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Crossing Paths
Link to art: here
Word Count: 2580+
Rating: T
Summary:Patrick Jane, former carnie guy turned fake psychic turned CBI consultant; Clint Barton, former carnie guy turned secret agent turned super-hero. Together, they fight crime… or maybe not.
Disclaimer:Even if my father is called Bruno, not being a Heller, there’s no doubt that I don’t own the right to the Mentalist. Also: Clint Barton and Phil Coulson belong to Disney Enterprises.
Notes: written for the 2012 minibang. Thanks to my beta, tromana, and my artist, branquignole. A warning: stay away if you aren't into crack!fic and parody....
Crossing Paths )
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Crossing Paths
link to story: coming soont:
Disclaimer: We don,t own anyhting dealing with the Mentalist.
Notes: Life got in the way for branquignole, and she asked me to take care of the whole posting process.
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book cover 1
Wedding machinations
Author:[ profile] little_firestar
Artist:[ profile] kathiann
Link to art: here(activated soon)
Word Count
Rating T
Summary Sarah had always wanted her wedding to be full of happiness. But Jane and Lisbon’s grumpy behavior wasn’t exactly helping. All because they were too stubborn to admit they loved each other. But, with Rigsby and Cho’s help, she already knew how to make things right
The Mentalist, created by Bruno Heller, is owned by CBS.  By writing this piece of fiction, I claim no right upon pre-existing proprieties.
Notes set post season four, could be considered AU for season five facts. No spoilers.
Wedding Machinations )

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Words count on 9.5:
one third gone, two to go- well, more or less.
I think it's official- I hightly doubt this will stay a minibag story for too long....

and: this evneing I come back from the vet- with the new theraphy (the one they tried but only because she was just going to have a couple of months left, so let's try it anyway even if it's always ussuccesfull)Sissi's cancer  is in remission- of cpurse, it's just for nwo, but there's no trace of it right now, and she imporved a lot, taking again weight, even the 5 kilos she lost  with the chemo.
Sep. 3rd, 2011 12:00 am

word count

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tricking Stella- the mentalist mini banf fiction. words count at 9.2.11: 3597.
I've calculated I didn one quater of the story.


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