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I have to say, I had my doubts about Kieron Gillen's run on the brand new, post AvX, "Iron Man".  Uncanny X-Men, which he wrote in the last couple of years, in the post Second Coming Era, But maybe.... maybe it's just me. Comic books doesn't have the same appeal as they did couple of years back, even if... well, I don't have any problems reading comic books from Image, Top Cow or DC. Nor I did with books from people such as Cornell, Fraction or Brubaker. Let's be honest, those ones rock, whatever they are currently working on. AND  I did love matt Fraction's X-Men books. I think that the real problem was with the X-Men franchise, a low quality that showed in the need to create events, and umbrella title.  Which is pointless. Quality isn't in the number of title you publish, but in the title itself, and if you think that to get quality you need to write a series of one-shots and mini to connect events in other stories in order to convince fans to get to you... I'm not sure it could work.
(also, I'm honest: I've abandoned New Mutants, X-Men, which was pointless, and also the brand new X-treme X-Men. And even before then, when it was still published, Generation Hope was no-no).
So, I didn't like uncanny X-Men lately. Really. it looked more concenttrated on not the x-men (aliens, Mr. Sinister, aliens, other aliens, what happened after X-force almsot destroyed the world with the death seed?), and relationship issues (aka the  Scott/Emma/Namor triangle).. I didn't like Gillen's work on the title.  
BUT I've loved Matt Fraction's work on X-Men, and I've enjoyed larrocca as the artist. Always loved him, since he worked on the X-Mne titles a loooong time ago. (over ten years, I think).
AND I've never liked Greg Land as an artist. Greg land is an example of how to copy everything. THere was a joke around back in the day, that he scanned his own images.... It was a joke, but, let's be frank. Guy probably thinks everybody looks the same. Especailly if they are female. why? Quick example: 

also, a small note:
That's Illyana Rasputin, aka magic. A 15 years old girl. 

now, we have Crustal and Black canary

his most famous character, Emma Frost

and, last and...well, least....unknown girl Tony Stark is flirting with in the brand new adjectiveless Iron Man....

Yes. now you'll get why I'm having troubles. As much as the story can be good (even if Gillan keeps forgetting that the Maya hansen tested Extremis on a well-known terrorist to get founding), well... Land's art always worreid me. He can be good, don't get me wrong, but his characters are all the same and static. They dodn't have the idea of movements. they are like paper dolls pasted on a 2d background. Ugh. covers? yes. Comic books? please. Just because he keeps drawing the female characters out of a porn comic book (facial expression. google him) it doesnìt mean he is good, or that he should keep working as main and regular artist.  NOT all readers are porn-addicted boys, marvel...


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