Apr. 10th, 2012

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from newsarama.com:
"Joining Ross on the series [America's got powers] is Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch. While it's not yet clear when his "Age of Ultron" issues for Marvel will be released, here's a sooner chance to check out his work once again.

Ok, sorry, what again? Age of Ultron is unknown when it will be out? lord's sake, the first issue went out two freaking years ago! they even had to reprint it TWO TIMES already (as of this year) and they even promotoed an "It's coming" banner (well, it was for alll marvel project, especially the ones connected to the return of the Phoenix, but, you know..) and he doesn't know when he'll be able to get it finished, and menawhile he works for other publishers???
just, out of curiosity, how the freking h°°l do they think that I'll keep catching up with them, publishing at this rate?
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Title: Love for Sale
Characters/Pairing: Team, Red John, Jane, Lisbon; Angela/Jane, eventual Jane/Lisbon
Genres: Au; Crime;Romance
Rated: T
Summary: AU. Entering the cheap hotel, she already knew there was something
bad going on there. What she didn't know was that the identity of the woman
murdered was going to bring her past back, turning her existence upside down
and destabilizing her own wolrd... just like the blonde gigolo was going to do as well.
Notes: Based on a fanart made by mswyrr on devianrt, called "Mentalist Film noir" that you can find here



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