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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: T
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character )Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Marvel Characters
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Summary:Various pieces sets in the same Universe as Through the eyes of the Blackdragon and Legacy. Unconnected One-shots
Link: Legacy (main story-line); collection of sets and outfits on Polyvore, here
Chapter 1- Francis' Mum
Chapter 2- Clint, Kate and Chris- Watching TV and reading books
Chapter 3- Jess' night out
Chapter 4- Cartoon Pink, dancing elephants
Chapter 5- Natasha and Steve's baby
Chapter 6- Bobbi's ex-husband
Chapter 7- Going American Beauty isn't the way to a woman's heart
Chapter 8- Steve VS James
Chapter 9- Moving on (DC Universe)
Chapter 10-eloping
Chapter 11-The day I loved your mum
Chapter 12-Teenaged Tony Stark
Chapter 13-Love VS Sex
Chapter 14-Family Tree (image)
Chapter 15- When Barney met Chris
Chapter 16- A Child's tears

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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: General
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Next Avengers Team; Avengers, Hawkeye, Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character).
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Status: 7/7 - complete (20.714 words)
Summary:They had been in the world- in the past- for over a year, and that world was so different from the future they had left and the past Stark had spoken of, that they were starting to ask themselves if it made any sense at all, if maybe, just maybe, they were in the wrong place. But maybe there was still time to fix the world and get what they wanted- a future where they would exist, filled with peace instead of blood, war and destruction. An Avengers Wolrd. But to do so, they needed their parents to aknowledge them - and their existence-first thing first. Starting with Francis. Who still needed to discover who his mother could be....
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, following up the events of Civil War II. Sequel to Marvel's Avengers World title, and my own "Snapshots thorugh time".
Link: AO3

Little Francis Barton )
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Almost two years ago, as Avengers Wold was being pubblished and the Next Avengers from the cartoon movie- the children of the Avengers raised by Tony Stark in a world where Ultron won after having killed ALL THE HEROES MINUS STARK AND THE MASTER, when we discovered that Hawkeye jr, aka Francis Barton, wasn't Mockingbird's son, I wrote, on Archieve of Our Own, a little piece, set in my fictional Blackdragon Universe.
Last week, after the last issues of Civil War II came out, I wrote another piece- always set in the same fictional universe- and a reader asked me if I ever thought continuing that story, where I made Chris Blackdragon Francis' mother, maybe making it a little bigger. Incorporating the whole cast from the cartoon that had moved to the paper.
Well, guess what? A piece that I would have never thought I would have taken in consideration again, well, I started working on it, and it became- it's becoming, actually- a bigger story (with also anoster story as "collateral", with hidden scenes, like extras or Easter Eggs in a DVD) called "Legacy" (And "Legacy: Vignettes").
Now, in the title, I mentioned "directions".
What I meant? Easy.
In the movie it was hinted that Torunn, Thor's daughter, was attracted to both Francis- Clint's son- and James- Cap and Black Widow's Love-Child. I was asked, in at least five different instancies since I started wiritng the story, whom I saw Torunn with, who I shipped her the most, if Francis or James.
Well, you see, we WERE talking differetn directions.
Because those people out there are gonna end up very disappointed. Because if I look at the chemistry on screen and on the pages, see how they acted towards each other, if I were to put someoen in a relationship (and Frankly, there's a good chance this topic could be touched) would be... FRANCIS AND JAMES.
Sorry people. Thye are just bloody perfect...
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Title: Sleeping with (the son of) the Devil
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel supernatural, Marvel Comics
Rating: MA
Genre: smut, romance, fluff with smut
Characters/ships: Daimon Hellstrom|Hellstorm/Christine Stark (Original Female Character)
Status: complete at 5154 word
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, shortly before Chris fakes her death after discovering she was pregnant, BUT as it's smut for smut's sake, there's no real need to know anything....

Sleeping with (the son of ) the devil )

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Title: All the loves of my life (they drove me to you)
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616)
Words:3660 ca
Genre: romance, friendship
Rated: T (to be on the safe side)
Characters and ships: Chris Stark/Alec Addison; Chris Stark/Pete Wisdom; Chris Stark/Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Chris Stark/Daimon Hellstorm; mentions of Clint barton/Other(s)
Summary:All the relationships of Chris Stark: the four that didn't last, and the one that made her feel like they were star-crossed lovers and that lasted.
Link: ao3|
Notes: Set in the Blackdragon-universe, my own, personal palyground where Tony Stark rised a little mutant as a sister... but to know anything, you just have to check the tags :) Also, I SO LOVE WRITING  CLINT! I should write more about him, he and Chris' friendship deserve a series of their own!
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1.Title:Baby I think I'm gonna marry you
Fandoms: Marmalade Boy/Marmalade Boy Little
Words: 2170
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Miki/Yuu; Saku/Ritsuka
Summary: "Watch me, Ritsuka. One day, I'll marry you."
Link: ao3

2.Title:Leap of faith
Fandoms: Temperance Brennan book series
Words: 2330
Genre: Humor/Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Temperance Breannan/Det. Andrew Ryan; The Brennan family
Summary: "I wanted to be his wife, have a wedding band around my finger, say that I was his woman  and that no, Deputy Sheriff, you can't ask me out because I've an husband back home." Andrew and Temp post Speaking in bones.
Link: ao3

3.Title:Help and Vengeance
Fandoms: The Blacklist/BLINDSPOT
Words: 410
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Drama
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen.
Summary: Elizabeth and the task force weren't any longer, but there was still too much to do, crminals to be stopped, vengenace to be delivered. It was time to get creative and seek a new aidle out- while staying out of the spotlight. Aka, how Reddinghton enginered Jane Doe's recovery, and turned her into a living and breathing treasure map. (Also known as the Blacklist/Blindspot cross-over we didn't know we needed)
Link: ao3

3.Title: Blackdragon Season II: before the end of the world
Fandoms: Marvel Comic Universe (Avengers and X-Men fandoms)
Words: +2100
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Sci-fi
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen. Christine Stark/Blackdragon (OFC); The Avengers (Steve Rogers; Luke Cage), Pete Wisdom. Mentions of Tony Stark, the Scarlet Witch.
Summary: Everything dies. Earths-realities- colliding and destroying each other, untill nothing will be left. And Chris doesn't want to take place in a war that will have no one emerging victorious. It that's the end, she wants to go through it in peace.
Link: here
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...or I am that crazy that I have to plan a fictional wedding to better picture it in my head as I write.

no titleno titleScreenshot 2015-07-16 18.09.54.png
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Because I really miss writing about marvel and The Blackdragon, so, what the hell? Let's have at least this....

1.Chis- whose full name is Chrstine Antoinette Stark-Johnson (Antoinette after Antony Stark, whose parents were her godparents; Johnson being her birth surname, later changed into Stark after being adopted as a young child) is ten years younger than Tony.

2. She was married at the age of 18; His name was Alex Addison, and, despite being estranged with her (and ahving filled for divorce), he was rumored to have died in Genosha.

3. Her mutant powers first manifested when she was four and witnessed her parents' murders, due to shock and probably because the gene X was redundant in her family; she generated a psychic bubbe that only Charles Xavier, who later erased the memory of the facts, was able to breach; her secondary mutation too was triggered by a traumatic event: the sentinels' attack on Genosha.

4.She is petite, and her natural color is a mix of red and brown; despite that, she kept her hair black during her time in X-Force, back when she started sleeping with Pete Wisdom.

5.Prior to being regenerated by the combined powers of both The Angelus and The Darness after her near-death experience during the Siege of Asgard, she had three tattoes, a black dragon that filled her whole back, a Celtisc triqueat on her left hips and a rose on her right foot. Due to the Artifacts regenrating her as a whole, the tattoes "disappeared", healed; she, though, got the triqueta once again, on the same point as the previous one.
Sep. 13th, 2014 07:26 am

Wip meme

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 Borrowed from ruuger....

"Post a sentence or two from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no context"

* He wasn’t reading her mind,  but he knew what her dilemma was, and she didn’t need for him to end his sentence to know what was in his heart, because for how complicated he was on the job, Rodney was a very simple man when it came to his feelings.

I’ll understand if you’ll decide to stay here, but I want you to know that I’ll not wait for you, that I’ll not follow you; not because I don’t love you- but because I think I love Atlantis and my life there just too much  to risk eventually resenting you.

“Mr. Jane” Kim started, her hand trying to find his own on the table. Jane’s eyes fell on her fingers, and for some reason, it felt wrong, too intimate, worse than kissing Erika to get her guard down, worse than having sex with Lorelai to get to Red John. “New evidence has surfaced in your case, and the DA has decided to drop any charges against you. We don’t…”

Agent Abbott, you mean” 

Umibozu almost doubled over with laughter. Platonic? Like a sister? Apart from the fact that he doubted there was any element of the female gender that didn’t aroused Saeba; however, he remembered at least a couple of occasions when the good old Ryo had drooled in a trance behind Kaori; therefore, unless in addition to being a maniac Ryo didn’t believe in incest, too, he doubted that he could see Kaori as a sister.


*“Emma, dear. Again stealing my colors, I see… and the trench coat, too. I have to say, I thought you had your own style…” she turns to Scott once again, but she can’t help but glaze once in a while at the cyber-setting. “Oh, lord. I can’t believe you survived until now..."

*Tonight’s the night, Teresa thought as she walked back home from work that Friday evening. Sighing and blushing like she was still a teenager instead of the grownup cop she was, she felt herself filled with both dread and anticipation at the same time. And yet, instead of the bubbling joy she had always assumed she would have felt on that very day… she felt only nervousness.

 *They were stupid, nothing; they couldn't see that their precious serial killer was right before their eyes, they didn't even believe him when he tried to explain that the smiley was to mock them, show them how small, insignificant they were- and how couldn't it be otherwise? He knew everything there was to know, could see the smallest details, had insight on the mind of a serial killer like none other; and did they suspect him? Of course not -they were such idiots to believe he was a psych.

Sweet Lord. The world was full of marks...

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I’ve always, always been a sci-fi freak, I’m not denying it. I started  looking at The X-Files and Star Trek at a young age, and moved then to the Stargate fandom; both mum and me, despite not being into Kurt Russell, loved the original movie (and how could you not, when there’s James Spader playing one of the main characters?)  and when the series started to air in Italy… yeo, I loved it, and for me, Jack O’Neil and Daniel Jackson will always be Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks- so, hands down for the incoming reboot.
But, gotta say…. my latest obsession is probably my greatest love in all the Stargate fandom is Atlantis. A sense of Star Trek, but also a great cast, and great characters; and despite my tendency to fall (both in real life and in fandoms) for dark, tall, handsome, military/police… well, How can I not love Meredith Rodney McKey, a sort of Bruce Banner without the Hulk, with Tony Stark’s ego, and the brit doctor Carson Beckett?
But, well… Rodney… he is… let’s say that if I could, I would write a Blackdragon Stargate Atlantis x-over, and he would be just a perfect match for Chris, with their matching personalities…
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Chris-just a girl
Title: Blackdragon- season 2
status: in progress
characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc], the whole Marvel Universe.
genres:action, adventure, sci-fi
summary: The world and her comerades had murned her death, her family had cried because she had to be lost to them to be safe. But as man dies on a beach, and a machine destined to destroy humankind is defeated, the song of the cosmos is broken, the armony and the balance long forgeotten. Christine Stark is once again herself. And the Blackdragon is reborn.
link: here
for Blackdragon volume 1
chapter one -sons of the Daimon
chapter two- Revolution X

note: art by levy who draw this for a commision a few years back, along with the piece called "Britain all over again" that can be seen here
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Marvel Universe/The blackdragon

Title: Blackdragon- season 2

status: in progress


words: prologue 649; chapter 1: 2588

characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc], the whole Marvel Universe.

genres:action, adventure, sci-fi

summary: The world and her comerades had murned her death, her family had cried because she had to be lost to them to be safe. But as man dies on a beach, and a machine destined to destroy humankind is defeated, the song of the cosmos is broken, the armony and the balance long forgeotten. Christine Stark is once again herself. And the Blackdragon is reborn.
link: here
for Blackdragon volume 1
chapter one
note: art by [ profile] levy who draw this for a commision a few years back, along with the piece called "Britain all over again" that can be seen here
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sorry sorry sorry. promised myself I would have enver gone a week without at least oen post, and what did I do? just that. So, without further ado...

The Mentalist
Title: a lifetime
Summary: 15 drabbles, 1500 words. two lives becoming one, while looking for peace, revenge, love and forgiveness.
link: here

Title: wicked dreams
words:5400 circa
summary: They cried together all the tears they hadn't cried since the first time they had wished for this moment to come true, and in that moment they knew. The road ahead of them was long and dangerous, and their voyage had just begun. But they were going to face it all together, no matter what, and in the end, they would be victorious. A tag to 4.9, M rated.
Link: here

characters and pairings:Jordan/Nathan, Sarah/Nathan, Audrey/Nathan (guy's a ladykiller...)
 genres:Romance, hurt, comfort
Summary: She did not know what to think. Mostly, she was scared. She did not want to get hurt, nor she wanted to hurt him. They both needed time and space, and there was no way they could do that there. The only thing she could do was running away. pre 3.10

Marvel Universe/The blackdragon
Title: through the eyes of the Blackdragon
status: completed (with chapter 51)
words: +259 k
characters:Christine Stark/Blackdragon [oc, the whole Marvel Universe
genres:action, adventure, sci-fi
summary: As the existence of Iron Man's sister is revealed, the mutant Chris "Blackdragon" Stark decides to join the fight for what's good for real.Spy & heroine,X-men & Avenger,science & magic:which side is she on? Fiinal chapter is up.
link: here 
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Just to put all of tehm in the same place the links to all the stories I've provided for the contest....

Fandom: Marvel Universe- focus on the character of Pete Wisdom, from British team Excalibur and also leader to X-force and MI:13.
Prompt: aftermath

Repetition angst, erotic, rated M
Broken dream politic, rated K+-T
House of cards hurt/comfort, rated T
Of kings and soldiers, fantasy, rated K+
Choices post-apocaliptic, rated T
in 10 years' time fluff, rated T
Wild, Wild, West western, rated K+
100 burning cigarettes comedy, ratd T for the unhealty addiction to cigarettes of the main character...
Blood rain all over London Gothic horror, rated T
One step a time action, rated K+
The hybrid Werewolves, rated K-T
Desires and obsessions, Erotic, rated M
The new, mutant way Crime, rated T to be safe
Seducing the Queen Historical, rated T+
Behind closed doors-  Lady Alcott  Mystery, Rated T.

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Title: Broken Dream
Author: Little Firestar
Rating: T
Fandom: Excalibur (Marvel Universe)
Characters: Pete Wisdom/Christine Stark [OC]
Summary:  “Xavier sent us to fight for a world that fears and hates us, and since he founded the school, so many of us died to protect humanity, and at what price? What changed?  Why do we keep doing what we do, when we just don’t get anything in return?”
Spoilers: None
Genre: Political (well… Marvel Comic Political, at least)Notes: mentions of the Days of future and Messiah Complex story-lines, but no specific knowledge needed; set, again, in the Blackdragon Universe.

Fic's here
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Title: Repetition
Author: Little Firestar
Rating: M
Fandom: Excalibur (Marvel Universe)
Characters: Pete Wisdom/Christine Stark [OC From my Blackdragon Universe]
Summary: Every Night, it’s the same thing. She’ll allow him to take her, and then she’ll leave. He hopes that one day she’ll stay, and will allow him to love her as much as she deserves. One day- but not today.
Spoilers: None
Genre: Angst (with an erotic twist)
Notes: due to the presence of Christine Stark, it obviously takes place is my Blackdragon Universe (see journal), around the time Wisdom faked his death while training X-Force (issues #105-110).

fic's here
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Because sometimes, when I don't really what else I'm supposed to do or I'm feeling a bit depessed, I simply have to do something pointless like that...

random and pointelss facts about Chris )
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As always, here there's the link to the monthly issue, which is kind of late, but I hope you'll forgive me, janaury has been pretty busy and anyway I still menaged to get it out before the month COULD really end...

Blackdragon #43-Second Coming (part 3/finale)

"After M Day, Cerebra discovered just one light, shining alone in mutants' darkest hours: an infant. Now, more than an year later, Cerebra discovers another light- the return of the baby's surrogate father, the soldier known as Cable. With Hope back, what will the X-Men do, and what will Chris do, now that she is no longer an X-Woman, when she has fought in past and future for this child?"


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