Aug. 9th, 2016

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Few days ago, I saw an advertisment (in English) for the upcoming Disny Animation Movie "Moana".
Since when it was wirst announced a few years back (two, maybe? Or ir it less?) I told myself this:
"They are not going to call it like that here in Italy. No way. not with Moana Pozzi"
Moana Pozzi was (as she's been dead for a coupple of decades, even if, according to Conspiracy Theories, she is still alive somewhere) probably the most famous Italian Porn Actress (together with Cicciolina), who even tried her hand at Politics (yes, there's been something worse than Berlusconi Or Renzi) with the "Partito dell'Amore" (Love Party). I still remember her and Cicciolina on the news, walking and presenting at assemblies their party, often more naked than not... I'm no prude, but seriously, there' a place for everything, and in the streets of Rome at midday there are CHILDREN, so, yeah...
Anyway, out of curiosity, I went to see if there was already a Wikipedia page in Italian about the movie (despite the Christmas release), and yes, it was.
And yes, it was.
The movie has been renamed "Oceania", and the main character, Moana in English, has been named Vaiana instead, "not cause confusuion with Italian Porn Actress Moana Pozzi".
But then, what did I expect?
This is the same country where gay scenes were cut from How to get away from  murder, AND the same country where, "THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN" was translated "LA LEGGENDA DEGLI UOMINI STRAORDINARI" ("the legend of the extraordianry men"), because the Italian for League "LEGA", is part of the name of a party, LEGA NORD ("Northern League")...


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