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Title: Understanding
Fandom: New Girl
Characters/ships: Nick/Jess
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: 100
Summary: A drabble post 3.4-Jess wonders what Nick meant when he told her that finally all those love songs made sense...
Note: post 3.4. A quote from the episode in present, so be advised it could qualify as a spoiler.

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Title: Foundation
Fandom: Temperance Brennan series- Kathy Reichs books
Characters/ships: Andrew Ryan/Temperance Brennan; Lily Ryan
Genre: Hurt/comfort; romance
Rating:T for mention of drug abuse
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: +1590
Summary:  Post "Bones of the Lost". Andrew Ryan and the two most important women of his life, trough pain, love, grief and self-destruction.
Note: Spoiler for the finale of the last book in the Temperance Brennan series, "Bones of the lost"
Fic: on AO3
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Artist: casper
Link to art:
Word Count:~ 21740
Summary: Season 2 AU- When Jess discovers that her time for getting pregnant is running out, the guys offer their help so that she could get her heart's desire before it was too late. But only one of them really needs to be a daddy to Jessica Day's child... because for Nick Miller, it could be the closest he would ever get to a real relationship with Jess.
Disclaimer:No, nor the characters or the show belong to me.
Notes:Written for the het_bigbang here and on livejournal. Thanks to Amy Bixby for betaing and to casper for the art provided.
Link to fic:
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Title: The dresser
Author: little firestar
Fandom:New Girl
Word count: 1200 circa
Rating: T to stay on the safe side of things
Language: Englsih
Genre: Romance;humor.
Characters/ships: Jessica Day; Nick Miller
Summary: "Did you ever finish putting together that IKEA dresser?"  a post finale fic, featuring our favorite IKEA dresser. Because putting together a dresser is a boyfriend kind of thing, and it looks like now Nick can - and wants to- do it. And he also wants to get the reward afterward too...
Disclaimers: Fox wons all of this.
Links: (

I am extremely sorry for this weird formatting. Post will be put in order as soon as possible. Or at least, as soon as my Live journal will return working full force.
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Title: The note
Rating: T
Word count: 2230 circa
Fandom: New Girl
Characters: Jessica Day and Nickolas Miller
Genre: Romance
Status: Complete
Summary: ""I just asked Russel for my note. I don't care what you wrote, Jess. You can either tell me or not, it's up to you. But I want you to know how I feel before you took any decision." Post 2.21, rated T to be safe.

Link: here
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Title: the open doors and the piggy that went to the market
Fandom: New Girl
Characters: Nick M./Jess D.
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Word count: around 1800
Summary: The hell with the no nail oath. His little piggy was going to walk through her door and go to her market before the night was over. And either he was going to gert her out of his system, or he was going to turn into a Jessica day addict. Not that he cared. His piggy had to go to the market. It was just that easy. Post 2.19
Link: here


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