Mar. 15th, 2016

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This spring, the city of Rome will elects its new major; it's gonna be an important chapter for the city, after the scandals thad had been pratically everywhere in the last few years- from the Governor or Regione Lazio, involved with a sex & drug scandal to the major himself, Marino, nor paying speeding and parcking tickets  and the "mafia capitol", where Police and Anti-Crime investigated connections between politics, crime and the assignments of contracts.
First thing first, though: when it comes to LOCAL elections, in Italy, nowadays, we have at least 4 major players: the right (Repubblicans), the left (Democratics), both formed by a number of smaller parties, local lists and the so-called "Movimento cinque stelle", whose face is formeer comedian Beppe Grillo and its major force is the so-called Internet Democracy, as all the major decisions inside the party are taken by the electorate via web.
The Right, in Rome, is nowadays made of an alliance of Lega Nord,  guided by Salvini, Forza Italia- Berlusconi's party- and Fratelli d'Italia, whose main name nowadays is former Minister Giorgia Meloni.
Few weeks back, Berlusconi presented the name of the candidate for major for the Coalition, Guido Bertolaso; Salvini didn't agree with him, and immedaitely oraganized a sort of "primary election", to allow the Romans to decide the name of their canditate: the population's choice was Giorgia Meloni.
Berlusconi and Bertolaso still underlined that Bertolaso himself was the choice for teh coalition, despite Salvini remembering that he hadn't been asked about the matter; what caused the fracture, though, and "forced" Meloni to decide to run on her own (and together with few local lists and Lega Nord, was a sentence said by Bertolaso, and repeated again by Berlusconi, the 80-years old media tycoon, twice divorced, currently engaged to 30 years old Francesca Pascale, stated that "Giorgia Meloni can't be major; she is pregnant. Her job is to be a mother, and that alone. We don't see why, while breast-feeding, she should deals with dirty and holes [in the concrete]"
They broke the internet. And I'm not joking. Even the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, leader of the Democratic Party (hence Meloni's "enemy") stated that he hoped she would run for major- even if "I'd rather see my candidate running the city".
(Someone else said "Men are so good at giving advice to pregnant women. I'm pretty sure that if they'd keep their trap shout and change a few more diapers, the world would be a better place", other "What about asking her, and all the other women in her position?"
And, as a result of their actions, less than an hour ago, Giorgia Meloni presented her candidacy as Major of Rome for the Spring 2016 Elections.


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