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I wasn’t so sure I was going to give a look at “The Following”, for many reasons.
The premises seemed…odd, for starter. A former FBI agent who tracks down a network of serial killers working for a serial killer on dead row, connected in a face-book like manner? Let’s be honest, at first, it would encourage, said like that.
Second: Kevin Williamson is completely behind this. And last time I saw something done by Mr. Williamson… well, horror is so not my thing, just knows that.
Third: I’m not such a Bacon enthusiastic. He doesn’t convince me, and, actually, even after having seen the pilot… he still doesn’t. Don’t take me wrong, maybe in the drama movies he is good, but such I am not a follower, I can’t say, but what I saw with him, he didn’t convince me. Comedy and sci-fi aren’t his thing, maybe because he has kind of a… I don’t know, I creepy vibe, I guess. But again, this is just my opinion.
But… I said, what the hell, why not. A couple of my shows are currently on hiatus, and few had ended. The Closer (with Bacon’s real life wife) is over, like Fringe; Major Crimes will return only later next summer/early autumn, the same with Haven and I didn’t get any Warehouse 13 middle season this year. So…. why not? Next week it will also air in Italy on pay TV (btw, I need to remember to recharge my card, or it will expire next week) and I am curious to hear what their voices will sound like and how it will be translated and doubled; I already fear disaster, since it will have to be done quickly and it normally means disaster. Also, lately a couple of studios have done terrible works, like with Season 4 of The Mentalist, with the co-stars (Wainwright, Lorelai, Summer) all sounding like kids, and with words….well, there was no meaning in dialogues, sometimes. Ugh.
Anyway, back on track: I gave it a try. Result? I can’t say yet things such as, it’s not that bad, or I like it, but it definitely got my attention, and a lifted eyebrow, because at a certain point I wondered if I was looking at a couple of mixed CBS shows instead of The following. In particular, the closer you get to the end, the more I thought I was looking at the season four finale of The Mentalist. Really.
Well…the killer. We have a serial killer, who kills only women, with a distinct signature (for Red John, it’s the cuts, for Carroll, he took their eyes away). Also, the killer, described as “ someone who shows an exertion of power, theatrics”, “charming”, (rings any bell?) is obsessed over literature (Red John has Blake, Carroll has the Romantic period, but mostly, it’s Poe his obsession). They both have a network, so to say, helping them out, people that “” (this is said by Bacon’s character about Carroll, but it could be true about Red John as well) and both the killers refer to said “network” as made of “friends”. There is similarity between the heroes, too: if the investigation for Bacon started because it was his duty, the responsibility for Sara’s death (the sole survivor until the pilot)., for Jane it was his family’s death. Both tragedies that the killers want to define their antagonist: Carroll sees Bacon as a “flawed, broken man looking for redemption, I ensured that by Killing Sara, the inciting incident, the hero’s call to action. It was for you” A bit like Red John did, and keeps doing, with Jane; like Red John, the main antagonist tries to get the main “hero” in his web, wanting him “To be my friend by defining his purpose”. Also, like Red John, Carroll likes to use the net for his purposes.
(Shout outs also for another CBS show, Criminal Minds: we weren’t even five minutes in The following, and a black guy and a woman introduced themselves as “BAU”….and by the way…gore? People from the production, look at Criminal Minds. Been there, done that.)
The shows also asks for a bit of…suspension of disbelief, let’s say. When Sara is kidnapped, no one looks for her because they keep saying that she was sleeping. I am sure is very veritable: the killer you sent to prison just escaped, it’s full of sirens outside, and you sleep…which, by the way, she wasn’t doing. She had been taken by the guys next door, a couple of fake guy send to live there by the killer to take her at the right time. (Also, now consultant (here the magic word again! TV is full of people consulting, yahoo !) when the girl is taken, seemed to be the only one with an idea of what one should do to find her, and the only answer he gets from the US Marshal is “I knew that crazy head of hours would be eventually back”….). Strange also that a serial killer on death row (dressing like Patrick Jane when he was a professor, by the way) would be given access to internet without supervision, and that only one of the characters noticed that Bacon’s character drinks tequila from the water bottle instead of, guess what, water…
So, yeah, lifted eyebrows, and we’ll see. I think that it’s something I could look at, but definitely not something I could get so deep into to start writing about it (even if the killer gives permission to Bacon to keeps sleeping with his own ex-wife). Even if there’s Shawn Ashmore, which I’ve always liked since his days as Iceman in the X-Men franchise. …
So, yeah, we’ll see.
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Two Sides of the same coin

Title: Two sides of the same coin

Author: Little Firestar 84

Words: 337 and 298

Characters/Pairings: Red John, Teresa Lisbon/Patrick  Jane

Status: complete

Genre: Romance, Drama, crime, angst

Summary: or, two ways it could go down when it comes to Red John. Because there are infinite universes, and the possibilities are endless.
notes. let's cheer up for my 100th story on!


There’s a simple truth that nobody knows but you: Red John has been long dead (at least, the man who claimed the mantle for first).

You still remember when you walked on him in that home, driven, probably, by case, or, who knows, maybe fate.  For there was nothing you could do for the poor woman any longer, but he was still there, with just a knife….

A window of opportunities opened up for you right before your eyes, and you caught it- by pulling the trigger of your faithful gun.

You cleaned a bit the crime scene, moved this or that, and once your work was done, it wasn’t Red John who had murdered Simone David, but a crazy man who was probably obsessed over her, some kind of stalker she didn’t even know was following her around….

A crime of passion, every day’s routine, two poor souls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Red John was dead. And yet, he couldn’t be.

Not yet, at least, you still needed him, because the murderous psychopath was the only way to get closer to your obsession, the love of your life.

Patrick Jane.

You just started working together on the case (and few others), and from the looks he kept sending you, you knew. If it wasn’t for his wife and his daughter, he would be in your bed right now.

That’s why you become the monster he was helping you hunting down, why you took care of his “beloved” (you didn’t want to hurt Charlotte, wanted to leave her alive, be her new mum, but she saw you, and you couldn’t have that ), and that’s why you starting wearing his name… and that’s why you still do it.

Because every time Red John strikes, you are there, to pick up Jane’s pieces, and every time, you get closer and closer to be his and him, yours.

One day, you’ll stop killing, but not yet.

You’re not Mrs. Jane yet, after all.


Carter was a monster, he was a monster because he was holding captive that poor, innocent girl, but mostly, he paid for what he dared to do to your family.

For you know the truth: Carter did indeed kill your family- you were there, after all, and he even told you afterwards, explaining you how Angela was holding his master back…

The master, Red John, you.

You compose yourself, putting on yet again the mask of the grieving widow, the man obsessed with Red John, and yet again you follow Lisbon into another pointless crime scene – you’re not such an idiot when it comes to evidence – and you barely resist a shudder of pleasure when your eyes fall on her lithe form, her long, slender neck, framed by long dark hair….

She loves you, she dares to love you, the tiger, her, the lamb, and she is so blinded by love she can’t even see the truth.

That’s why she’ll eventually have to pay, she’ll become your masterpiece.

You barely resist grinning at the thought, already foretasting your plan… you’ll submit her into having sex with you, and when you’ll be coming into her body, on top of her, you’ll mark her neck with your knife, and you’ll stare in those green, huge eyes while realization will fall on her, fear and the knowledge that she has finally met her end.

You’ll be devastated, of course, knowing that because you dared to let it go of your past, stopped resisting your feelings for her, she perished at the hands of your nemesis, but you’ll also be more driven to catch him, a killer you’ll never caught, and not because he’ll always be two steps ahead of you….

But because you are the tiger, and the tiger is you.   

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Title: The Princess and the Thief
Characters: Jane, Lisbon, Red John; mentions of Summer/Cho, Charlotte & Angela, Minelli.
Genre: AU, romance, fantasy (kind of)W
Words: 7570
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a coward and lying thief who stole through manipulation, a sad and angry green-eyed princess off to marry even if true love wasn't in the picture yet and an evil Lord who wanted nothing more than her tiara... AU, give it a try!
Link to story: here
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Title: Love for Sale
Characters/Pairing: Team, Red John, Jane, Lisbon; Angela/Jane, eventual Jane/Lisbon
Genres: Au; Crime;Romance
Rated: T
Summary: AU. Entering the cheap hotel, she already knew there was something
bad going on there. What she didn't know was that the identity of the woman
murdered was going to bring her past back, turning her existence upside down
and destabilizing her own wolrd.
Based on a fanart made by mswyrr on devianrt, called "Mentalist Film noir" that you can find here



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