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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: T
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character )Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Marvel Characters
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Summary:Various pieces sets in the same Universe as Through the eyes of the Blackdragon and Legacy. Unconnected One-shots
Link: Legacy (main story-line); collection of sets and outfits on Polyvore, here
Chapter 1- Francis' Mum
Chapter 2- Clint, Kate and Chris- Watching TV and reading books
Chapter 3- Jess' night out
Chapter 4- Cartoon Pink, dancing elephants
Chapter 5- Natasha and Steve's baby
Chapter 6- Bobbi's ex-husband
Chapter 7- Going American Beauty isn't the way to a woman's heart
Chapter 8- Steve VS James
Chapter 9- Moving on (DC Universe)
Chapter 10-eloping
Chapter 11-The day I loved your mum
Chapter 12-Teenaged Tony Stark
Chapter 13-Love VS Sex
Chapter 14-Family Tree (image)
Chapter 15- When Barney met Chris
Chapter 16- A Child's tears

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Clinton "Clint" Francis Barton- agent of SHIELD turned super-hero turned criminal after the Sokovian Accords.
Bernard "Barney" Charles Barton- FBI agent turned criminal turned spy- under the false name of William Brandt.
Like the oldest story of the world- two brothers, always fighting each other. Ready to pull the trigger on their own twin.

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One of my entries for the Captain America: civil war contest on polyvore.
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Title: Legacy
Fandom: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics; Next Avengers; Hawkeye
Rating: General
Genre: hurt, comfort, friendship, romance
Characters: Next Avengers Team; Avengers, Hawkeye, Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Original Character).
Ships: Clint Barton|Hawkeye/Chris Stark|Lady Blackdragon (Orginal Character)
Status: 7/7 - complete (20.714 words)
Summary:They had been in the world- in the past- for over a year, and that world was so different from the future they had left and the past Stark had spoken of, that they were starting to ask themselves if it made any sense at all, if maybe, just maybe, they were in the wrong place. But maybe there was still time to fix the world and get what they wanted- a future where they would exist, filled with peace instead of blood, war and destruction. An Avengers Wolrd. But to do so, they needed their parents to aknowledge them - and their existence-first thing first. Starting with Francis. Who still needed to discover who his mother could be....
Notes: set in the Blackdragon Universe, following up the events of Civil War II. Sequel to Marvel's Avengers World title, and my own "Snapshots thorugh time".
Link: AO3

Little Francis Barton )
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Almost two years ago, as Avengers Wold was being pubblished and the Next Avengers from the cartoon movie- the children of the Avengers raised by Tony Stark in a world where Ultron won after having killed ALL THE HEROES MINUS STARK AND THE MASTER, when we discovered that Hawkeye jr, aka Francis Barton, wasn't Mockingbird's son, I wrote, on Archieve of Our Own, a little piece, set in my fictional Blackdragon Universe.
Last week, after the last issues of Civil War II came out, I wrote another piece- always set in the same fictional universe- and a reader asked me if I ever thought continuing that story, where I made Chris Blackdragon Francis' mother, maybe making it a little bigger. Incorporating the whole cast from the cartoon that had moved to the paper.
Well, guess what? A piece that I would have never thought I would have taken in consideration again, well, I started working on it, and it became- it's becoming, actually- a bigger story (with also anoster story as "collateral", with hidden scenes, like extras or Easter Eggs in a DVD) called "Legacy" (And "Legacy: Vignettes").
Now, in the title, I mentioned "directions".
What I meant? Easy.
In the movie it was hinted that Torunn, Thor's daughter, was attracted to both Francis- Clint's son- and James- Cap and Black Widow's Love-Child. I was asked, in at least five different instancies since I started wiritng the story, whom I saw Torunn with, who I shipped her the most, if Francis or James.
Well, you see, we WERE talking differetn directions.
Because those people out there are gonna end up very disappointed. Because if I look at the chemistry on screen and on the pages, see how they acted towards each other, if I were to put someoen in a relationship (and Frankly, there's a good chance this topic could be touched) would be... FRANCIS AND JAMES.
Sorry people. Thye are just bloody perfect...
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I don't know if any of you know this, but on the internet there's this amazing thing called the hawkeye Initiative.
What it is? Basically, it's fan artist redrawing/remaking superhero female poses (especially the more innaturall and scatly-clad ones) featuring male superheroes- mostly, Hawkeye.
If I have to say how I came across this, well, frankly, I don't remember, but I strated to (re)think about it this morning, as I was reading the last issues of Uncanny X-men. Drwn by the worst of the worst, the guy who uses porn moves as inspoiration and models to draw women, the ebing who photo-copies his own work, making 90% of his female characters twin sister, whose female figures are in poses that CAN'T JUST HAPPEN IN NATURE, the man whose pictures seem things attacked to a panel, so static and... plate they are.
Yeah. Ig yoiu guessed Greg Land... you guessed Right.
And, by the way. I want this in comics. I so need this, lol!

(All the above pictures are re-draws of Starfire from Red Hood & The Outlaws)
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DC's legend of Tomorrow
(I'm having the) Times of my life; Sara/Leonard, post season fiale (and post Flashpoint), 1616 word.
Scorpion (TV 2014)
Piece of paper; Happy/Toby, 1417 words, post season 2 finale.
At your best; Happy/Toby, 1143 words, post season 2 finale (lighter)
The Big Bang Theory/Powers
I know what you did the other day; 466 words; actors palying themselves.
Hawkeye/Marvel Comic Universe
Lingering Memory; 719 words, post Secret Wars
Ugly Betty
Not so good; 4637 words, Danny/Betty, smut, rated M, post series finale.
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Title: All the loves of my life (they drove me to you)
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616)
Words:3660 ca
Genre: romance, friendship
Rated: T (to be on the safe side)
Characters and ships: Chris Stark/Alec Addison; Chris Stark/Pete Wisdom; Chris Stark/Clint Barton|Hawkeye; Chris Stark/Daimon Hellstorm; mentions of Clint barton/Other(s)
Summary:All the relationships of Chris Stark: the four that didn't last, and the one that made her feel like they were star-crossed lovers and that lasted.
Link: ao3|
Notes: Set in the Blackdragon-universe, my own, personal palyground where Tony Stark rised a little mutant as a sister... but to know anything, you just have to check the tags :) Also, I SO LOVE WRITING  CLINT! I should write more about him, he and Chris' friendship deserve a series of their own!
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Title: (I'm gonna get) the sweetest revenge
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics)
Words:3390 ca
Genre: romance, (semi) smut
Rated: MA
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Others, past Kate Bishop/others [mentioned], Clint!Hawkeye/Kate!Hawkeye
Summary:yClint Barton has been in enough relationships to be aware that he isn't supposed to tell a woman he'd never sleep with her... especially to said woman.
Link: ao3
Notes: old pieces written at the time of Hawkeye Vol. 1 #6 (or was it 7 when he told Kate he'd never sleep with her?); back then, it had been only posted on, but lately I felt the need to edit it a little bit- the piece was extremely bittersweet, with a sad ending, more graphic and crude, giving the idea of merely sex more than a (developing?) relationhip. So, if you had happened to run into this over there, be aware that it's a complete other thing, because, yeah, I'm a romantic, all right?
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Title: The Maternity-Leave Party
Fandoms: Marvel Comics (616); Hawkeye (comics); Spider-woman (comics)
Words:980 c.a.
Genre: Hurt; (past) romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: past Clint Barton/Jessica Drew, past Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse; mentions of Carol Denvers
Summary:you put on a mask, behave like the jester people expects you to be, and yet, with each and every step, your heart breaks a little bit more, because you knew that, adn't you screwed it up, this would have been yours. All of it. past Spider-Woman #1.
Link: ao3
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                                                  The fake psych and the billionaire

Title: Crossing paths II- the  fake psych and the billionaire
Author: Little Firestar 84
Fandoms: The Avengers (2012 movie); The Mentalist
Word Count: ~2130
Rating: T
Language: English
Genres: Humor, Parody
Characters: Hawkeye (Clint Barton); Iron Man (Tony Stark); Teresa Lisbon; Patrick Jane.
Summary: The objective of Clint Barton's life is ruining Patrick Jane's happiness- a sweet revenge, considering that he is doing it by dating Teresa Lisbon. But having Tony Stark tagging along, and discovering that the world is smaller than what they thought? Even better. Even if Tony too has the hots for sweet Teresa...
Disclaimers: Disney owns Marvels Studios AND Marvel Comics, ergo, it owns the Avengers (all of them) and the quickly mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon. CBS and Bruno Heller own the Mentalist. Me? I'm no Disney, Heller or CBS, so...
Notes: sequel to Crossing Paths- the story the cover was made for.
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Crossing Paths
Link to art: here
Word Count: 2580+
Rating: T
Summary:Patrick Jane, former carnie guy turned fake psychic turned CBI consultant; Clint Barton, former carnie guy turned secret agent turned super-hero. Together, they fight crime… or maybe not.
Disclaimer:Even if my father is called Bruno, not being a Heller, there’s no doubt that I don’t own the right to the Mentalist. Also: Clint Barton and Phil Coulson belong to Disney Enterprises.
Notes: written for the 2012 minibang. Thanks to my beta, tromana, and my artist, branquignole. A warning: stay away if you aren't into crack!fic and parody....
Crossing Paths )
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Crossing Paths
link to story: coming soont:
Disclaimer: We don,t own anyhting dealing with the Mentalist.
Notes: Life got in the way for branquignole, and she asked me to take care of the whole posting process.
Art  )
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The sweetest revenge

Marvel Comic Universe- Avengers/Young Avengers

(Clint Barton)/Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

2,520 circa



Summary: she is
still a tiny bit (a lot) mad and annoyed with the jerk for the
about the fact that she is the only female in whole wide world he woul 
ever sleep with. No girl likes to hear something like that. Nobod 
think such a thing- let alone saying it at loud at the girl i 
Hawkeye/Kate,M rated, complete, no previous knowledge of characters

A/N: follow up to Hawkeye #1 and #7. No previous
knowldge needed, nor lecture.  Just two sentences: "I'd enver
sleep with you" (Clint to Kate) and "I'll take the bed" (Kate to Clint).



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