Aug. 23rd, 2016

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I've been going through some old works of mine on mostly,DC and Marvel Fanfiction; one of them, in particular, was a cross-over between the X-Men Fandom and the Green Lantern one- to be more accurate, a Phoenix Force/Green Lantern thing.
The whole "Rise of the Phoenix" thing is over six years old, and do you want to know what I thought as I was re-reading it? (Because lately I've been into old things, movies, fanfictions, comic books- especially comic books, the DC from the 90s was great - and books, it doesn't matter, they just have to be a few years old and I'm game)
My grammar was awful, and I wasn't doing any better with the lexicon.
My characterization was terrible. And let's not talk about dialogues or plot.
How, how can I not recognize my own work oafter just a few years? I wasn't a baby back then: for God's sake, six years ago I was already 26- 26 years old. And, Ok, I've drammattically increased the hours of television watched in English in the last few years, but could I have been so different? My style, my structure, just... everything?
How comes that I read it- things that I was oh, so proud of when I put them down on the screen - and I wonder: How did I like it? How could I love so much this piece? Did I really write this myself?
Please- pretty please with cherry  on top- tell me that I'm not the only one feeling like this- and that it's not just because I'm not a mother-language...
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Last week, my next door neighbour ranted about how "my cats" ruin everything- I told her that she could frighten them, just in case, and they would learn their lesson- Her answer? She can't be there at five AM to do so (I would have liked to ask her how she knows that they are my cats, then, as almost everyone next to us do have cats, but I kept it quiet...)
Minnie- kitty number one- didn't return home saturday evening; I went to bed calm, knowing that she was probably hunting and she woudl return the next day.
She didn't. And neitheir I foudn her this morning when I woke up.
My fear? that the woamn who was joyful when our neigbour's dog went missing few years ago did soemthing bad. She does look evil, people...
But, anyway. I shouldn't have thought bad thoughts about her.
Minnie came back. Couple of minutes after another neigbours came back from their long weend and opened their garage up.


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