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Title: (I'm gonna get) the sweetest revenge
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics)
Words:3390 ca
Genre: romance, (semi) smut
Rated: MA
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Others, past Kate Bishop/others [mentioned], Clint!Hawkeye/Kate!Hawkeye
Summary:yClint Barton has been in enough relationships to be aware that he isn't supposed to tell a woman he'd never sleep with her... especially to said woman.
Link: ao3
Notes: old pieces written at the time of Hawkeye Vol. 1 #6 (or was it 7 when he told Kate he'd never sleep with her?); back then, it had been only posted on, but lately I felt the need to edit it a little bit- the piece was extremely bittersweet, with a sad ending, more graphic and crude, giving the idea of merely sex more than a (developing?) relationhip. So, if you had happened to run into this over there, be aware that it's a complete other thing, because, yeah, I'm a romantic, all right?
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Title: Stay the night
Fandoms:  The Mentalist
Words: +300
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rated: T+/M
Characters/Ships:Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
Summary: Tag to 7.04, triple-drabble; in the end, she stays the night.... and she helps him out sweating off the fever in interesting ways; title is tribute to the amazing  song "Stay the night" by the great James Blunt.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3

Title: Could the night bring me wisdom  (and advice)
Fandoms:  Hart of Dixie
Words: +600
Complete (maybe)
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: T
Characters/Ships:Wade Kinsella/Zoe Hart
Summary: Tag to 4.01. Wde doesn't know what to, but he is in good company- 'cause Zoe doesn't either.
 Fanfiction. net/AO3
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sex therapy
Title: Sex Therapy
Author: little_firestar
Total Word Count:  6200 ca
Status: Complete
Rating: M/MA
Genres: Romance
Summary:Taggish to finale. Lisbon's love may have healed jane's soul, but a relationship is amde also of physical contact, and patrick Jane may not be as sure of himself in the bedroom as people always assumed...
Notes: Tag to the season finale, sorta, M rated for adult sexual content.
Link to fic: on | on AO3
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Word Count:~ 2250


Summary: She comes back on Monday, and on that very day, her love for Nathan is reborn at first sight. Because it has always been about them. Every time. Nathan/Audrey, post 4.1

Disclaimer:No, nor the characters or the show belong to me.

Notes:A little something post 4.1 because it was amazing and Haven always, always inspires me. And because I fell in love even more with Nathan after this episode. And also because I have my crazy theories, which will be proven wrong, no doubt.

This also happened because I was cleaning my brother's room the other day, and among his school books I found an English text for children, that I too used over twenty years ago, and among the pages...that song.

Link to fic: and
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Title: Before darkness could take you away
Author: little_firestar
Word count: ~4200
Rating: M
Characters: Patrick Jane/ Teresa Lisbon
Summary : Red John had promised to change the rules, killing again and often, soon, hitting where it meant the most. Her life was now in danger as never before. They knew it, like they knew that she couldn't look after herself on her own. They needed each other, now more than ever.
Disclaimers: The Mentalist and its rights belong to CBS and Bruno Heller.
Notes: Tag to season 5 finale.
Links to story: fanfiction.netao3


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