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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: T
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character )Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Marvel Characters
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Summary:Various pieces sets in the same Universe as Through the eyes of the Blackdragon and Legacy. Unconnected One-shots
Link: Legacy (main story-line); collection of sets and outfits on Polyvore, here
Chapter 1- Francis' Mum
Chapter 2- Clint, Kate and Chris- Watching TV and reading books
Chapter 3- Jess' night out
Chapter 4- Cartoon Pink, dancing elephants
Chapter 5- Natasha and Steve's baby
Chapter 6- Bobbi's ex-husband
Chapter 7- Going American Beauty isn't the way to a woman's heart
Chapter 8- Steve VS James
Chapter 9- Moving on (DC Universe)
Chapter 10-eloping
Chapter 11-The day I loved your mum
Chapter 12-Teenaged Tony Stark
Chapter 13-Love VS Sex
Chapter 14-Family Tree (image)
Chapter 15- When Barney met Chris
Chapter 16- A Child's tears

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Chris-just a girl
Title: Blackdragon- season 2
status: in progress
characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc], the whole Marvel Universe.
genres:action, adventure, sci-fi
summary: The world and her comerades had murned her death, her family had cried because she had to be lost to them to be safe. But as man dies on a beach, and a machine destined to destroy humankind is defeated, the song of the cosmos is broken, the armony and the balance long forgeotten. Christine Stark is once again herself. And the Blackdragon is reborn.
link: here
for Blackdragon volume 1
chapter one -sons of the Daimon
chapter two- Revolution X

note: art by levy who draw this for a commision a few years back, along with the piece called "Britain all over again" that can be seen here


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