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Few weeks ago, a costumer of mine called me "fat".
Now, I know I'm not thin; I'm not an idiot. I'm 1.50 and I go between size 44 and 46. There's just no way that I'm thin. Plus, between work- and it's my own business, so I basically spend all my time there- and family and stuff, well, I kind of got lazy, eat not too well and excercised even less. 
When this kind old lady told me so, well, I knew it. but it's one other time having someone so rudely and openly point it out to you (if I were less gracious, or had been less surprised, I would have said soemthing. Probably. Maybe.).
But, well, it kind of... woke me up.
I've lessened the amout of white flour, I eat more vegetables and fruit (even if I already ate a lot), less meat and cheese, smaller portions- and yes, following the advice of my doctor, I'm also using pills to decress the amount of sugar and fats absorbed by my body.
BUT, moslty, I invested in excercise. Not the gym- because when you finish working at 8pm, trust me, the gym is the last place you want to go to. I just bought, thanks Amazon,  a trademill and a stepper 8and started using the things I already have home) and I gave myself a timeline. Each day, at least 20 minutes.
And it's working.
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The other day I saw a post on tublr about how Simon "Wonder Man" explained, in a  mock, Simpson-like video, what a reality-altering event was, and Miles Morales asked him if there was anything to prevent them.
(The Answer? No, obviously).
So, it came to mind the time when, a couple of years ago, in Battle of the Atom, Young Original X-Men Scott Summers got injured deadly (but got better because, obviously, the team happened to just have an Omega Level Healer on the inside. Obviously.), for, like, two panels, and in those two panels Adult Scott Summers ceased to exist (as in, he vanished and for a few panels people didn't understand or remembered he was supposed to be there), just to reapper when Young Scott got better (again, healer.).
That would mean that Young Scott and Adult Scott are one and the same, right?
Spoilers for X-Men Blue )
So, seriously, a retcon in two months???
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After a few years- and 3 seasons- Broadchurch just neded.
And, how poethic was it, seeing Miller dressed just like she did in the first episode, with her orange jacket and that same visual, of the cliffs overseeing the sea?
(If I'm wrong, don't break my dream- I'm just overjoyed at the poetry of this image..)
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My free Dropbox upgrade, which I got with my tablet two years ago (in June) is ending soon; now, of the 5 free GB Dropbox offers, I'm using "only" 4.2 GB, but... well, between documents and stuffs and pictures and work related stuffs and images, it's not a lot of remaining free space. So, anyone can suggest something free and decent?
Apr. 13th, 2017 12:59 pm


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So... I'm importing my LJ ON Dreamwidth- I'll probably cross-post, but yep, he general idea is to be set there.
In case you want to still follow me, I'm ALSO little-firestar overe there.
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Let's be honest, people: how pathethic it is that it was a comment made by an elderly costumer that made me realize that it may be a good idea to loose weight- and that kind of got me obsessed with fitness?
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Apparently, I've got Polycystic Ovary Sindrome- which I wasn't aware of until my OBG did an ultrasound, and I also didn't suspect, as I'm a swiss clock in that regard.
But, good news, through died and more excercise- a regime I've already started in the last few weeks- I may get better. no more acne, hairs, and lower insuline levels in my blood. which woudl mean less chances of developing dyabetes like mom and grandma did. (It would also mean being thinner, but that's just an added bonus...)
little_firestar: (b&w clint) much talk, so much ado about Misha Collins (Castiel in Supernatural- Yep, I watch that too) playing Elliot Ness (of the Untouchables. The ones who stopped Capone. Who was played by Kevin Costner in the movies from the 90s)in "Timeless", and then, he got three senes, amounting at maybe five minutes. His most memorable quote was about the time-traveling man (who was supposed to be going in the 60s) wearing what he claimed was a woman's sweather...
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Title: I've got the feeling (but I don't have the words)
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters:Meredith, Alex, Maggie
Summary: Meredith, Alex and Maggie post 13.11- it all comes down to breakfast, domesticity and cheerios.
Link: here at AO3
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Today I went and gave a read to Monster Unleashed 2.
Now, I know I shouldn't. Because a)I don't understand what a whole issues was needed for, as it happened what already happened in issue #1, and 2, Greg Land. (as in, the guy who draw all women as twins from porn movies).
I was reading Newsara, and I found this review for the issue:
Credit: David Aja (Marvel Comics)

Monsters Unleashed #review by )

They probably went and read my mind here...

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So, it's January. The second half of January, to be more precise.
And, even if I've been reading a lot- 4 books, started the 5th already- and I've done some catching up with shows and docu-series and the likes (RAI4 is airing American Crime Story: the people vs. OJ SIMPSON, and I LOVE IT!)... I haven't written a line that's one of fiction.
Which means...PROMPT ME ALREADY!
Anything from:
NCIS and related fandoms
DC (COMIC/CINEMATIC/ARROWERSE related shows, Constantine Included)
DOCTOR WHO and related fandoms
The Librarians
The Mentalist
MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE (Ghost Protocol/Rogue Nation)
STAR TREK (even if cross-overing with Green Lanterns. Those minis are AH-MA-ZING!)
GIRL MEETS WORLD (yes. I know. But cut me some slack.)
Ugly Betty
Jurassic Park
Major Crimes/The Closer
Marmelade Boy/Marmelade Boy Little (again:
The Temperance Brennan Novel Series by Kathy Reichs (not related to the Bones tv-shows)
Haven (No Duke/Nathan or Audrey/Nathan/Duke. Not because I've got soemthing against it. I just don't like WRITING it.)
McGyver (2016 version)

And yeah- you can cross-over multiple proprieties, too.
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  1. As of the first, I'll be in vacancy. Yay, you say? Well, I guess it may be right- even if I've got so many things to do, that I don't know how I'll manage to do all of them in two weeks. I swear.

  2. I've finished finally my goodreads challenge for this year! 60 books-as in novels, essays and biographies- plus a good amount of graphic novels. And the whole Full Metal Alchemist Collection, all the 27 volumes (which I devoured in, like, 3 or 4 days this summer).

  3. Amazon Prime Video just got in Italy! And, as I've got Prime membership, it means unlimited videos for a year at less than 20 €. Which is what I apy monthly for my Mediaset Premium subscription (even if there's also soccer there, too. The reason I signed with them in the first place. For Drew and dad, mind you. I couldn't care any less about soccer).

  4. I'm updating my end-of-the year masterpost for all the fics I've written. Over 30 of them, if I'm not mistaken. The majority of them over 2k.

  5. I'm re-watching NCIS:New Orleans. New Episodes are gonna air in a week or so, but I was missing it, so, yep, grabbed my dvr and I'm been rewatching teh show since the NCIS dpuble episode pilot. I'm alsmost finished with season 1, which is kind of sad, because, well, the second part of season one was kind of all shades of sad.

  6. I'm thinking about posting all the books I've been reading over the course of the year,  sort of like a master post- Who knows. maybe, just maybe...

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I've been a little bit absent lately, due to life, family, work and other fandom-related things (things to write, outfits and sets to create on polyvore, shows to catch up with...) , but I wanted to drop by today to wish an happy birthday to [ profile] kathiann!
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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: T
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character )Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Marvel Characters
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Summary:Various pieces sets in the same Universe as Through the eyes of the Blackdragon and Legacy. Unconnected One-shots
Link: Legacy (main story-line); collection of sets and outfits on Polyvore, here
Chapter 1- Francis' Mum
Chapter 2- Clint, Kate and Chris- Watching TV and reading books
Chapter 3- Jess' night out
Chapter 4- Cartoon Pink, dancing elephants
Chapter 5- Natasha and Steve's baby
Chapter 6- Bobbi's ex-husband
Chapter 7- Going American Beauty isn't the way to a woman's heart
Chapter 8- Steve VS James
Chapter 9- Moving on (DC Universe)
Chapter 10-eloping
Chapter 11-The day I loved your mum
Chapter 12-Teenaged Tony Stark
Chapter 13-Love VS Sex
Chapter 14-Family Tree (image)
Chapter 15- When Barney met Chris
Chapter 16- A Child's tears

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Clinton "Clint" Francis Barton- agent of SHIELD turned super-hero turned criminal after the Sokovian Accords.
Bernard "Barney" Charles Barton- FBI agent turned criminal turned spy- under the false name of William Brandt.
Like the oldest story of the world- two brothers, always fighting each other. Ready to pull the trigger on their own twin.



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