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 Let's be honest: it's not European shows that I don't watch, as Italian television, in particular. 
Realities and the likes? As trashy as a Vegas themed hotel on the stip. 
Cultural programs and documentaries? After midnight- and if they aren't, and happen to be prime time? reruns of reruns. 
series? Either they are about mafia (like there's only that in Italy. Seriously, do our detectives work only on that, only in naples and Sicily? Last time I checked, even if I live up in North, we happen to have police. and they don't work on mafia related cases). or they are as stupid as hell (excuse me, why tyhe hell Lele worked so hard to get Alice in season one, and then eloped with her in season 2, had twis with her in season 3, and then, in season 12, he is after the love of his life? and why in the cesaroni eva isn't forgiven for cheating on her bpoyfriend, why she ahd to forgive him when he previosuly cheated on her? And is Giulio still married to Lucia? In season 4 he was eloping with another woman!)
So, yeah, no Italian television. 
But yes to European one. 
German, Austria. French and British shoes. 
And lately? 
A dutch show. 
Flikken Maastricht (which I'm looking at reruns of  through the streaming service of Medaiset).
Also because these two idiots,

Floris Wolfs and Eva, his partner? They are like Lisbon and Jane from the mentalist: working together from a decade or so, crazy, stupidly in love woith each other, and yet unable to say so and act on their feelings. 
Hell. she almost married once- and didn't only because he died on their wedding day, not because Floris manned up enought to tell her he loved her.
Even if there's a mystery I hope I'll solve while loking at the earlier seasons.
Why does Floris has a daughter called Fleur?

(I was also wondering if writingsoemthing about them for the Small fandoms big bang, but let'0s be honest, how many people would read a story about a dutch show? So I think I will write it anyway, but post it wherever I'll feel like doing it).

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Title: The Golden Mirror (part four of the We wish you a merry lust-filled Christmas universe)
Fandoms:  The Mentalist
Words: +4590
Genre: Romance
Rated: MA/E
Characters/Ships:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
Summary: Tag Set in a post Red John, canon-divergence, Universe; Jane and Lisbon celebrates for the fourth time Christmas as a couple, this time in a new house.... and this time, it's up to Jane to give a gift to his Teresa, one she likes and wants. 
 Fanfiction. net/AO3
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Title: Stay the night
Fandoms:  The Mentalist
Words: +300
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rated: T+/M
Characters/Ships:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
Summary: Tag to 7.04, triple-drabble; in the end, she stays the night.... and she helps him out sweating off the fever in interesting ways; title is tribute to the amazing  song "Stay the night" by the great James Blunt.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3

Title: Could the night bring me wisdom  (and advice)
Fandoms:  Hart of Dixie
Words: +600
Complete (maybe)
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: T
Characters/Ships:Wade Kinsella/Zoe Hart
Summary: Tag to 4.01. Wde doesn't know what to, but he is in good company- 'cause Zoe doesn't either.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3
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Title: Sharing is caring and making plans
Fandoms:  The Mentalist
Words: +2650
Complete (one-shot)
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: M
Characters/Ships:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon; mentions of Marcus Pike/Teresa Lisbon; 
Summary: Tag to 7.01, Nothing but Blue Skies, with spoilers for teh episode: Jane and Lisbon, an evening at home, thinking about past, present and maybe, just maybe... the future. rated M for fluffy sexytime.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3

Title: Under the hot shover spray
Fandoms:  The Mentalist
Words: +4820
Complete (two-shot)
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rated: M/MA
Characters/Ships:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon 
Summary: Taggish to 7.02 The Greybar Hotel (no spoiler), but set after6.22  Blue Bird; "Remember to wear the flip-flops when you shower, they make you less attractive." Jane knows how his Teresa looks like under the hot shower spray, without and with flip-flops. And this is how he found out... humorous fluffy and a little introspective smutty piece.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3 (to chapter one)
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A loong time ago [ profile] vanrigsby asked me for a fic with Grace and Wayne, set at Maddie's first birthday. I came around writing this, and I'm pretty sure it's not what she wanted exactly, as there's a lot of post blue bird jisbon too, but in my defence, I'm pretty positive it's not as I envisioned it, as well...
Read more... )

Lisbon and Jane followed their hostess inside; the house was perfect for a small celebration, and Lisbon knew it was going to be just them that afternoon, with the addiction of Wayne’s mother; Grace hadn’t invited friends from the childcare or neighbors, as Maddie was still so little, but there flowers and toys and presents and cake and even a ribbon with the words “Happy first birthday Maddie” in the middle of the leaving room. Lisbon smiled as she saw Grace’s photographer’s “things”, and the brunette immediately knew that, even if the girl wouldn’t be remembering this by memory, her parents had wanted to give her many pictures, so that she could see in the future how much loved she was, had always been. By everyone.

“Oh, look here. She is getting bigger and bigger…. I fear you’ll take after your daddy, sweetheart…” Jane said, laughing, as he took Maddie in his arms.

“Ehy!” Rigsby playfully hit his former colleague, and stole his daughter back, promising her she would be a gorgeous as her mother, in a tone that no one would have taken seriously; Lisbon’s gaze fell on the scene, and she was glad when she saw Jane so carefree with the baby, with no shadows any longer, and the former CBI boss’ expression didn’t go unnoticed to Grace.

“Ehy Reese, do you want to keep those boxes in your hands for the rest of the afternoon?” Grace chuckled. Lisbon blushed, and shaking her head, mumbling something, she gave her friend the two boxes, that the woman put on the coffee-table, next to the closed laptop. “Ben? Maddie? Why don’t you open aunt Teresa and Uncle Patrick’s presents?”

Laughing- and making the adults laugh as well- the two children destroyed the ribbons and the paper, and even the boxes, and if the old-fashioned Noah’s ark was well received by the youngsters, the same couldn’t be said about the Disney Princesses linen set- that Grace, though, adored with a passion, and was thankful for.

“Thanks, Lisbon.” Rigsby said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“What? No thank you to me?”

“Nope, sorry man, but this whole thing screams Lisbon. Only her would think about getting both a toy AND an useful item. You? I honestly thought that you would have given us poker money, just like you did with Ben. “

As Lisbon wasn’t watching, Jane stealthy gave his former co-worker a little black book. “Keep it hidden from Lisbon, will you? I need to prepare her before telling Teresa I still gamble every now and then.”

Both Wayne and Grace, who was witnessing the scene from afar, shook their heads and chuckled.

And then, after formalities were exchanged, they did what everybody used to do at birthday party: talked, eat cake, took pictures, and had fun. Like they hadn’t done in a long time.

Later, Grace and Wayne looked at Jane and Lisbon leaving their road on their rental car, his lips on her temple.

“Did she tell you when it happened?” Grace shook her head- Lisbon not only hadn’t told her about when Jane had proclaimed his undying love, but she hadn’t talked about the fresh relationship at all.

“I never thought she would have. I know she probably want to tell us in person, but… I guessed she wanted for today to be about us, and Maddie.” She chuckled. “Besides, I’m pretty sure Jane will call tomorrow to tell us of how he is thankful that you told him that everybody wanted to see the two of them getting together.”

“Everybody but Cho. Poor guy could barely talk over the phone when he told us that Jane and the boss were dating…”

“Yeah, well, you know what, Wayne?” Grace smiled and turned in his embrace, her arms around his neck as she walked him backwards back inside their home. “Maybe we should follow the boss’ advice- and let it be about us.”

Wayne chuckled, and sweetly and yet passionately kissed his wife.

His wife. He loved calling her like that. That he was allowed to say those words. He hoped that Jane and Lisbon were going to do the same soon.

But now he didn’t want to think about them. Now he wanted to concentrate only on the beautiful things that Grace was doing to him.

Because, god, he loved them. As much as he loved her. 

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I wanted to whish an happy birthday to [ profile] kathiann, who's always done an amazing work with my fics whenver we've been paired up together, and who's helped me out a lot while I was writing one of my last fics, The guy next door.
This fic is my gift for her!
Rings )
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I know that [ profile] browneyesparker had a lot do think about and deal with lately, personal-life wise, so no hard feelings  (this is just done for fun, after all) but yesterday I was uploading the epilogue to and on archieve of our own of You've got m@il, and the story felt so... lonely, without even a banner. Add the fact that I've satrted to play with GIMP2, that I am easily addictive and get easily distarcted by shining little things...and you'll get the result: an afternoon spent lazily, playing with the orginal art from the You've got mail movie and the mentalist.  they are the same two "designes" for the set,  as I'm a beginner, but I was thinking of reading about the gimp and taking a curse next winter about digital graphic, so...

    set of 3 icons )
Movie Poster )
set of 3 covers )

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The Right Foot Tell
Author: [ profile] little_firestar
Artist: [ profile] kathiann
Link to art: here
Word Count:
Rating: T
Summary: “It’s world-wide known, Teresa: a man’s right feet always points at the woman he desires the most.” When Ellen Lisbon tells such a thing to her sister-in-law, the lady-cop doesn’t know what to believe... especially because it’s her consultant, Patrick Jane, Ellen is talking about! Of course, she has always had a crush on the man, but she had never believed that her feelings could be reciprocated. But are Jane’s feet always pointing at her by chance, or is it love?
Disclaimer: The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production; by writing this piece, I don’t claim any money.
Notes: Inspired by the Season 1 episode 5 of New Girl titled “CeCe Crashes”, where CeCe tells Jess that Nick’s feet point at her, thus showing his attraction for her. The story takes place in a Red John Free future, and doesn’t contain spoilers for the current season of the show, even if there could be small hints to past episodes.

The Right Foot Tell )
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You've got m@il
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] browneyesparker
Link to art:coming soon
Word Count:
Summary: Season 6 AU:  After Red John's deminse, Jane and Lisbon are both struggling with finding someone to share their life with, and to help them out, Grace signs them up with an internet dating service. The objective? Forcing them to fall in love in the net, so that they could finally admit feelings long buried in reality too. But what will happen when they will finally understand that May Flower and Danielson are, in reality,  Teresa and Patrick?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production; “You’ve got mail” by Nora and Delia Ephron, produced by Ephron and Donner, distributed by Warner Bros. By writing this piece, I don’t claim any money.
Notes: Inspired by the 1998 movie “You’ve got mail” directed by Nora Ephron and written by Nora and Delia Ephron- the story is actually  partly written following the first script for the movie. Set in a sort of AU-ish season 6, with the departure of Red John and the team being still the team.

Prologue )Prologue )
Grace had a plan in order to get Teresa to admit that she was in love with Jane- to Jane –but she was pretty sure that Lisbon didn’t need to know about it. After all, Teresa would have never admitted such a thing to Jane himself. Not when she was sure that the mentalist didn’t love her back and was on his way to leave once and for all. But, if she had to admit to herself, her plan was pretty great. And Teresa dearest wasn’t even seeing this coming.

Grace created the prefect profile for the internet dating site. She said all things that were true, but in a way that made Lisbon seem like a fascinating and interesting woman and not just a strict bad-ass cop. She also choose a picture that made more than justice to her friend.; it had been taken the previous year, at some fundraiser event, and Teresa just looked “wow”, for lack of a better word. Her hair had been made in shiny perfection, its natural waves elegant and not messy at all; the long, strap-less dress was becoming on her, the dark green the perfect  match to her eyes and it made her glow. It was also sexy, but not too much. It was the right measure, that showed her curves by just hinting at them. In short, it belonged to a real woman, and not some starlette or a… well, an easy girl.

Men kept writing and asking for her. All kinds of men. But Grace had a plan. And her plan didn’t include making Teresa fall in love with some idiot met on the internet. So, yes, Grace Van Pelt-Rigsby arranged dates for Teresa Lisbon. But it was only with idiots.

The plan was to make Teresa realize that Jane was the one and only for her, and that, as much as she was trying to look somewhere else for Mr. Right, he was right before her eyes. Teresa wasn’t admitting at loud (to anyone else, at least) her feelings for Jane because she didn’t want to admit that, as crazy as it could be, he was the one for her. That it could work. But forced with the hard, though reality, Grace was sure Lisbon would have fallen under the pressure.

Only, she didn’t.

And Grace’s plan backfired. It had been a brilliant plan, until it wasn’t any longer. Because Teresa wasn’t going to stop dating any other man who wasn’t Patrick Jane. Teresa wanted to swore off dating. As in, completely. And Grace couldn’t have any of that. Not when she was so close to taste her success. And proven right before her husband.

“Grace, I appreciate what you did, but it’s time to accept reality. My ship sealed a long time ago, and apparently I’m doomed to stay single for the rest of my life. But it’s not a problem if I’m not in a relationship. I have many things to live for.” Lisbon was smiling at Grace, but the redhead wasn’t an idiot.  Even an idiot – a blind one- would have seen it. Teresa wasn’t happy, despite whatever she was trying to sell. It was time to rectify it- subtly- and set back in motion her plan. Just a little improved. But her new idea was going to work… and she was sure it would.

She was going to be a bridesmaid-maybe even the maid of honor- at Jane and Lisbon’s wedding. And who knew. Maybe they could even ask her and Wayne to be the Godparents of their children (if Jane decided that Lisbon could rise them in the Church). In few years, they were going to have tea, all of them, together, and Teresa would tell their friends how the redhead had been their cupid, making their lives just picture perfect…

Or, well, maybe not. She was exaggerating a tiny bit, she knew it. But there was room for dreaming, right? And besides, this was “plan two.” Plan One was to get the two of them together. But first, she needed to have Lisbon un-swearing off dating. 

“I may have a proposition…” Grace made her best acting impression. She wasn’t as good as Jane at selling her acts, but she had improved over the years at his side. She had to look honest, and maybe even a bit sorry for what had happened to poor Teresa.

“I don’t know, Grace…” Teresa answered, making a slightly worried, and at the same time, disgusted, expression. “I think I hit rock bottom yesterday with that Maurice guy. If he was the best you could find, I think there is no chance for me.”

It had been a terrible date, and Teresa didn’t have any intention of remembering every detail, nor telling them out loud. Grace was sorry enough. She didn’t need to know that the French guy had the worst fake French accent she had ever heard in her whole life, nor that he was a creep with maniac tendencies. The guy had been obsessed with her socks the whole evening, he had kept asking her to show them and to do indecent things with them. While they were at the restaurant. She had been tempted to arrest him, for she was sure he had gotten exited – in public!- just asking her to perform such acts.

“I have a plan…” She said, but then she corrected herself. She didn’t want for Teresa to discover the truth. Not yet, at least. Or maybe, never, ever. She was a vengeful person, when she wanted to. “I have an idea. Next time, I will be careful. I will get to know the guy myself, I will, quiz him, or something, to see he isn’t a pervert or a fake. Then, you and the guy I will choose for you will start exchanging… well, what you want. Texts. Calls. Emails. Whatever you feel comfortable with. And only when you’ll feel ready, and you’ll think he could be at least a decent friend, you’ll meet him.”

Grace put her right hand on her boss’ left, and looked at Teresa with puppy dog eyes. People barely resisted pregnant ladies, but when she was the pregnant lady in question, there was just no room to escape. Whatever she liked it or not, Teresa was going to accept. It was just how she was.
“Promise me no perverts, please.” She had had her good share of those. People interested in her because she was a cop and got horny on her handcuffs and her gun. People who liked their women on the short side. Men obsessed with the fairytale-like princess/elf/whatever they wanted her to be and dress like.

“You have my word that this time it will work.” Grace smiled, but up her sleeve she was giggling. She was going to get her boss and Jane together, and they weren’t going to see this coming. They were going to have their happily ever after, just like she had always hoped for them. Yes, her new improved plan was going to work. She had all the means to set it all in motion. Of course, there was still one little tiny detail she still had to take in consideration.

Because she didn’t know how she could set Jane up with an internet dating profile-making it look like it was his idea- and set him up with Lisbon with a blind-date sort of thing, like in the Meg Ryan movie with Tom Hanks. But it didn’t matter, because she was going to find a way. She was going to set them up together. In time, she would be proven right, and they were going to thank her.

Really- she just had to set Jane up to on-line dating first. And how hard could it be?

Chapter 1 )

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Date Night
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] branquignole
Link to art:here
Word Count: ~8540
Summary:It all happens in one long night, and Jane and Lisbon’s first attempt at dating results in disaster. Between miscommunication issues, the police, a terrible dinner and an ex showing up, will Teresa admit defeat, or will she give her consultant a second chance at making it right?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production. By writing this piece, I don’t claim any money.
Notes:Written for the 2013-14 Mentalist Big Bang on Live-journal; title from the 2012 movie featuring Tina Fey and Steve Carell, the story is set sometimes after the season 6 episode “My Blue Heaven”. Many thanks to my artist, [ profile] branquignole ,who worked with me on a Mentalist Big Bang Project for the second year in a row.
Link to fic: Part 1-3

Part 4 )

Part 5 )
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Date Night
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] branquignole
Link to art: here
Word Count: ~8540
Summary:It all happens in one long night, and Jane and Lisbon’s first attempt at dating results in disaster. Between miscommunication issues, the police, a terrible dinner and an ex showing up, will Teresa admit defeat, or will she give her consultant a second chance at making it right?
Disclaimer:The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production. By writing this piece, I don’t claim any money
Notes:: Written for the 2013-14 Mentalist Big Bang on Live-journal; title from the 2012 movie featuring Tina Fey and Steve Carell, the story is set sometimes after the season 6 episode “My Blue Heaven”. Many thanks to my artist, [ profile] branquignole who worked with me on a Mentalist Big Bang Project for the second year in a row.

Part 1 )

Part 2 )

Part 3 )
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Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Title:The Consultants
Fandoms: Psych/Mentalist
Words: 1,051
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Rated: K
Characters and ships: Shawn/Juliet; Jane/Lisbon; Gus, The Chief.
Summary: So, here they were, all together, ready to bear hug, and what did he have to hear? They already have a consultant. Who, during the case, was in the victim's kitchen. Really. Shawn could already feel a contract coming his way...
Notes: Spoilers for Psych season finale,  and for the Mentalist post 6.08-09 (more 09, though).
Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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The Guy Next Door
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] kathiann
Link to art: here
Word Count:~50.687
Rating:T (on the safe side)
Summary: AU- In a world where it wasn’t Red John to take away Jane’s family, Patrick and Teresa still meet; but what happens when she is a workaholic CBI agent, set on her career, and he is her nosy, loud and handsome new neighbor? Will spark fly, and what will they need to heal their old wounds?
Disclaimer: The Mentalist is trademarked and propriety of CBS Productions
Notes: Many thanks to the amazing [ profile] kathiann, who volunteered to beta this little monster of a fic and provided the amazing art that accompanies it. Working with her every big bang is an hell of adventure- in the right way!
Link to fic: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2-3) (Chapter 4-5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8-9) (Chapter 10-11) (Chapter 12-13)
Epilogue )


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