Jan. 13th, 2016

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Yesterday evening, I was surfing through the channels when I ended up on an old episode of "Mystery diagnosis"; Its' not soemthing I usually watch, God knows my life is pretty miserable without having to cry and feel bad about other people as well- ones I don't even know.
But, well, I stopped there, and listened as the genetist asked the parent of the little boy who was walking in his direction this question:
"Why are you coming here just now?"
And, well, it broke my heart, because I remember the time my mother feared hearing that same question- and she got asked that question, only with a little difference:
"Why are you coming here?",  quizzically asked, with lifted eyebrows.
I haven't talked about it in years, and people who knows me now "in the real word" (as opposed as here), well, a good 85-90% of them doesn't know it, either because I don't like talking about it with people who didn't know me back there, or, well,  because I simply don't like talking about it (like I do about many other things, which is why I don't connect this journal with my facebook account, where the majorty of my freinds are people I'm aquitanced with in real life), but I watched that scene, and, and... and... it all came back.
You see, Drew, my younger brother, had a language retardation (he did talk- only, well, with his own kind of language, which only mum and I understood, something made of half-words and sillabes), for which my mother and my father seeked professional help, that came in the form of stupid idiots who couldn't even read an exam and diagnosed it with all kind of mental and cerebral illness.
The cat scan? According to them, he had water in his brain- which his pediatrician then, rolling her eyes and extremely mad and exasperated with "those expert", diagnosed as a SINUSITIS.
Then, they decided he had to be deaf- and sent him to a doctor over 100 km from our home, who did this extremely hard exam, which consisted of asking Drew to close the door when Drew back was to him. Guess what? He closed the door. No deaf at all.
Then, there was the "X- FRAGILE", a genetic illness: that's when the genetist took a lokk at Drew and asked us what the hell the "specialist" was thinking when he sent us over.
"Of course I'll do the exam, youa re here already and I've got the request. But." he said "with a look I can tell you it's not the case."
The last straw was when they didn't want to sign Drew for School: as he was in treatment, and the school where he was supposed to go knew it, they needed the doctors' approval (like he was some kind of... I don't know). They didn't want to give it.  Mum wanted him to go to elementary school with his peers at any cost. They didn't want to. So she did the only think any mother would do: she exasperated them, sitting right before their office for days. Until, on the last day to sign the kids in school, they gave up. They signe up the papers. And threw them at her.
And in the next few months, as he learnt to read, he learnt to talk.
.... and then, when he was 18, he went to the dentist, and he asked mum if Drew had any difficulties talking while growing up, because his palate was, well, a bit "wrong" and "of course he would have had difficulties articulating the words as a kid, even adults do..."


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