Aug. 4th, 2013 04:36 pm


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yep. I am nresting, cleaning up. Starting with my room, my dogs, my kitty Miciolino and now the computer too...
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small list of things happened yesterday to me: 
broken a piece of a window;
broken a FULL glass bottle of olive oil on the pavement;
cut my finger
this morning I discovered that, apparently, last night I didn't close properly the fridge. the result? the dogs opened it completely, and ate almost everything that was inside, leaving the rest on the pavement...
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Saturday, after lunch, a nice lady our vet introduced us to will bring us a, at today, 45 days old puppy, an half-breed Beagle, female, who'll be known as Josephine (Jo, for short) in honour of Josephine March, one of my favorite's character from books. 
mummy crayed when she told us so today.

on another notice: the lady from teh refuge today come to us to see Chicca and see if she cna have an adult, or semi adult dog with her. she doesn't think so because of her behaviour, and the expert actually lectured us because we talk with her when we give her orders - we shouldn't say things as later because she doens't understand them. so, it looks like it will be just chicca and the puppy for a while.
Jan. 26th, 2012 10:52 pm


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we've decided to take another dog, despite Sissi's recent departure. It's not that we want to substitute her with someone else, but... well, refuges here are always full, and if we could help another living creature in our hour of loss, so be it.
Couple of days ago, we saw a half german shepard of seven years, extremely cute, smart and sweet, and we fell in love with her as sooon as we saw her- her name is Carmen.  We talked with the refuge's workers (my father knows one of them) and, even if they were happy for us being interested in this partcilar dog (she ahs been there her whole life, 7 years), they've asked first to bring our other Dog, Chicca, there first, to see how she could behave with Carmen, who's extremly shy and scared of everything and everyone.
we did it today, and things didn't go as well as we hoped them to.
the workers said that Chicca isn't the kind of dog who easily accept soemone else in her terrritory, so she would scare other dogs off, and Carmen would live in hell. with her oysche, there's a good cahnce she'll never be adopted, they say. and, if we really wnat another dog, we should get a puppy, since she tolerates them a lot.
they aren't going to give us Carmen (which is good, she would be living in hell here), any dog, actually, but we' reached sopem kind of agreement: since Carmen likes us (it's rare she allows soemoen to touch her like she did with us), we'll be allowed to go and help out with her.... not so good, but not so bad as well.
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Backache is getting worse, Cino the cat has taken one of leave of absence and this afternoon neigbour's unleashed dog attacked Minni the cat while she was walking at our side and, in the commotion, both me and mum fell while rying to avoid Sissi and Chicca (totally under our control, and restrained) to add injury to the injured....


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