Jun. 24th, 2016

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So, Brexit- no, the post isn't about it, relax; it's about the resonance it had in Italy, and how for weeks we had every newscasts asking Italian people in the UK and people from Britain living in Italy their opinion.
Yesterday, King's (the company developing and owning Candy Crush) CEO and owner spoke, I think with Skytg24.  Anyway: fact is, he is Italian.  And when asked what woudl have changed for him, his answer was: oh, nothing. Being here or being in Italy is the same for me.
So, boss of a over 2000 employers company, I wonder: if it was the same, why moving abroad to begin with? Woudln't ahve been nice giving work to youngsters that maybe they had to leave Italy because here there wasn't any job? Just sayin'.
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This week, I've gone to my dermatologyst; I normally go twice a year, what with the cuprose and the soft and delicate skin and the beauty marks (plus an impormptu visit a few years back when the laser burned my skin on the chin while I was getting rid of some hairs).
Anyway... last year, I went in November, week after my grandfather passed; she gave me a new medicine, saying that my cuprose had worsened and my nose had gotten huge.
I tried, I really tried to expplain to her that I had had a running nose and an awful cold for the last three weeks, and that I had just spent the last week crying my eyes out and my nose out as well because my garndfather had fallen into a coma  in the night and had died after four days, and I had had buried him two days prior, but she didn't listen to me.
Now, apparently, my cuprose is back to normal. I "improved", she said.
"Yes, I haven't had a running nose for three weeks like last time, nor I have buried immediate family again.", I said to her, quite mean. Boy, what a person I am when on PMS!
NOW she gets it.


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