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  1. As of the first, I'll be in vacancy. Yay, you say? Well, I guess it may be right- even if I've got so many things to do, that I don't know how I'll manage to do all of them in two weeks. I swear.

  2. I've finished finally my goodreads challenge for this year! 60 books-as in novels, essays and biographies- plus a good amount of graphic novels. And the whole Full Metal Alchemist Collection, all the 27 volumes (which I devoured in, like, 3 or 4 days this summer).

  3. Amazon Prime Video just got in Italy! And, as I've got Prime membership, it means unlimited videos for a year at less than 20 €. Which is what I apy monthly for my Mediaset Premium subscription (even if there's also soccer there, too. The reason I signed with them in the first place. For Drew and dad, mind you. I couldn't care any less about soccer).

  4. I'm updating my end-of-the year masterpost for all the fics I've written. Over 30 of them, if I'm not mistaken. The majority of them over 2k.

  5. I'm re-watching NCIS:New Orleans. New Episodes are gonna air in a week or so, but I was missing it, so, yep, grabbed my dvr and I'm been rewatching teh show since the NCIS dpuble episode pilot. I'm alsmost finished with season 1, which is kind of sad, because, well, the second part of season one was kind of all shades of sad.

  6. I'm thinking about posting all the books I've been reading over the course of the year,  sort of like a master post- Who knows. maybe, just maybe...

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Almost two years ago, as Avengers Wold was being pubblished and the Next Avengers from the cartoon movie- the children of the Avengers raised by Tony Stark in a world where Ultron won after having killed ALL THE HEROES MINUS STARK AND THE MASTER, when we discovered that Hawkeye jr, aka Francis Barton, wasn't Mockingbird's son, I wrote, on Archieve of Our Own, a little piece, set in my fictional Blackdragon Universe.
Last week, after the last issues of Civil War II came out, I wrote another piece- always set in the same fictional universe- and a reader asked me if I ever thought continuing that story, where I made Chris Blackdragon Francis' mother, maybe making it a little bigger. Incorporating the whole cast from the cartoon that had moved to the paper.
Well, guess what? A piece that I would have never thought I would have taken in consideration again, well, I started working on it, and it became- it's becoming, actually- a bigger story (with also anoster story as "collateral", with hidden scenes, like extras or Easter Eggs in a DVD) called "Legacy" (And "Legacy: Vignettes").
Now, in the title, I mentioned "directions".
What I meant? Easy.
In the movie it was hinted that Torunn, Thor's daughter, was attracted to both Francis- Clint's son- and James- Cap and Black Widow's Love-Child. I was asked, in at least five different instancies since I started wiritng the story, whom I saw Torunn with, who I shipped her the most, if Francis or James.
Well, you see, we WERE talking differetn directions.
Because those people out there are gonna end up very disappointed. Because if I look at the chemistry on screen and on the pages, see how they acted towards each other, if I were to put someoen in a relationship (and Frankly, there's a good chance this topic could be touched) would be... FRANCIS AND JAMES.
Sorry people. Thye are just bloody perfect...
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DC's legend of Tomorrow
(I'm having the) Times of my life; Sara/Leonard, post season fiale (and post Flashpoint), 1616 word.
Scorpion (TV 2014)
Piece of paper; Happy/Toby, 1417 words, post season 2 finale.
At your best; Happy/Toby, 1143 words, post season 2 finale (lighter)
The Big Bang Theory/Powers
I know what you did the other day; 466 words; actors palying themselves.
Hawkeye/Marvel Comic Universe
Lingering Memory; 719 words, post Secret Wars
Ugly Betty
Not so good; 4637 words, Danny/Betty, smut, rated M, post series finale.
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Title: Sleeping with (the son of) the Devil
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel supernatural, Marvel Comics
Rating: MA
Genre: smut, romance, fluff with smut
Characters/ships: Daimon Hellstrom|Hellstorm/Christine Stark (Original Female Character)
Status: complete at 5154 word
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, shortly before Chris fakes her death after discovering she was pregnant, BUT as it's smut for smut's sake, there's no real need to know anything....

Sleeping with (the son of ) the devil )

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For [ profile] megan_moonlight, who requested a fic where Coulson discovered that Clint could sing.
I hope she'll like it- and BTW, Happy Birtday!

Title: Singing in the rain
Fandom: MCU
Words: 750 ca
Status: Complete
Characters/Ships. Clint Barton/Phil Coulson;
Genre: Romance; hurt &Comfort
Rating: T (to be safe)
link: on AO3
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as promised to [ profile] emeraldarrows to in the post where I gifted fanfiction to people (you can still request if any of you is interested in my fanfcition giveaway), here a small thing set in a Miracle Day AU, between Gwen and Jack...

Gunshot in the night )

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I like to write. Actually, I think that to lice and be happy I NEED to write. But, you see, my mojo is... well, sort of dead. Writer's block? I don't know. I just... I just don't get ideas any longer.
So... let's try to repair this: give me a fandom you know I'm accostumed to, give me a prompt, characters- even a ship if you want- and I'll write you something!!
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Yep. Drink wine and coffee and be marry , a multichapter fanfic I wrote on archiveofourown  for the Arrow-verse where Tommy Merly lived and became friends with Felicty, reached today the quota of 299 kudos and 11158 hits.
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Title: (I'm gonna get) the sweetest revenge
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics)
Words:3390 ca
Genre: romance, (semi) smut
Rated: MA
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Others, past Kate Bishop/others [mentioned], Clint!Hawkeye/Kate!Hawkeye
Summary:yClint Barton has been in enough relationships to be aware that he isn't supposed to tell a woman he'd never sleep with her... especially to said woman.
Link: ao3
Notes: old pieces written at the time of Hawkeye Vol. 1 #6 (or was it 7 when he told Kate he'd never sleep with her?); back then, it had been only posted on, but lately I felt the need to edit it a little bit- the piece was extremely bittersweet, with a sad ending, more graphic and crude, giving the idea of merely sex more than a (developing?) relationhip. So, if you had happened to run into this over there, be aware that it's a complete other thing, because, yeah, I'm a romantic, all right?
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Story completed and write from January to the end of the year:

Agents of SHIELD

Drink wine and coffee and be merry
To break a man
Ehy, sister (aka the sisterhood of the traveling wig)

Avengers (Marvel comics, 616 Universe)
The maternity leave party

Batman Eternal/Batgirl/Red Hood & The Outlaws
A phone call away

Help and Vengeance (cross-over with The Blacklist)

Girl Meets World
At Midnight...

Jurassic Park/World
The Phone Call

Marmalade Boy Little
Baby I think I'm gonna marry you

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Cookies and Milk

Temperance Brennan Novels
Leap of faith

The Blacklist
To dream, and to hope
Help and Vengeance (cross-over with Blindspot)

The Mentalist:
Wedding Night
The House

The Mysteries of Laura
Checking out the boxes

Once Upon a time
And in the end...
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Title: The Maternity-Leave Party
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics); Spider-woman (comics)
Words:980 c.a.
Genre: Hurt; (past) romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Jessica Drew, past Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse; mentions of Carol Denvers
Summary:you put on a mask, behave like the jester people expects you to be, and yet, with each and every step, your heart breaks a little bit more, because you knew that, adn't you screwed it up, this would have been yours. All of it. past Spider-Woman #1.
Link: ao3
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I normally ALWAYS reply to reviews, when they aren't anon.
But this time around, I'm having an hard time doing so.
Because I received one for a one-shot crossover between the NBC shows "Blindspot" and "Blacklist".
And that was the reviews.
"Both these shows are on nbc take a hint guys"
So, well, having an hard time finding the words, because it really has nothing to do with the story at all...
Oh, well. I guess I'll answer with an "Thanks for your review. I hope you enjoyed the story."
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Title: Brotkrümel
Fandoms: Blindspot (Tv Shows)
Words:799 c.a.
Genre: Romance/Frienship/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Jane Doe/Kurt Weller
Summary: She has always been his- and he knows that she has always felt the same, in some kind of twisted way. He is the tie to her past and her present, who she used to be and who has been turned into. But after everything, she doesn't know who she is any longer, nor whom she is allowed to be. But maybe, just maybe, he can try to help her to reinvent her.
Spoilers for 1.03
Link: ao3
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...or I am that crazy that I have to plan a fictional wedding to better picture it in my head as I write.

no titleno titleScreenshot 2015-07-16 18.09.54.png
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 in progress, based on the name-sale miniseries by marvel Comics. 
take #1

and a little different take #2 (there's also a take #3, but the only difference is that the logos and the title are more centered.)

(and since there's a good chance- and I have a feeling- that it will be revealed that Hunter's psycotic ex-wife will turn out to be Mockingbird/ Bobbi Morse, I guess I'll have to settle with this story being a biig AU. Whcih it already is, as Domino is  a mutant and mutants are owned by Fox and not Marvel Studios, but anyway...)
Sep. 13th, 2014 07:26 am

Wip meme

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 Borrowed from ruuger....

"Post a sentence or two from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no context"

* He wasn’t reading her mind,  but he knew what her dilemma was, and she didn’t need for him to end his sentence to know what was in his heart, because for how complicated he was on the job, Rodney was a very simple man when it came to his feelings.

I’ll understand if you’ll decide to stay here, but I want you to know that I’ll not wait for you, that I’ll not follow you; not because I don’t love you- but because I think I love Atlantis and my life there just too much  to risk eventually resenting you.

“Mr. Jane” Kim started, her hand trying to find his own on the table. Jane’s eyes fell on her fingers, and for some reason, it felt wrong, too intimate, worse than kissing Erika to get her guard down, worse than having sex with Lorelai to get to Red John. “New evidence has surfaced in your case, and the DA has decided to drop any charges against you. We don’t…”

Agent Abbott, you mean” 

Umibozu almost doubled over with laughter. Platonic? Like a sister? Apart from the fact that he doubted there was any element of the female gender that didn’t aroused Saeba; however, he remembered at least a couple of occasions when the good old Ryo had drooled in a trance behind Kaori; therefore, unless in addition to being a maniac Ryo didn’t believe in incest, too, he doubted that he could see Kaori as a sister.


*“Emma, dear. Again stealing my colors, I see… and the trench coat, too. I have to say, I thought you had your own style…” she turns to Scott once again, but she can’t help but glaze once in a while at the cyber-setting. “Oh, lord. I can’t believe you survived until now..."

*Tonight’s the night, Teresa thought as she walked back home from work that Friday evening. Sighing and blushing like she was still a teenager instead of the grownup cop she was, she felt herself filled with both dread and anticipation at the same time. And yet, instead of the bubbling joy she had always assumed she would have felt on that very day… she felt only nervousness.

 *They were stupid, nothing; they couldn't see that their precious serial killer was right before their eyes, they didn't even believe him when he tried to explain that the smiley was to mock them, show them how small, insignificant they were- and how couldn't it be otherwise? He knew everything there was to know, could see the smallest details, had insight on the mind of a serial killer like none other; and did they suspect him? Of course not -they were such idiots to believe he was a psych.

Sweet Lord. The world was full of marks...

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Title: Peace Offering
Fandoms: Kathy Reichs novels/Temperance Brennan (non-Bones) series 
Words: 2614 
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: T
Characters: Temperance Brennana; det. Andrew Ryan; Daisy Brennan
Summary: "Ryan’s escape to South America was still fresh, in my mind a betrayal. But I guessed there was more than that. I knew, intellectually, that he hadn’t abandoned me; by leaving me behind, he was, more than anything, punishing himself for faults that he still wasn’t sure weren’t his." Temperance, Ryan and Daisy- immediately after Bones never lie. (#17 in the Temperance Brennan series)
Links: / AO3


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