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Few weeks ago, a costumer of mine called me "fat".
Now, I know I'm not thin; I'm not an idiot. I'm 1.50 and I go between size 44 and 46. There's just no way that I'm thin. Plus, between work- and it's my own business, so I basically spend all my time there- and family and stuff, well, I kind of got lazy, eat not too well and excercised even less. 
When this kind old lady told me so, well, I knew it. but it's one other time having someone so rudely and openly point it out to you (if I were less gracious, or had been less surprised, I would have said soemthing. Probably. Maybe.).
But, well, it kind of... woke me up.
I've lessened the amout of white flour, I eat more vegetables and fruit (even if I already ate a lot), less meat and cheese, smaller portions- and yes, following the advice of my doctor, I'm also using pills to decress the amount of sugar and fats absorbed by my body.
BUT, moslty, I invested in excercise. Not the gym- because when you finish working at 8pm, trust me, the gym is the last place you want to go to. I just bought, thanks Amazon,  a trademill and a stepper 8and started using the things I already have home) and I gave myself a timeline. Each day, at least 20 minutes.
And it's working.
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 Ugh. Last week a friend of mine invited me to do a facebook thing, where, for five days, I was supposed to post the 3 positivies things of the day. Yesterday was really hard, as I really had a bad day, on many level... where should I start from? The fact that my car, which I just got painted, got scratches while Andrew was driving it? (In case you were wodnering: the work didn't last two weeks.). The fact that I had little costumers during the whole day? Or that fact that one of mi kitties is at risk of obesity, so now she has to go through a cure and between food and drugs yesterday I spent 60 euros? Or the fact that this night I didn't get to sleep because my father was sick with his stomach, and as any (many) other men, he can't deal with it and so he is very vocal? And, oh, there would be still so much to say... But I think I said enough.


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