May. 13th, 2016

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Just thought I would be checking up here first, before going on to check the beta listed there...
Is there anyone who would be interested in beta-ing a 25, 26k NCIS:NEW ORLEANS story for the HetBigBang, deadline end of August, most of the story already written?
My main issues is with grammar, words order  and Consecution temporis (thought that I would be put those under a different label, because, seriously, been studying English since I was, like, 9 years old and it still gets me messed up sometimes. And I do like to read my novels in English. Also, is it even called consecutio temporis in English?)
There's no particular need to know anything about the fandom, because, all right, it's not an AU, but it can feel prettymuch like one at times... (it's a Christopher/OC romance story, where he ponders fatherhood and the fear of it given his, his words, "chance of playing genetic lottery" by becoming a father.)
If any of you is interested,  you know where to find me :)
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Shows I am (was?) Following axed/not reneved yet/not picked up:

-Person of Interest;
-LAW  & ORDER:UK (series isn't on hiatus any longer);
Not Picked:
-MARVEL'S Most Wanted (not picked up after pilot);
Not renewed yet:
- THE X-FILES (not renewed for a season 11 yet);
-THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (not renewed for  season 3 yet);
-LIMITLESS (not renewed for season 2 yet)

Notable mentions: BONES renewed for a last season and CASTLE Cancelled after 8 (airing next week last episode ever- both shows randomly watched), and SUPERGIRL cancelled at CBS (costs)but picked up by  THE CW (Flash, Arrow) with production moving from Los Angeles to Canada (and sharing production sets  and studies with Flash, Arrow, Supernatural and also Lucifer;  also: rumors has it that The Vampire Diaries may wrap up production with next season.
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two or 3 more chapters and we are ready to go...


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