Jul. 23rd, 2016

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There's been a lot of talk about dreams lately at my place. As in, nightly dreams- not the desires kind.  I blame it on my mum, listebing to a radio shows that was talking about it, and how we are the only ones who can truly translates their hidden meanings, and how you remember them when you dream close to weaking up and nightmares and vivid dreams are more common in children while adults often have bad dreams due to bad digestion.
I remembered two dreams I had, one as a child, the other as a teen: both where featuring a serpent: one was a vivid dreams, that for a long time I believed real, about a serpent crawling into my room (on the sisth floor) and daddy ahving to fight it- Daddu DID  foght it, only he was faking it because I couldn't believe it wasn't real. I swear I can still hear it hissing...
The other was due to a pin I had in my right arm: I was dreaming I was walking with mum and my dog to my grandparents' home and a serpent bit me in my right arm; strangely I wasn't scared, I was very, "Oh, Look, a vyper just bite me!"
And then there was the one I had this morning. Not creepy or anything, just weird. The one that when my mum asked what it was all about, I told her half a lie.
...Because, seriously, how could I tell her that I was dreaming that SHEILD had infiltrated me in HYDRA so that I could get out a branwashed Captain America?


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