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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: T
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character )Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Marvel Characters
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Summary:Various pieces sets in the same Universe as Through the eyes of the Blackdragon and Legacy. Unconnected One-shots
Link: Legacy (main story-line); collection of sets and outfits on Polyvore, here
Chapter 1- Francis' Mum
Chapter 2- Clint, Kate and Chris- Watching TV and reading books
Chapter 3- Jess' night out
Chapter 4- Cartoon Pink, dancing elephants
Chapter 5- Natasha and Steve's baby
Chapter 6- Bobbi's ex-husband
Chapter 7- Going American Beauty isn't the way to a woman's heart
Chapter 8- Steve VS James
Chapter 9- Moving on (DC Universe)
Chapter 10-eloping
Chapter 11-The day I loved your mum
Chapter 12-Teenaged Tony Stark
Chapter 13-Love VS Sex
Chapter 14-Family Tree (image)
Chapter 15- When Barney met Chris
Chapter 16- A Child's tears

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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: General
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Next Avengers Team; Avengers, Hawkeye, Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character).
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Status: 7/7 - complete (20.714 words)
Summary:They had been in the world- in the past- for over a year, and that world was so different from the future they had left and the past Stark had spoken of, that they were starting to ask themselves if it made any sense at all, if maybe, just maybe, they were in the wrong place. But maybe there was still time to fix the world and get what they wanted- a future where they would exist, filled with peace instead of blood, war and destruction. An Avengers Wolrd. But to do so, they needed their parents to aknowledge them - and their existence-first thing first. Starting with Francis. Who still needed to discover who his mother could be....
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, following up the events of Civil War II. Sequel to Marvel's Avengers World title, and my own "Snapshots thorugh time".
Link: AO3

Little Francis Barton )
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Almost two years ago, as Avengers Wold was being pubblished and the Next Avengers from the cartoon movie- the children of the Avengers raised by Tony Stark in a world where Ultron won after having killed ALL THE HEROES MINUS STARK AND THE MASTER, when we discovered that Hawkeye jr, aka Francis Barton, wasn't Mockingbird's son, I wrote, on Archieve of Our Own, a little piece, set in my fictional Blackdragon Universe.
Last week, after the last issues of Civil War II came out, I wrote another piece- always set in the same fictional universe- and a reader asked me if I ever thought continuing that story, where I made Chris Blackdragon Francis' mother, maybe making it a little bigger. Incorporating the whole cast from the cartoon that had moved to the paper.
Well, guess what? A piece that I would have never thought I would have taken in consideration again, well, I started working on it, and it became- it's becoming, actually- a bigger story (with also anoster story as "collateral", with hidden scenes, like extras or Easter Eggs in a DVD) called "Legacy" (And "Legacy: Vignettes").
Now, in the title, I mentioned "directions".
What I meant? Easy.
In the movie it was hinted that Torunn, Thor's daughter, was attracted to both Francis- Clint's son- and James- Cap and Black Widow's Love-Child. I was asked, in at least five different instancies since I started wiritng the story, whom I saw Torunn with, who I shipped her the most, if Francis or James.
Well, you see, we WERE talking differetn directions.
Because those people out there are gonna end up very disappointed. Because if I look at the chemistry on screen and on the pages, see how they acted towards each other, if I were to put someoen in a relationship (and Frankly, there's a good chance this topic could be touched) would be... FRANCIS AND JAMES.
Sorry people. Thye are just bloody perfect...
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Title: All the loves of my life (they drove me to you)
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616)
Words:3660 ca
Genre: romance, friendship
Rated: T (to be on the safe side)
Characters and ships: Chris Stark/Alec Addison; Chris Stark/Pete Wisdom; Chris Stark/Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Chris Stark/Daimon Hellstorm; mentions of Clint barton/Other(s)
Summary:All the relationships of Chris Stark: the four that didn't last, and the one that made her feel like they were star-crossed lovers and that lasted.
Link: ao3|
Notes: Set in the Blackdragon-universe, my own, personal palyground where Tony Stark rised a little mutant as a sister... but to know anything, you just have to check the tags :) Also, I SO LOVE WRITING  CLINT! I should write more about him, he and Chris' friendship deserve a series of their own!
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Title: (I'm gonna get) the sweetest revenge
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics)
Words:3390 ca
Genre: romance, (semi) smut
Rated: MA
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Others, past Kate Bishop/others [mentioned], Clint!Hawkeye/Kate!Hawkeye
Summary:yClint Barton has been in enough relationships to be aware that he isn't supposed to tell a woman he'd never sleep with her... especially to said woman.
Link: ao3
Notes: old pieces written at the time of Hawkeye Vol. 1 #6 (or was it 7 when he told Kate he'd never sleep with her?); back then, it had been only posted on, but lately I felt the need to edit it a little bit- the piece was extremely bittersweet, with a sad ending, more graphic and crude, giving the idea of merely sex more than a (developing?) relationhip. So, if you had happened to run into this over there, be aware that it's a complete other thing, because, yeah, I'm a romantic, all right?
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1.Title:Baby I think I'm gonna marry you
Fandoms: Marmalade Boy/Marmalade Boy Little
Words: 2170
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Miki/Yuu; Saku/Ritsuka
Summary: "Watch me, Ritsuka. One day, I'll marry you."
Link: ao3

2.Title:Leap of faith
Fandoms: Temperance Brennan book series
Words: 2330
Genre: Humor/Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Temperance Breannan/Det. Andrew Ryan; The Brennan family
Summary: "I wanted to be his wife, have a wedding band around my finger, say that I was his woman  and that no, Deputy Sheriff, you can't ask me out because I've an husband back home." Andrew and Temp post Speaking in bones.
Link: ao3

3.Title:Help and Vengeance
Fandoms: The Blacklist/BLINDSPOT
Words: 410
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Drama
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen.
Summary: Elizabeth and the task force weren't any longer, but there was still too much to do, crminals to be stopped, vengenace to be delivered. It was time to get creative and seek a new aidle out- while staying out of the spotlight. Aka, how Reddinghton enginered Jane Doe's recovery, and turned her into a living and breathing treasure map. (Also known as the Blacklist/Blindspot cross-over we didn't know we needed)
Link: ao3

3.Title: Blackdragon Season II: before the end of the world
Fandoms: Marvel Comic Universe (Avengers and X-Men fandoms)
Words: +2100
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Sci-fi
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen. Christine Stark/Blackdragon (OFC); The Avengers (Steve Rogers; Luke Cage), Pete Wisdom. Mentions of Tony Stark, the Scarlet Witch.
Summary: Everything dies. Earths-realities- colliding and destroying each other, untill nothing will be left. And Chris doesn't want to take place in a war that will have no one emerging victorious. It that's the end, she wants to go through it in peace.
Link: here
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...or I am that crazy that I have to plan a fictional wedding to better picture it in my head as I write.

no titleno titleScreenshot 2015-07-16 18.09.54.png
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 ... because frankly, what to do when you can't sleep at night? You think crazy thoughts and wonder. 
... and you think about THAT because the second season of Broadchurch started to air in Italy just yesterday and I saw it so, yeah.
What I thought?
"I wonder if [ profile] bas_math_girl  will see David Tennat in Marvel's "AKA Jessica Johns" playing the (super powered?)villain and if and how she'll come up with a x-over...."
Yep. I really should seek help.  of the medical kind.  
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 Yesterday evening I was looking at my Digital Copy of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy", and while I was looking at Chris Pratt/Peter Quill on screen, it came to mind that he, more or less, is as old as me, and that we are both "children of the '80s".
And that was the spirit of the movie, I think. Not only because of the music (the awsome mix- and when is Gunn going to reveal what was in Awsome mix vol.2, revealed at the end of the movie?), but because it remembered me a lot of movies such as Star Wars (the original trilogy; I think many know how I feel about the prequel trilogy) but the whole feel. And the kind of adventure you saw. Yes, there's this big bad to destroy and stop, but if you look around, you see that it's an adeventure movie, with other things mixed in the between. Just like the Indiana Johns movies. Or Star Wars. 
And, bbtw, DIE HARD MARVEL FANS: how great was to have Howard the Duck appear in the lastest scene? and Cosmo? I'm pretty sure I want marvel to make a children-orientated tv-shows about Cosmo, the dog that in the continuity, was lanched by the Soviets into space in the '60s, just to be mutated by aliens who found him, and gave him language and communication skills through telepathy and an enlarged life-span... 
(also: James Gunn said that Peter's father ISN'T the same father as in the comics, (ergo Peter isn't Prince of Spartax), but that the movie-daddy was present in the movies (and a jerk). My idea? Either Thanos.... or a Celestial.)
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Chris-just a girl
Title: Blackdragon- season 2
status: in progress
characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc], the whole Marvel Universe.
genres:action, adventure, sci-fi
summary: The world and her comerades had murned her death, her family had cried because she had to be lost to them to be safe. But as man dies on a beach, and a machine destined to destroy humankind is defeated, the song of the cosmos is broken, the armony and the balance long forgeotten. Christine Stark is once again herself. And the Blackdragon is reborn.
link: here
for Blackdragon volume 1
chapter one -sons of the Daimon
chapter two- Revolution X

note: art by levy who draw this for a commision a few years back, along with the piece called "Britain all over again" that can be seen here
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Marvel Universe/The blackdragon

Title: Blackdragon- season 2

status: in progress


words: prologue 649; chapter 1: 2588

characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc], the whole Marvel Universe.

genres:action, adventure, sci-fi

summary: The world and her comerades had murned her death, her family had cried because she had to be lost to them to be safe. But as man dies on a beach, and a machine destined to destroy humankind is defeated, the song of the cosmos is broken, the armony and the balance long forgeotten. Christine Stark is once again herself. And the Blackdragon is reborn.
link: here
for Blackdragon volume 1
chapter one
note: art by [ profile] levy who draw this for a commision a few years back, along with the piece called "Britain all over again" that can be seen here
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Apparently, according to rumors-andthis is what it is, just a rumor at the moment- Marvel Studios might have casted yet another former Doctor Who cast-memeber. After Eccleston (the villain in 2013 "Thor: the dark world" and Karen Gillian (the still un-named female villain of the aforementioned Guardians movie) it looks like that there is a chance that David Tennant may be in too.
According to said rumors, Tennant would voice the character that director James Gunn defined the core of the movie and of the team: Rocket Racoon.
(aka this guy here)

Rocket Raccon's character may seem idiotic, but despite his unusual apprence, it's quite a deep character. In the comic book, he in an hightly artifically evolved racoon, a tactical and enginereeng genious, developed to care care and look after the inmates of the largest asylum of the universe and avoid their escape. According to the rumors, in the movie things could be a little different, as he seems to be a "one raccn army" , lonely and afflicted by the knowledge that he is the only one/last one of his kind (a bit like our dear time lord).
But this is just a rumor, emerged after the London Premiere of Iron Man 3.
Also at that premiere, Mark Ruffalo-playing again Bruce Banner after his exploit in Avengers- stated that he had been asked to record his post-credit scene just few weeks before the releaseof the movie, as the real post-credit scene was supposedto be another one. Which one? Marvel didn't say, and we wonder if we will get to see it in the imminent Iron Man dvd/blu ray - but, since all movies in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe are connected (Phil Culson in every movie, Fury in Iron Man 1 and 2, Tony Stark in Hulk, Thor in Iron Man 2, Hawkeye in Thor, Fury and Howard Stark in Captain America, Hulk in Iron MAn 3) and one the art released before Iron Man 3 was the "Space Armor" (and since Iron Man, in the comic books, is part ofthe current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they will be portriated in the movie), well... it was supposed to be Tony, reaching with the space armors, answering to a distress call from the gurdians of the galaxy.
But who knows....
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The sweetest revenge

Marvel Comic Universe- Avengers/Young Avengers

(Clint Barton)/Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

2,520 circa



Summary: she is
still a tiny bit (a lot) mad and annoyed with the jerk for the
about the fact that she is the only female in whole wide world he woul 
ever sleep with. No girl likes to hear something like that. Nobod 
think such a thing- let alone saying it at loud at the girl i 
Hawkeye/Kate,M rated, complete, no previous knowledge of characters

A/N: follow up to Hawkeye #1 and #7. No previous
knowldge needed, nor lecture.  Just two sentences: "I'd enver
sleep with you" (Clint to Kate) and "I'll take the bed" (Kate to Clint).


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sorry sorry sorry. promised myself I would have enver gone a week without at least oen post, and what did I do? just that. So, without further ado...

The Mentalist
Title: a lifetime
Summary: 15 drabbles, 1500 words. two lives becoming one, while looking for peace, revenge, love and forgiveness.
link: here

Title: wicked dreams
words:5400 circa
summary: They cried together all the tears they hadn't cried since the first time they had wished for this moment to come true, and in that moment they knew. The road ahead of them was long and dangerous, and their voyage had just begun. But they were going to face it all together, no matter what, and in the end, they would be victorious. A tag to 4.9, M rated.
Link: here

characters and pairings:Jordan/Nathan, Sarah/Nathan, Audrey/Nathan (guy's a ladykiller...)
 genres:Romance, hurt, comfort
Summary: She did not know what to think. Mostly, she was scared. She did not want to get hurt, nor she wanted to hurt him. They both needed time and space, and there was no way they could do that there. The only thing she could do was running away. pre 3.10

Marvel Universe/The blackdragon
Title: through the eyes of the Blackdragon
status: completed (with chapter 51)
words: +259 k
characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc, the whole Marvel Universe
genres:action, adventure, sci-fi
summary: As the existence of Iron Man's sister is revealed, the mutant Chris "Blackdragon" Stark decides to join the fight for what's good for real.Spy & heroine,X-men & Avenger,science & magic:which side is she on? Fiinal chapter is up.
link: here 
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I have to say, I had my doubts about Kieron Gillen's run on the brand new, post AvX, "Iron Man".  Uncanny X-Men, which he wrote in the last couple of years, in the post Second Coming Era, But maybe.... maybe it's just me. Comic books doesn't have the same appeal as they did couple of years back, even if... well, I don't have any problems reading comic books from Image, Top Cow or DC. Nor I did with books from people such as Cornell, Fraction or Brubaker. Let's be honest, those ones rock, whatever they are currently working on. AND  I did love matt Fraction's X-Men books. I think that the real problem was with the X-Men franchise, a low quality that showed in the need to create events, and umbrella title.  Which is pointless. Quality isn't in the number of title you publish, but in the title itself, and if you think that to get quality you need to write a series of one-shots and mini to connect events in other stories in order to convince fans to get to you... I'm not sure it could work.
(also, I'm honest: I've abandoned New Mutants, X-Men, which was pointless, and also the brand new X-treme X-Men. And even before then, when it was still published, Generation Hope was no-no).
So, I didn't like uncanny X-Men lately. Really. it looked more concenttrated on not the x-men (aliens, Mr. Sinister, aliens, other aliens, what happened after X-force almsot destroyed the world with the death seed?), and relationship issues (aka the  Scott/Emma/Namor triangle).. I didn't like Gillen's work on the title.  
BUT I've loved Matt Fraction's work on X-Men, and I've enjoyed larrocca as the artist. Always loved him, since he worked on the X-Mne titles a loooong time ago. (over ten years, I think).
AND I've never liked Greg Land as an artist. Greg land is an example of how to copy everything. THere was a joke around back in the day, that he scanned his own images.... It was a joke, but, let's be frank. Guy probably thinks everybody looks the same. Especailly if they are female. why? Quick example: 

the art of copying themselves )

Yes. now you'll get why I'm having troubles. As much as the story can be good (even if Gillan keeps forgetting that the Maya hansen tested Extremis on a well-known terrorist to get founding), well... Land's art always worreid me. He can be good, don't get me wrong, but his characters are all the same and static. They dodn't have the idea of movements. they are like paper dolls pasted on a 2d background. Ugh. covers? yes. Comic books? please. Just because he keeps drawing the female characters out of a porn comic book (facial expression. google him) it doesnìt mean he is good, or that he should keep working as main and regular artist.  NOT all readers are porn-addicted boys, marvel...

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"Joining Ross on the series [America's got powers] is Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch. While it's not yet clear when his "Age of Ultron" issues for Marvel will be released, here's a sooner chance to check out his work once again.

Ok, sorry, what again? Age of Ultron is unknown when it will be out? lord's sake, the first issue went out two freaking years ago! they even had to reprint it TWO TIMES already (as of this year) and they even promotoed an "It's coming" banner (well, it was for alll marvel project, especially the ones connected to the return of the Phoenix, but, you know..) and he doesn't know when he'll be able to get it finished, and menawhile he works for other publishers???
just, out of curiosity, how the freking h°°l do they think that I'll keep catching up with them, publishing at this rate?
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Title: Weight of history
Rating:T to be on the safe side of things. Mostly, a K+ things, though.
Fandoms: Doctor Who (10)/Uncanny X-men (Claremont's generation)
Summary:" He should, but he knows he actually can’t, and it breaks his heart, but still, there’s nothing he can do about it"
Notes: set during the Rise of the Dark Phoenix back in 1980, and sometimes after Donna's departure for Doctor Who. could be considered an AU. Also, show mercy. It's my first Doctor Who work...

He should, but he can't.  )
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Ok, bear with me: cullular births, in human bodies, continues to the age of 18 in males and 24-25 in females- (more or less) which is the age cellular degenration starts.. Now, if Logan and X-23 have an healing factor, it means that they should stop getting old at the age the reach full biologial and cellular maturity, right? So, if this si the case, why does Logan looks like a 40 years old man in the best of cases?


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