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Yet another month, but, this time, come December and Christmas, I'm gonna give you a double dose of the Blackdragon.....

Blackdragon Annual 2010: the secret history and origins of the Blackdragon
After the fall of Asgard and the ascension of a new age of power and respect towards the ones that were and are again heroes, Christine Stark finds out exactly how she survive the Siege of Asgard and why. The truth behind her past may be more shoking than what she thought, as new revelations on her heritage will uncover the veil on what she already knows about the secrets hidden by her family...


Blackdragon #41: Second Coming of the mutant Messiah - part 1 of 3
After M Day, Cerebra discovered just one light, shining alone in mutants' darkest hours: an infant. Now, more than an year later, Cerebra discovers another light- the return of the baby's surrogate father, the soldier known as Cable. With Hope back, what will the X-Men do, and what will Chris do, now that she is no longer an X-Woman, when she has fought in past and future for this child?
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So.... after yet another month, the new issue is finally out. And I have to say, there's always soemthing good when you finally reach a point where you have a number followed by a zero on a story your are working on and don'r plan on ending soon... (and here, on my beloved laptop, I'm almost on issue #50, so, figures how happy I may be.)
Anyway, as usual, there's the link to my blackdragon section, and... hope you'll like it!
Blackdragon #40: heroica (a day in the life)

"After surviving the fall of Asgard, Chris finds herself wondering wher now her destiny lies. Is she serously planning on still being the Blackdragon? Does she wnats to give up? Can she, really, when she still doesn't know how, and what, brought her back from the death?
And if she'll choose to be the hero she knows she wants and can be... which side will she be on?

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Issue #39 is finally out, and you can found it here... 

Blackdragon #39: Epilogue of Siege (Origins and omens)
"While on the verge of death after the fall of Asgard, Chris Stark is visited by the ones who held her close. memories are shared, feelings long buried are revealed, new misteries are awakened....."
It's the first double-size issue I worked on (well, actually, it wasn't emant to be a double size issue, but it come out with more than 12.000 words, so...)

Let's just share Levi's amazing owrk on my beloved Chris Stark- warning, contain nudity! )

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Come molte cose, tante inizaino per caso.
Su, Blackdragon (Through the eyes of the Balckdragon) è ormai a quota una trentina di uscite.
Ma L'inizio, il vero inizio, è questo. In realtà, i punti in comune con la mia attuale Blackdragon non sono più di tanti, ma mi piace pensare che siano queste due storie di SETTE, e dicansi sette, anni fa  - RIGOROSAMENTE IN ITALIANO! - ad avere dato il via a tutto... minaccie da altri mondi in lotta contro Abraxas
(e, a rigor di cronaca: ho creato un personaggio che lo staff del sito ancora usa!)


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