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DC's legend of Tomorrow
(I'm having the) Times of my life; Sara/Leonard, post season fiale (and post Flashpoint), 1616 word.
Scorpion (TV 2014)
Piece of paper; Happy/Toby, 1417 words, post season 2 finale.
At your best; Happy/Toby, 1143 words, post season 2 finale (lighter)
The Big Bang Theory/Powers
I know what you did the other day; 466 words; actors palying themselves.
Hawkeye/Marvel Comic Universe
Lingering Memory; 719 words, post Secret Wars
Ugly Betty
Not so good; 4637 words, Danny/Betty, smut, rated M, post series finale.
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For [ profile] megan_moonlight, who requested a fic where Coulson discovered that Clint could sing.
I hope she'll like it- and BTW, Happy Birtday!

Title: Singing in the rain
Fandom: MCU
Words: 750 ca
Status: Complete
Characters/Ships. Clint Barton/Phil Coulson;
Genre: Romance; hurt &Comfort
Rating: T (to be safe)
link: on AO3
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Title: Brotkrümel
Fandoms: Blindspot (Tv Shows)
Words:799 c.a.
Genre: Romance/Frienship/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Jane Doe/Kurt Weller
Summary: She has always been his- and he knows that she has always felt the same, in some kind of twisted way. He is the tie to her past and her present, who she used to be and who has been turned into. But after everything, she doesn't know who she is any longer, nor whom she is allowed to be. But maybe, just maybe, he can try to help her to reinvent her.
Spoilers for 1.03
Link: ao3
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Title:Out of Character
Fandoms: Stargate SG-1;
Words: 1800
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rated: T
Characters: Daniel/Vala
Summary:Acting out of character had worked out pretty well so far; he didn't see why it would stop just now, when things were getting pretty interesting...

Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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Title:Baby I think I'm gonna marry you
Fandoms: Marmalade Boy/Marmalade Boy Little
Words: 1600
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Miki/Yuu; Saku/Ritsuka
Summary: "Watch me, Ritsuka. One day, I'll marry you."
Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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The Right Foot Tell
Author: [ profile] little_firestar
Artist: [ profile] kathiann
Link to art: here
Word Count:
Rating: T
Summary: “It’s world-wide known, Teresa: a man’s right feet always points at the woman he desires the most.” When Ellen Lisbon tells such a thing to her sister-in-law, the lady-cop doesn’t know what to believe... especially because it’s her consultant, Patrick Jane, Ellen is talking about! Of course, she has always had a crush on the man, but she had never believed that her feelings could be reciprocated. But are Jane’s feet always pointing at her by chance, or is it love?
Disclaimer: The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is propriety of CBS Production; by writing this piece, I don’t claim any money.
Notes: Inspired by the Season 1 episode 5 of New Girl titled “CeCe Crashes”, where CeCe tells Jess that Nick’s feet point at her, thus showing his attraction for her. The story takes place in a Red John Free future, and doesn’t contain spoilers for the current season of the show, even if there could be small hints to past episodes.

The Right Foot Tell )
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Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Title:The Consultants
Fandoms: Psych/Mentalist
Words: 1,051
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Rated: K
Characters and ships: Shawn/Juliet; Jane/Lisbon; Gus, The Chief.
Summary: So, here they were, all together, ready to bear hug, and what did he have to hear? They already have a consultant. Who, during the case, was in the victim's kitchen. Really. Shawn could already feel a contract coming his way...
Notes: Spoilers for Psych season finale,  and for the Mentalist post 6.08-09 (more 09, though).
Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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sex therapy
Title: Sex Therapy
Author: little_firestar
Total Word Count:  6200 ca
Status: Complete
Rating: M/MA
Genres: Romance
Summary:Taggish to finale. Lisbon's love may have healed jane's soul, but a relationship is amde also of physical contact, and patrick Jane may not be as sure of himself in the bedroom as people always assumed...
Notes: Tag to the season finale, sorta, M rated for adult sexual content.
Link to fic: on | on AO3
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The phone rang while Grace was getting dinner ready, and she frowned when she saw the ID of the caller. Cho, as good friends as they were, wasn’t the emotional kind who called often; he cared- he just didn’t like to show it with words and lengthy calls. Cho calling out of the blue could mean only troubles.
“Ehy.” She breathed.
At the other side of the line, she heard him sigh. “I owe you and Rigsby money.”
She thought about what it could be about, and when she understood, she squealed.
Lisbon and Jane had finally found each other. 
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Title: Life as a rebound
Author: little_firestar
Total Word Count: 1600
Status: Complete
Rating: K+
Genres: Hurt/Comfort;Romance
Summary: AU/Taggish to finale. "She doesn't regret anything after she leaves the palne and runs in Jane's arms; because it takes her a while, but then she realizes that the life she was chosing with Marcus was just a rebound, even when she didn't know it yet.
Notes: Future-fic, taggisg to the season 6 finale promo. Covers realized with gimp2, with images from the later season 6 (with the exception of Lisbon, taken from season 4)
Link to fic: here
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Title:The Consultant
Fandoms: Psych + Mentalist
Words: 1,051
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Rated: K
Character: Shawn S., Juliet oH., Patrick  J., Teresa  L.
Summary: So, here they were, all together, ready to bear hug, and what did he have to hear? They already have a consultant. Who, during the case, was in the victim's kitchen. Really. Shawn could already feel a contract coming his way...
Notes: Spoilers for Psych season finale,  and for the Mentalist post 6.08-09 (more 09, though)
Links: fanfiction(dot)net / ao3
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All The Words left unspoken
Fandom: Arrow
Author: little_firestar
Word count: 3251
Rating: K+
Summary"It's because of the life that I lead that I can't be with someone I could really care about." The words eat him alive, and yet, it was the only thing he could do. Because until you pretend you don't have a heart, you don't love, you can't get hurt. But there's only so much he can bear, and he may lose her even without having never actually had her. Oliver/Felicity.
Notes: first attempt at an Arrow fan-fiction.
Link to story on AO3
Link to story on
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The First Night Back
Author: [ profile] little_firestar

Word count: 7930
Rating: M/MA for adult situations (explicit sex scenes, language)
Summary: spoilers for My Blue haven/6.09. Once out of detention, jane only one thing in mind: find Lsibon and convince her to be his partner once again. Just his luck he knows exactly what they need to make sure she'll not turn her back on him: soemthing they ahd craved for so long, but always denied each other. Love, affection... and desire.
Notes: Spoilers for 6.09, as I already mentioned. And smut, a lot of smut. Because Simon's new beard on the show awakens dirty, sexy desires in me...
Link to story on
Link to story on AO3
Link to story on pervylit
Nov. 20th, 2013 09:44 am

two fics

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The Mentalist
Title: Too late (to apologize)
Status: Complete
characters: Patrick Jane; Teresa Lisbon
Notes:spoilers for upcoming epsiodes (609+)

Title: Lost in the memory
characters: Audrey parker; William
notes: spoilers for the rtouble with the troubles
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Title: Understanding
Fandom: New Girl
Characters/ships: Nick/Jess
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: 100
Summary: A drabble post 3.4-Jess wonders what Nick meant when he told her that finally all those love songs made sense...
Note: post 3.4. A quote from the episode in present, so be advised it could qualify as a spoiler.

under the cut )

Title: Foundation
Fandom: Temperance Brennan series- Kathy Reichs books
Characters/ships: Andrew Ryan/Temperance Brennan; Lily Ryan
Genre: Hurt/comfort; romance
Rating:T for mention of drug abuse
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: +1590
Summary:  Post "Bones of the Lost". Andrew Ryan and the two most important women of his life, trough pain, love, grief and self-destruction.
Note: Spoiler for the finale of the last book in the Temperance Brennan series, "Bones of the lost"
Fic: on AO3
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Title: This is the end
Fandom: The Blacklist
Characters: Red; Liz (no shipping)
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: +1100
Summary: And it comes a day, when there is only one name left on Red's blacklist, and Liz still doesn't know why he had asked to work with ehr and only her...
Links:  or
note:Major character death; set in a possible finale; also, FIRST FANFICTION FOR THE CATEGORY ON AO3 AND FF.NET!
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Word Count:~ 2250


Summary: She comes back on Monday, and on that very day, her love for Nathan is reborn at first sight. Because it has always been about them. Every time. Nathan/Audrey, post 4.1

Disclaimer:No, nor the characters or the show belong to me.

Notes:A little something post 4.1 because it was amazing and Haven always, always inspires me. And because I fell in love even more with Nathan after this episode. And also because I have my crazy theories, which will be proven wrong, no doubt.

This also happened because I was cleaning my brother's room the other day, and among his school books I found an English text for children, that I too used over twenty years ago, and among the pages...that song.

Link to fic: and
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Title: The dresser
Author: little firestar
Fandom:New Girl
Word count: 1200 circa
Rating: T to stay on the safe side of things
Language: Englsih
Genre: Romance;humor.
Characters/ships: Jessica Day; Nick Miller
Summary: "Did you ever finish putting together that IKEA dresser?"  a post finale fic, featuring our favorite IKEA dresser. Because putting together a dresser is a boyfriend kind of thing, and it looks like now Nick can - and wants to- do it. And he also wants to get the reward afterward too...
Disclaimers: Fox wons all of this.
Links: (

I am extremely sorry for this weird formatting. Post will be put in order as soon as possible. Or at least, as soon as my Live journal will return working full force.


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