Jun. 10th, 2016

Jun. 10th, 2016 09:33 am


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Yep. I used to watch Voltron back in the 80s. Nope- I wasn't a girly girl, no feminine anime for me- because, frankly, why watch orphans girls being mistreated in asylums and grandfathers' places and the homes of their aunts? Life's never been a bed of roses, I knew that the world wasn't perfect, so why go there even when I was trying to "relax" in front of the tv? There's a reason it's called quality tiem, after all...
So, yes- as I was rebelling against the image that the 80s gave of girls when it came to anime, and as the daughter of a tomboy who've been rised as a tomboy herslef... sci-fi all the way for me. (that's probably why, the first time I read about DOCTOR WHO years later, I chuckled and said: "I wish I could get my hands on this show. This is the kind of thing I would roll with!"
And... I loved Voltron. I really, really did. So, when Netflix, which is, like guarantee that things will work out all right, announced that it was going to reboot the show with Dreamworks at the drawings, well... I was all "Yay!".
Big day's tomorrow. A first epsiode of an hour and then other ten of half an hour....Wonna celebrate?I know I do- with some pictures. From Lance McCain, because Lance, back when I was five, was my prototype of the "bad boy"- basically, he is the reason I like the men I do, both fictionals and reals...

Voltron mini-picspam )


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