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1.Title:Baby I think I'm gonna marry you
Fandoms: Marmalade Boy/Marmalade Boy Little
Words: 2170
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rated: K+
Characters and ships: Miki/Yuu; Saku/Ritsuka
Summary: "Watch me, Ritsuka. One day, I'll marry you."
Link: ao3

2.Title:Leap of faith
Fandoms: Temperance Brennan book series
Words: 2330
Genre: Humor/Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Temperance Breannan/Det. Andrew Ryan; The Brennan family
Summary: "I wanted to be his wife, have a wedding band around my finger, say that I was his woman  and that no, Deputy Sheriff, you can't ask me out because I've an husband back home." Andrew and Temp post Speaking in bones.
Link: ao3

3.Title:Help and Vengeance
Fandoms: The Blacklist/BLINDSPOT
Words: 410
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Drama
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen.
Summary: Elizabeth and the task force weren't any longer, but there was still too much to do, crminals to be stopped, vengenace to be delivered. It was time to get creative and seek a new aidle out- while staying out of the spotlight. Aka, how Reddinghton enginered Jane Doe's recovery, and turned her into a living and breathing treasure map. (Also known as the Blacklist/Blindspot cross-over we didn't know we needed)
Link: ao3

3.Title: Blackdragon Season II: before the end of the world
Fandoms: Marvel Comic Universe (Avengers and X-Men fandoms)
Words: +2100
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance/Sci-fi
Rated: General Audience
Characters and ships: Jane Doe; Reddinghton; Mentions of Elizabeth Keen. Christine Stark/Blackdragon (OFC); The Avengers (Steve Rogers; Luke Cage), Pete Wisdom. Mentions of Tony Stark, the Scarlet Witch.
Summary: Everything dies. Earths-realities- colliding and destroying each other, untill nothing will be left. And Chris doesn't want to take place in a war that will have no one emerging victorious. It that's the end, she wants to go through it in peace.
Link: here
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 A little something that came up while working on gimp... sooner or (rather) later should come a version with the characters of the novels- with Jamie Bamber as detective Andrew Ryan, and Torri Higginson as Temperance Brennan...

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Title: Peace Offering
Fandoms: Kathy Reichs novels/Temperance Brennan (non-Bones) series 
Words: 2614 
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Rated: T
Characters: Temperance Brennana; det. Andrew Ryan; Daisy Brennan
Summary: "Ryan’s escape to South America was still fresh, in my mind a betrayal. But I guessed there was more than that. I knew, intellectually, that he hadn’t abandoned me; by leaving me behind, he was, more than anything, punishing himself for faults that he still wasn’t sure weren’t his." Temperance, Ryan and Daisy- immediately after Bones never lie. (#17 in the Temperance Brennan series)
Links: / AO3
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Title: Understanding
Fandom: New Girl
Characters/ships: Nick/Jess
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: 100
Summary: A drabble post 3.4-Jess wonders what Nick meant when he told her that finally all those love songs made sense...
Note: post 3.4. A quote from the episode in present, so be advised it could qualify as a spoiler.

under the cut )

Title: Foundation
Fandom: Temperance Brennan series- Kathy Reichs books
Characters/ships: Andrew Ryan/Temperance Brennan; Lily Ryan
Genre: Hurt/comfort; romance
Rating:T for mention of drug abuse
Status: One shot; complete
Words count: +1590
Summary:  Post "Bones of the Lost". Andrew Ryan and the two most important women of his life, trough pain, love, grief and self-destruction.
Note: Spoiler for the finale of the last book in the Temperance Brennan series, "Bones of the lost"
Fic: on AO3


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