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SFBB07: Round 7 Coming Soon!

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Hello, everyone! I can't believe that we're nearing September 1st already (just two weeks!) and that we'll be starting our seventh round of Small Fandoms Bang! I wanted to let everyone know for sure that we're a go this year, and reiterate the most important dates for the next couple of months:

Sept 1: Author Sign-Ups Open
Nov 1: Artist Sign-Ups Open (And First Author Check-In)

If you have any comments about the last round, or questions/suggestions for the coming round, please feel free to leave them in a reply to this post. (Comments will be screened.)

If you'd like to pimp us out before we go live, just c&p the text from the textbox to share this banner:

The 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms is coming soon!
Author Sign-Ups Open Sept 1 | Artist Sign-Ups Open Nov 1

Thank you!
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So apparently Daniel Craig will be doing one more Bond movie. I suspect that the studio just gave him an assload of money to defer the debate about a female/POC Bond few more years...

I'm pretty meh about this, because though I liked Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Skyfall RUINED MY CHILDHOOD (I'm only slightly exaggerating here) and I lost all interest in Craig!Bond movies (I did eventually watch Spectre on DVD and it was terrible). As for the next Bond, I don't know... I think Idris Elba would probably make a good Bond (though what I really want is a Dicsworld movie with Idris Elba as Sam Vimes), but I'm starting to feel that Bond movies as a whole have just overstayed their welcome. I'm not sure how you could even make them feel fresh anymore? James Bond is one of my ur-fandoms, but I just can't work up any excitement for it anymore.

And unpopular opinion, but I don't actually want a female Bond. I just think that if you changed it to Jane Bond, you might just as well change it to Jane Smith and do an action movie without all the baggage of the Bond franchise. And no, you couldn't explain it with the Bond-is-just-a-code-name theory because that's a fucking stupid theory.

(and no, this is not the same as a female Doctor (because the Doctor is an alien, so their gender is a non-issue) or the female Ghostbusters team (who weren't supposed to be the same characters as in the original movies))

I just want *new* female action heroes who are just as iconic as Bond, because I don't think there's anything about the franchise that would *add* to an action movie with a female lead.
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Well, I guess I will no longer be able to browse lj during my down times at work.

The administrator blocked the webpage. Probably because it's Russia owned. At least I can still browse Dreamwidth but it's not the same, you know. I can't even access it through my cellphone while using work's wifi, I get a message the phone couldn't access the internet. Only with lj.

Oh well.
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Remember when I predicted that Good Omens will be the next wanky megafandom? Well, they just cast David Tennant as Crowley (and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale). So yeah. Definitely a megafandom.

Michael Sheen is good casting, I think - he's been good at pretty much everything I've seen him in (although I must admit that my "he'd be perfect in this" moment for him is actually his appearance in the Great Bake-Off, which I thought was very Aziraphael-esque :D). Not so sure about David Tennant, though. I just rewatched his Doctor Who episodes and he's a rather... shouty actor. He's just not anything like my image of Crowley.

Also, reportedly the miniseries will be set in current day, which makes me wonder how they'll deal with the more 80's specific elements of the book.
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All fics have now been claimed by an artist! :D

Thank you guys!! \o/ You are awesome! I hope things are going well for you and the words (or colors ;D ) are flowing. Reminder that the firm deadline for handing in your fics or art is August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST (here is a timezone converter.) And remember that the support comm is here, for whatever you need - support, flailing, sharing, screaming, etc. Outside of our regular events, post whatever you want!!

Keep writing! We're almost there!!
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Next on my list was Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin, an alternative historical thriller with a bizarre, but intriguing premise. And, despite my reservations, I ended up being quite impressed.

Summary on the back: The year is 1956, and the Axis powers of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan rule. To commemorate their Great Victory, Hitler and Emperor Hirohito host the Axis Tour: an annual motorcycle race across their conjoined continents. The victor is awarded an audience with the highly reclusive Adolf Hitler at the Victor's Ball in Tokyo. Yael, a former death camp prisoner, has witnessed too much suffering, and the five wolves tattooed on her arm are a constant reminder of the loved ones she lost. The resistance has given Yael one goal: Win the race and kill Hitler. A survivor of painful human experimentation, Yael has the power to skinshift and must complete her mission by impersonating last year's only female racer, Adele Wolfe. This deception becomes more difficult when Felix, Adele twin's brother, and Luka, her former love interest, enter the race and watch Yael's every move. But as Yael grows closer to the other competitors, can she bring herself to be as ruthless as she needs to be to avoid discovery and complete her mission?

My thoughts: This was another hard book to define. The premise is fascinating, and despite my initial reservations - the entire concept seemed slightly disrespectful - the historical background was handled quite well, even if it was occasionally difficult to read. There were a few moments that made me very uncomfortable, but for the most part I felt the writer did a good job balancing the realistic horror with sometimes inspiring fantasy. I do usually love alternative history, so the concept caught my attention from the start. Several moments, particularly in the flashbacks, were haunting and poignant. And the writing style was often lovely.

Yael was both likeable, and easy to relate to, and her ability was very interesting. Most of the supporting characters were a little bit lacking and indistinctive to me. The world-building was quite well done, and despite a few overly imaginative elements, much of the story felt believable. The ending felt abrupt, and a little bit of a letdown after all the buildup (hopefully the sequel will be better resolved), but for the most part I enjoyed the plot.

Overall, Wolf By Wolf was a very good, if somewhat unsettling book that left me planning to read the sequel.
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My latest reading was The Coldest Girl In Coldtown by Holly Black. I enjoyed her The Darkest Part of the Forest, so when I learned that she'd written a vampire novel, I had to add it to my list.

Summary on the back: Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. The only problem is, once you pass through Coldtown's gates, you can never leave. One morning, after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses. The only other survivors of this massacre are her exasperatingly endearing ex-boyfriend, infected and on the edge, and a mysterious boy burdened with a terrible secret. Shaken and determined, Tana enters a race against the clock to save the three of them the only way she knows how: by going straight to the wicked, opulent heart of Coldtown itself.

My thoughts: This book was...difficult to describe. It had an odd and unpredictable tone that kept giving me whiplash - from humor that had me giggling to jarringly violent and tragic moments, and the plot kept veering between utterly brilliant and disappointingly predictable YA fantasy. The urban gothic feel appealed to me highly, but the lack of details left me wanting more. I really loved the concept of the Coldtowns, but found the world-building annoying vague - I wanted so much more backstory and explanations! - with the most interesting parts teased but barely explored, particularly the vampires who choose to end their lives. Tana was, by turns, a perfectly interesting character and so naively stupid I wanted to shake her - most of the time, she reminded me of the character who goes into the dark room in a horror movie and gets killed off early. Seriously, most of her choices were questionable, to say the least, even taking into account her childhood trauma and age. Aidan seemed to be a completely unnecessary character - or maybe it's just the way I saw him? - and Midnight and Winter were intensely unlikable, right from the start.

But, I loved Gavriel. While I would have liked more of his past, motives, and even his romance with Tana to be fleshed out, his character was by far the very best thing about the book. I like my literary vampires unquestionably non-human, and dangerous, and Gavriel hit every trope I love and then some. His backstory was fascinating and tragic, and I liked the ending, and the choice he made.

Overall, The Coldest Girl In Coldtown was a strange book, that I couldn't decide if I truly liked or not, a disjointed mix of the excellent and the disappointing.
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When I came home from work yesterday evening, this little card was waiting for me in the mail.

Showing you guys only the cover since the words inside are in French but it said something along the lines of "there are sorrows that are difficult to get through when a loved disappears but once the sadness will be less important, the most wonderful memories will remain" and "Dearest condolences" was handwritten. By the team at the Vet clinic.

This touched me very much, I could have come to tears. The combination of the picture, the words and the fact it's still so new. And they showed they care; that my cat wasn't just a number to be taken care of.

I will cherish that image always. Not just because of Ginger but it's a beautiful picture.
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Reminder that artists may now claim more than one fic, and that we may have to delay Debut Day if we can't get artists for everyone, and we super don't want to do that.

GO CLAIM!! And take a minute to spread the word wherever you can so we can find these hard working, amazing authors some artists!




Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST (here is a timezone converter.)
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In my case, my apartment isn't my home without a cat in it.


I miss my beautiful cat terribly. I was so used to seeing her on the couch or in the French door's window when I returned home from work (or any time I left for a while), she was joining me while I took a bath, she joined me in bed when it was time to sleep... no matter if she spent the night with me or not. She also always used to lay behind my chair while I was at the computer, all sprawled all and comfortable. She would meow to get up to the window, even if she would stay there for maximum 5 minutes. She would be interested every time I was in the kitchen. She would lay close to me on the couch half the time. She would be quiet and suddenly have a moment of craziness where she would run like crazy all around the apartment. She would stare at nothing specific but you couldn't hide whatever she was staring at. She would "cackle" at a bird or a squirrel outside the window. She would lay in the sunny spot on the floor, belly half up but don't touch her there. She would come for pets and she' be so quiet, except for small purr sounds...

I miss her face, I miss her fluffiness. I miss her curly haired belly. I miss her companionship. I miss her, period.

When I got off the bus Monday night, the first thing that came to mind was "well, the expression "I'm alone doing nothing much at home" rings so true now that she's gone." And then, tears welled up as I was putting the key in the lock and I cried a bit after closing the door because she wasn't there. I went to the bathroom before bed and she didn't join me. Same when I went to bed... Muscle memory or something... you're so used to having things happen that even though you know they won't anymore, you still expect them to.

A few people, mom included, said that I will be able to get a new cat now. And I agree, it's true, and I really, really, really want to. But not right now. It's too soon. How long will I need? I have no idea, but I need time to mourn her.

However, I know exactly what I want for a new cat. I've known for a couple years. Sounds weird, I know, to have a cat at home and already "plan" for the next one. I want a kitten. Black fur, green eyes. And I will call it Salem. Male or female doesn't matter much. It will keep its claws. And it'll be an indoor cat, like all others I had (except Ginger was declawed but that was done by a previous owner (she had a bunch in her life)). When I am ready, I will check rescue and/or adoption centers for sure.

JP says his sister's friend or I don't quite remember who (might not even be from his sister), has kittens he doesn't wanna keep and JP thought of me. I thanked him but said it's a bit too soon (he said that to me on Monday). You know, like a already said, I want time to mourn Ginger some. I'm not one that will replace a cat right after losing one almost right on the spot. They aren't numbers. They are family. Also, each of them are irreplaceable, basically. I need a little time.

Definitely though, I will not stay alone too long.

Had to stop for lunch...

During lunch, a coworker said I could get an adult cat, just make sure it's all spayed or neutered and vaccinated and such. But I want a kitten so...

I'll see. Only time will tell, really. 2 days after the fact is too early. That, I know.
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Last night/early this morning, I lost my cat.

I came back from a wonderful weekend, the office's 20th anniversary and it was really great. JP was with me. Went to his place, took a small nap and I came home in the afternoon, nothing to it.

Bed time, I go under the covers and my cat follows me on there.

The neighbors upstairs came back from a week's vacation in Jamaica and it showed they were back.

Where my bedroom is situated, upstairs it's one of the kid's room. And she decided to cry/yell for a while.

Then Ginger, my cat, got startled or something and she fled off the bed and the bedroom. Except she didn't go far. She started meowing the way a cat does when they are gonna get sick but a bit louder. So I got up and went to find her.

She was right at my bedroom door, standing up but in a weird position and her back left leg was up in the air. At first, I thought she hurt herself and she would be fine, you know. Only, she started walking, with a lot of trouble and she wasn't putting her leg down at all. And then she laid down on that side. She wasn't meowing or anything.

Put on my jeans and started panicking. Went back to her and she wasn't there anymore. Found her in the living room, hidden between the wall and the couch. She laid on that side still.

Called the emergency vet office and, with a blanket, took Ginger, put her in the car and drove there. All the while she was meowing but like a cat that is not used to cars, and not like a cat in pain or anything. t the vet, that's when she started meowing in pain and growling and hissing at me. Had trouble picking her up while trying not to hurt her and I almost dropped her, too.

She didn't quite stop growling after that. It was a mix of the vet's office scent, the vet herself, the pain she was having and nervosity/stress.

The vet ended up doing an x-ray after giving a relaxant to Ginger. She didn't like what she saw for the leg on the spot. She said if they can only do one and see what's up, it's all good. If not they'll have to do a second. And they might have to go further.

They did 1. Only one. It was clear what was up.

Her leg was broken in 3 places. On the femur bone. The strongest, hardest to break. 3 places. From jumping off a bed in fear or whatever...

Then she gave me options.
- Surgery: 4000$ and there are no guarantees she even survives through it given she's 17 years old. No guarantee she survives recovery. And there is nothing insuring that still still be here in 6 moths either.
- Amputation: around 1500$ but she's 17 years old. I couldn't imagine her with 3 legs only at her age...
- Euthanisia: not an easy decision but she won't suffer and she lived a full life.

She said I didn't have to make my decision right away but I would have to take Ginger home in the meantime. With pills to keep her calm and reduce the pain... and the broken leg... which means she won't be able to move right and do basically anything... not even the litter box...

The vet said the femur bone is not supposed to have broken this way. I didn't see exactly what she was describing from the x-ray (aside from the breaks I mean) but she said there were black dots all over certain sections of the bone which means there was something else that might have helped the breaks. Like cancer or something. But only all over tests like blood works and stuff would tell us the real deal... She was 17 years old, she seemed healthy but I know she had some arthritis as it happened she was limping some times (and it might have been that leg, I don't remember).

So I took the decision to have her be put to sleep. The best decision for my baby. If she had been younger, I don't know but even then... no matter how much you love your animal, when is is too much, you know?

I spent a little time with her before giving the go to proceed. Even with relaxant, she was growling non stop, can you imagine? I was able to scratch her under her jaw (she always liked that), pet her head but I didn't go to far off that. I know she was still in pain and it really got to me.

To be honest, it takes all I have to not start crying right here on the spot as I type this at the office...

Told her she will go to a very beautiful place surrounded by other cats and she'll be young and healthy, she'll have infinite toys, catnip, candy, food and water. Told her she won't have to worry about anything up there and I wish her a heck of an amazing time. Told her I love her and I will miss her terribly.

And then I told her goodbye and gave the go. And I came back home at 2:12am this morning. Couldn't go to sleep until 4am. And I have been up, getting ready for work since 7:15am. And I am here, doing my best to keep busy and not think too much.

A good friend of mine knows as I called her. Told my mom via the Facebook messenger but she didn't see it yet so I will call her at lunch. And then I will post something on Facebook this afternoon I think.

My heart hurts terribly. I miss her already.

RIP my baby. I love you and I miss your face and your fluffiness already. Hope to see you again one day, Ginger ♥♥♥♥


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