Apr. 16th, 2016

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Andrea is 18 years old guy from my hometown, Alba, who was disagnosed with blood cancer an dis now undergoing chemiotherapic  threatment and is in need of bone-marrow transplant.
At first in his high school, then the whole town- and now the whole country thanks to talk-shows and mass media- are trying to give him a chance, as the chance of fidning a compatible donor is 1 on 100.000
That's why the more... well, the biggest the chance, nou just for Andrea, but for people all over the world. (the registers of donors as INTERNATIONAL).
It's also important to say that there's nothing to be scared about; the sample is taken either by a sample of blood or a saliva stab (very similar to a DNA test, the een you see on crime shows). Also, you don't donate UNTIL YOU ARE FOUND TO BE  MATCH WITH SOMEONE ON THE REGISTRY (the chences of fidning someoen compatible once entered the register are 1 on 430), and once it does, there are two types of donation possible; the doctro will either choose pheripheral blood stem cells donation or Bone marrow donation;  the bone marow donation nowadays is done mostly with collecting hip tissue after an ephydureal, while the steam cells donation collects blood from the right arm, "cleans it" of stem cells (produced after a 4 days cycles of a drug) and reintroduces the blood in the left arm.
There ar emany sites out there about becoming a donor- one of them is www.bethematch.org . youcan also find more about andrea at the facebook page "Match4Andrea" or the site, match4andrea.it (only in Italian).
I've done my part- I entered the register and now I'm psreading the word.
Do your part as well. Learn more about the process, discuss it with family and freinds, and whether you deicde or not to become a donor... spread the word.


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