Jul. 19th, 2016

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After 20 or so days, I'm back at work- I think I needed some time off, and besides, it's low season here.
What I did in 3 weeks? Not so much- It's not like I slept more, my sleeping patterns are what they are, but I think that, mostly, I indulged in... being slow? Taking big breaths and sighing in relief as life passed me by. I spent time with my family- mum mostly- took some decisions and enjoyed the time and what "little" I did with it.
I did came to work a few times, as we got some major orders from a few resturants, and I I spent yesterday cleaning the shop from head to tow, but besides from that:
- I read a few books. Mostly roamnce novels, but I did read them, and I think that's what matters.
-I re-read the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST manga. all 27 volumes. in a few days. Because I used to read them as they were being published but soemtimes there were 6 months between volumes, and now I read all of them. Together. At the sime time. AND I STILL FREAKING LOVE IT!
-I've discovered "Scorpion" (The US tv show) thanks to some season 1 re-runs on RAI4, on Wednesday evening. I'm already addicted to it. Why didn't I look at it sooner? (And, speaking of tv screens, I've seen Batman V Superman, and re-watched some of NCIS NEW ORLEANS episodes.)
-My room. I finally assembled my new iron bed. And got a new mattress. And two new pillows. I'm very happy. And I sleep like a baby on it. Like, I didn't think it was possible to sleep so well on a brand new mattress. AND  a new bed frame meant changing a bit the room- mostly the layout of my pictures and my paintings. AND, as my old bed (1 and an half places) bed went to Drew, we also did soem changes to his room as well.
-I've got some new lythographies to frame and put in my "nerd corner", close to the X-FILES one. One it's a Star Wars imagine featuring troopers, in black, white and red, the others are a orangy Voltron piece ("join the force") and a small piece with the space mices- also from Voltron. Yep. I do love Voltron.
-I've ordered a new couch, and I've looked at new pieces for our living room, as soem pieces are 32 years old and can't even stand together any longer. And one has been burned down as well. Thank you very much, Christmas candles. AND, speaking of living room: I did some adjustments to out good parlor. Whcih is also our ONLY parlor. Fact is, it was still quite good, despite its 15 years, but the two lateral shutters(the only ones that werten't either open or made of glass) were, well, the same color as my grandfather's coffin. So mum was haitng it. But she didn't have the heart to change it. Meaning? While she took the day off, I went to work on it, and the shutters are now panel with a barroque black and white fantasy. it took me a whole day, but the result is do damn good, even my grandmother, that always hate everything,m loves it. I'll post pictures. eventually.
-It was decided that we do need a new car, after all. As my 10 years old panda is starting to, well, making noises she shouldn't. And unfortunately dad knows all about cars. And he knows when it's time to say goodbye. I'm gonna look around a bit, see what I cna find that it's decent and not too pricy...
. I'm making a thing at half-cross stitchking!
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covers to all the 27 volumes. Because I do love these guys. And Riza Hawkeye. And Mustang. And Winry. And, and... and... well, pretty much everything.
covers volumes 1-27 )


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