!

Title: The good match
Rating: T
Characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon.
Summary: "People said it could never happen here, but this is a strange frontier" (Strange Frontier- Roger Taylor). She still didn't know what possessed her to answer to his question that day...
Notes: Written for Lothiriel84 in the Paint It Red 2012 Gift Exchange; betaed by Tromana- love you girl, you've
been my personal mean to cheering up altely, along with Rothelena!

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Title: Too little, too late

Author: Little Firestar

Word Count: 3200 (exact, and no, I didn’t do it on purpose.)

Rating: K+

Summary: it was too little, too late, she didn’t know if she could forgive and forget so easily any longer, not after he had promised to never hurt her just to go and kill a man in cold blood, not after he had told her he loved her just to dismiss it and jump into the arms of Red John’s girl. She couldn’t go on like this any longer. Her life and her heart were on the line and she wasn’t sure any longer that he was worth it. For Tromana.

Disclaimer: My father is called Bruno, but our surname isn’t Heller, so I guess it means that I don’t own in any form The Mentalist, Patrick Jane and so on, just this plot, hopefully.

Notes: this story has been in my hard disk since the end of season four, and was supposed to be romantic; then, I got a bit on edge, and it turned into angst. Afterwards, I didn’t know how to progress, until, re-reading  some files in a DVD I had sitting close to my laptop, I noticed a collection of drabbles I wrote at least one year ago for one of the Mentalist communities on Live Journal, and I re-read one I wrote for Tromana, for the word “Why?”, and, since I’ve always thought that the flash-fiction could have been expanded in an actual story… well, the story I wanted to write wrote itself on its own, in a certain sense. In case you want to read the original flash-fiction: it’s the last chapter of my collection, “The Mentalist Prompts”. 

Spoilers  for the season four finale, the rest are just my speculations of what may happen between Jane and Lorelai in order to break her.

Thank you to: my unofficial cheerleader, Stacie, aka [ profile] tromana. Lately, I’ve been quite… unsure of my writing, and she cheered me up through her marvelous corrections of my stories for the gift exchange (coming soon on your screens), with her comments, reviews and just by simply talking with me, whenever it was about writing or life in general. She also provided the prompt that allowed to move on with this story, so, a double thank you to her.  

Links: on //on a3o  

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 Title:​  ​Torn
Author: Little_Firestar84
Characters/Pairings: Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon; Patrick Jane/Angela Ruskin-Jane
Summary: "Too much love will kill you, if you can't make up your mind, torn between the lover, and the love you leave behind" (Too much love will kill you, Queen) His heart was full of love, for a woman who rested in the past and one who could held in her hands his future. But could he really move on after what he had done in his life?
Nope, not mine.
Notes: Written for Lothiriel84 for the Paint It Red gift exchange 2012, beated by Agathanancy98.
Link: here

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Title: Cupidity, Serendipity

Fandoms: Cupid (2009)/The Mentalist. Both post-series

Rating: K+

 Language: English

Genre: Romance

Word count: +2900

Characters/Pairings: Trevor Pierce-Cupid, mentions of one-sided Trevor/Claire (Cupid); Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon (The Mentalist).

Status: complete

Summary: only two more couples, and then, Trevor will be finally allowed to be his true self once again, the God Cupid,  he’ll reunited once more with his beloved Psyche, this time forever and ever; he and Claire are one, will be the last one, but before, before he’ll have to find someone else, with a love as strong as his, as immortal and everlasting. But, is it possible to find such a love in the capital of impromptu marriages and divorces?

Links: on archive of our own

Notes: Cupid is dead from 3 years this month and I’m watching its re-runs on Italian Television, The Mentalist is on vacation, and I’m watching at the 4th season as it is aired here, and I felt inspired enough to write this. Even if I should really work on the Mentalist Reverse Big Bang. Please forgive me all of you, but I really, really needed some fluff… and my reverse story is everything but fluffy. I’m well aware Cupid was a very, minor show, and was broadcasted on ABC, and the premise of the show has nothing to do with The Mentalist, but give a girl a break, this is what fan-fiction is supposed to be about, right? Getting whatever we want, our hearts’ desires.

Also: this story - with minor spoilers for the fourth season finale of The Mentalist, works under the assumption, never developed to the fullest due to the show’s premature death, that Dr. Claire McCrae was, indeed, the reincarnation of Eros’ long lost human love, the mortal Psyche;  to better understand what I’m talking about, I suggest to check the Wikipedia page of the show, at least…

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Titolo: il tempo non aspetta nessuno
Autore: Little Firestar (Elina on
Rating: K+
Genre: , romantico, angst, introspettivo
Personaggi: Patrick jane,Teresa Lisbon, Walter Mashburn, altri
Status: completa-one shot
Sommario: "Era sola, ed era stufa. Aveva ponderato quella decisione per mesi, posticipandola all’infinito, dicendosi che era sbagliato, che si stava comportando da egoista, ma non poteva aspettare oltre. Il tempo passava, e lei doveva prendere una decisione, e al più presto. Poi, sarebbe vissuta con le conseguenze, qualunque esse fossero state, e avrebbe fatto del suo meglio, Ma doveva decidere. Ora, non poteva più aspettare. Ma soprattutto, non voleva. Era stufa di essere la ruota di scorta, l’ultima ruota del carro. Voleva che giungesse anche il suo momento, e se la vita non le dava le carte adeguate, allora si sarebbe arrangiata, giocando alla meglio la mano che si trovava in mano..." (post-serie, spoiler ,per accenno a due nomi propri e nient'altro, sulla stagione 4)
Lingua: italiano
link alla storia: qui
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Titolo: Family Trobles: fidanzata per finta
Autore: Little Firestar (Elina on
Rating: T
Genre: commedia, humor, romantico, sentimentale
Personaggi: Patrick jane/Teresa Lisbon, OC
Status: in corso
Sommario: Definizione di sorella maggiore: creatura impicciona incapace di non mettere il naso in faccende che non la riguardano. E la stessa definizione vale per Kate Jane, che ha un solo obbiettivo, quello di vedere, di nuovo, il fratellino sposato. Peccato che suddetto fratello non ne possa più di macchinazioni e appuntamenti al buio, obbligandolo a prendere seri provvedimenti quando evitare Kate diventa impossibile... perciò, cosa c'è di meglio che chiedere alla persona che meglio lo conosce, la sua migliore amica, Teresa Lisbon, di fingere per qualche giorno di essere sul punto di sposarlo? Peccato che Teresa sia terrorizzata all'idea di questa messinscena, perchè, per lei, fingere di amare Patrick Jane non sarebbe esattamente una bugia...
link alla storia: qui
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Title: Red Hair, Black Heart
Author: [ profile] little_firestar (aka LizFromItaly on
Artist: [ profile] aprilvolition
Link to art:
Word Count: +34.300 (plus author's note)
Rating: T (to be on the safe side)
Summary: The past: a man, trying to rebuild his life; two boys, with no love, born only to be exploited, and two teenagers, stars in their own way in the carnie. Today: a doctor of many things, trying to make up for his mistakes; the most notorious serial killer in California’s history; a young man, made cynical by life; a professional stuntman, no longer under the spotlights; a former psych, now a consultant for the CBI, looking for vengeance. Patrick Jane is about to discover the true evil behind Red John, and a world he never knew existed.
Disclaimer: sadly, neither The Mentalist nor Marvel's Characters belong to me, although I'm writing fanfics about the both of them from years.... what's mine it's the plot, though.
Notes: First of my two Mentalist Big Bang Fanfic; X-Over with the Marvel Universe, no knowledge needed.

Storie's un-beated, so, all misatkes are mine. Many thanks to [ profile] aprilvolition for providing the amazing art and the last sentence of the summary.

[Prologue] [Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter two.Five] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four] [Chapter Five] [Chapter Six] [Chapter Seven] [Chapter Eight]

Chapter Nine )


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